Fireplace site relaunched by DBS

DBS has looked after the W&H Supplies website for 8 years and has recently worked with them to upgrade their website.

The improvements include:

  • widening the site as we all use wider monitors now
  • adding a slideshow so that all W&H's products can be easily viewed at a large size
  • making the site mobile responsive so that it adjusts itself to fit perfectly on any device it's being viewed on such as a smart phone, tablet or PC

"I really love the new website. DBS turned my ideas into reality!" said Charly Wright, General Manager of W&H Supplies.


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Happy Birthday James!

IMG_7038James Hopkins turns 32 years young today and all at DBS wish many happy returns.

DBS's online marketing manager is taking a well-earned day off on his birthday and is spending time with his family.

We held the customary "cake and candles" ceremony slightly early so that he wouldn't miss out.

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DBS beyond the boundary

Dan James David cricket

Dan Atkinson of DBS took part in Wright Vigar's Cricket Evening at Sleaford Cricket Club on Wed 27 July.

He was supported at the successful event by James Hopkins, Julie Priestley and David Clarke.

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Happy Birthday to DBS Director David Clarke!

WebHere’s wishing a very Happy Birthday to DBS Director David Clarke!

The team enjoyed birthday cake in the office this morning and David will be celebrating this evening with a visit to a Japanese themed restaurant. 

“I’m being treated to dinner at a Japanese Steakhouse where sushi and teppanyaki is prepared and cooked in front of you!” said David.

Find out more about David Clarke here.

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4 business problems that social media can help resolve

Social media was at one time the wild child of internet marketing with many of its critics unsure about how it could work in a commercial context. Today however the likes of Facebook, Twitter and LinkedIn have more than proven their credentials as one of the best ways to tackle the myriad of problems that SME’s can face.

1 - Low website traffic

There can be many reasons why your website isn’t getting enough traffic and often it can be hard to pinpoint exactly what is going wrong without seeking out the opinion of experts.

It could be that your website is slow, you aren’t using Pay-Per-Click campaigns to compete for the top spots on Google, you haven’t got a blog yet or perhaps you aren’t utilising social media to its full extent.

clip_image002Social media networks like Facebook, Twitter, LinkedIn and Google+ have millions of users and even if you are not engaging them using videos, photos and written content your competitors most certainly will be.

Remember, sharing informative content, incorporating links and running targeted ad campaigns can all increase traffic to your website and help you make more conversions in the long run.

2 – Poor customer retention

It’s much easier to retain customers than it is to win new ones and social media can be a great feather in your cap when it comes to customer retention. The best companies are on hand to answer any queries that customers might have and provide exceptional customer service at all times, turning your followers into loyal customers and advocates of your business. Seeing your content on social media also helps to create and maintain brand awareness, so that when a customer needs a product or service that you are offering, yours is the first name that springs to mind.

3 – Immeasurable success

Let’s face it; it can be difficult to know whether you are getting your money’s worth with traditional forms of advertising. However, when it comes to social media advertising everything is made simple. You can see exactly how much traffic is being driven to your website and how much each click is costing you.

4 – No time for Market Research

Market research can be costly, but if you can build up an audience on networks like Facebook and Twitter then you can get some very interesting insights into who your customers are, including information about their location, age, gender and general interests. All of this can then be used to make your advertising campaigns even more effective.

It’s important to note that while advertising on Facebook, Twitter and LinkedIn is priced competitively, without day-to-day management and a clear strategy in place you can easily waste your hard-earned marketing budget.

Please contact David Clarke of DBS on 0800 988 8366 for a free, non obligation discussion of your needs.

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DBS launch another legal website

Lace Law, based in Newark, Nottinghamshire turned to DBS Legal Websites for a new website, web hosting and SEO:

Lace law - half site width

DBS specialises in web design and marketing for solicitors and law firms and are an Investors in People company and Google Partners.

DBS was recently ranked in the UK Top 10 web designers for law firms.

All our legal websites fit perfectly on iPhones, smartphones, iPads, tablets and desktop screens.

None of our work is outsourced - our team of 8 works in our UK based offices.

Click here to view our legal website portfolio.

In our experience advertising and marketing duties are usually heaped on an unsuspecting partner who is then expected to maintain their caseload and still find the time to deal with marketing activity. Alternatively, the baton is handed to a practice or marketing manager who all ready works under pressure.

Our philosophy is quite simple -we do all the work but you stay in charge.

We offer law firms a free 2 hour brainstorming session on how we can take your website to the next level and drive more clients to you.

Please talk to David Clarke on FREEPHONE 0800 988 8366 or 01522 811688 for a free no obligation discussion of your needs.

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Greenfrog Entertainments Treats DBS

We had a very nice surprise at DBS when Jonathan Worthington of Greenfrog Entertainments Ltd sent the team a fantastic treat from Hotel Chocolat.

Jonathan came to us before Christmas as he wanted to improve the online marketing for his Bouncy Castle Hire business that covers Mansfield, Lincoln and Nottingham.

The speedily devoured chocolates came with a card to DBS that read:

"All your team have been amazing over the past 6 months. Our phones ring each day with new sales enquires and my business is starting to grow. I would like to say thank you to everyone for all their help so far -  Jonathan"

Dan Atkinson who helps to manage Jonathan's account commented: "It's always great to hear we are helping our clients' businesses to grow but receiving such a thoughtful gift was a special surprise."


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