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4 reasons Google Analytics is vital for small businesses in the UK

4 reasons google analytics is vital for small businesses in the ukHow do customers end up on your website? Where are they located? How long do they stay? These are just some of the questions that you’ll struggle to answer without proper analytics tracking set-up on your website.

What is Google Analytics?

Google Analytics is a tool set up by Google to allow webmasters a better understanding of their website’s online traffic. Once set up on your website, Google Analytics can be used to measure the volume and activity of your website visitors as well as providing other crucial insights that can supercharge your marketing efforts.

In order to work, a piece of code is installed on each page of your business’s website. This code is triggered when a user lands on your website and runs in their browser, linking up with Google to track the user’s activity as they move around your site.

As we will discuss, there are an untold number of benefits to using Google Analytics tracking. It can identify who your audience is, how long they stay, where they come from, what they do on your website and so much more. When used properly this information can then go on to help you improve your website and further refine your online marketing efforts to get the best ROI (Return on Investment).

1 – Identify your audience

As well as showing you the volume of traffic to your website, Google Analytics can also show you exactly who your audience is. It can provide information like age, gender and location of the people visiting your website, as well as their presumed interests (based on their browsing behaviour) and the language that they speak. With this kind of information at hand you could create some powerful and highly targeted marketing campaigns.

2 – Learn where your visitors come from

Google Analytics can show you how the visitors to your website got there in the first place. Did they arrive organically through search results on Google or Bing? If so, what search terms did they use to get there? Maybe they arrived through paid advertising on Facebook or Google Adwords – which advert brought them there? All of this information can help you to calculate which streams of marketing are working for you and where you need to double-up your efforts.

3 – Study the behaviour of your visitors

Google Analytics can provide an overview of the way that your visitors interact with your website by showing you things like bounce rates (the percentage of people who leave after viewing one page) and how long visitors spend on specific pages on your website. This can tell you a lot about your website and may help you to plan for improvements. Is the copy on your page engaging enough? Is it difficult to navigate? Does the page load so slowly that people click away before it loads?

4 – Set your goals

Another powerful use of Google Analytics is the use of goals. Google Analytics allows you to tie together specific user actions into a goal. Your goal might be achieved when someone completes a newsletter sign-up form, when they submit an enquiry form or perhaps when they complete a purchase online. This will then give you a bird’s eye view of how much money, or how many enquiries your website and different marketing streams are generating you.

Here at DBS we believe that Google Analytics tracking is one of the cornerstones of a successful online marketing strategy. We have years of experience of helping businesses to set up, monitor and report on Google Analytic results. To find out more please call us on 0800 988 8366 or email

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DBS attend Time For You Group AGM 2018

tfyagm collageThe DBS team were delighted to once again attend the AGM of their client, Time For You Domestic Cleaning, on Saturday 24th November.

Time For You is the UK’s premier house cleaner company, and has been cleaning houses since 1997. They have a dedicated franchised network that provides properly screened and vetted part-time casual domestic cleaners to private households throughout the UK, as well as internationally in Ireland, Norway and Australia.

Five members of the DBS team - David, Julie, Matt, James and Dan - attended the event providing 1-2-1 meetings and open workshops for clients and attendees. Julie and James also gave a presentation as part of the AGM, updating franchisees on the performance of their website over the last year, announcing plans for the next year, and offering some advice on social media.

The event, which took place in Northampton, saw over 150 delegates arrive to celebrate the success of individual franchises and look to make the most out of opportunities for growth in 2019. DBS held individual workshops and meetings with current and prospective clients, talking them through reports, answering queries and explaining the latest and greatest internet marketing strategies available.

DBS Director Julie Priestley commented: “We’ve been working with Time For You for many years now and always attend their AGM. It is always a highlight of the year to be able to come to Northampton and see so many clients who have also become friends over the years. It gives us a real feeling of pride to know that we are continually helping them to grow their business online through their website, pay per click advertising, social media and many other online marketing techniques, and it is always great to be able to give them good news!”

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Time to banish the Google+ button from your website

clip_image002Google has recently announced plans to call time on their social media platform, Google+ which means that you may need to update your website to avoid “dead links”.

Google stated in a blog post last month that it will begin shutting down the consumer version of their social media network over the coming months with a planned end date of August 2019.

Due in part to data breaches as well as a lack of consistent growth, the company has decided to focus its efforts elsewhere.

So, what does this mean for website owners? Well, while social media icons are very helpful in directing traffic to connect with you on social media, the entire Google+ network will soon disappear, which means your potential followers will be lost in limbo.

You need to remove the Google+ button from your website sooner rather than later and instead direct traffic to your other social media accounts like Facebook, Twitter, LinkedIn, Instagram and YouTube.

For assistance removing your Google+ button please contact us at or call us on Freephone 0800 988 8366.

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DBS hosts online marketing plan workshop at business expo

DBS recently attended the East Lindsey Business Expo 2018 where DBS Director David Clarke was invited to host a specialist workshop, briefing delegates on the ins and outs of creating a comprehensive internet marketing plan.

EL Bus Expo Web

The event took place at the Stanhope Hall in Horncastle, Lincolnshire, and aimed to showcase the best businesses in and around the East Lindsey area and celebrate local innovation. The event was free to attend, and guests were able to take advantage of a number of special show promotions, programmed workshops and other incentives.

David’s talk explained that all Lincolnshire small and medium sized enterprises (SMEs) should have a clear, written online marketing plan, and he guided local SMEs on how to write their own online marketing plans, along with detailed advice on how to monitor the results. Attendees also had plenty of time to question David following his presentation. In the feedback forms following the event, David’s presentation was rated highly and described by many as the highlight of the event.


In addition to his talk to local businesses, David also delivered a workshop to 21 local secondary school students. The students were all in their second year of studying the AQA Business Marketing Technical Level in Business at the Queen Elizabeth’s Grammar School in Alford. Their coursework is solely based on digital marketing, so the workshop was extremely beneficial for them. We were told afterwards that David made a direct, positive impact on their coursework, which we were delighted to learn!

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Julie Priestley to host marketing workshop at Grantham Women in Business event

JulieDBS Director Julie Priestley will host a specialist workshop at the Grantham Women in Business meeting next week.

Taking place at The Urban Leisure Hotel in Grantham on Wednesday 14th November, Julie will brief delegates on the most effective online marketing techniques currently available and how they can impact positively on their business.

The event will also include food, refreshments, networking and a ‘Round Robin’ session with the opportunity to introduce your business. The event begins at 6pm and tickets are available for £10 from EventBrite. Guests are encouraged to book ahead to avoid missing out.

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Doughnuts all round for Chris’s birthday

20181031_105721We would like to wish our Internet Marketing Specialist Chris Coleshaw a belated Happy Birthday!

Chris took a few days off to have a long weekend to celebrate his birthday and to spend time visiting Nottingham with his family, so today was our first chance to embarrass him with our customary gathering to sing Happy Birthday.

Instead of celebrating with cake as we traditionally do, we instead all tucked in to a pile of custard doughnuts as a vegan friendly option for the birthday boy! We managed to fit some candles on the top though, so he didn’t miss out on hearing our beautiful singing voices!

Chris will also be celebrating his five-year anniversary of working for DBS in a couple of weeks’ time. He has been helping to drive traffic and enquiries to our clients’ websites through methods such as content marketing, Facebook ads and social media marketing since November 2013.

You can read more about Chris here:

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Double celebrations for DBS staff

clip_image002We would like to wish a massive congratulations to Julie Priestley and Matt Rayner who are both proudly celebrating work anniversaries with us this month.

Julie first joined DBS in 2001 and has seen the business successfully grow and expand since its early days as a Yellow Pages advertising company. Julie was made an official director of the business in June 2017.

Matt Rayner celebrates 10 years at DBS this month having joined us originally in 2008. Matt started out as an internet marketer specialising in pay-per-click and now heads up our web team overseeing the development of cutting-edge websites.

Click here to read more about our team:

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