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New Google "Street View" feature

Check out the new feature on Google Maps that is available in America by clicking here.

In the top right corner you can click on “Street View”.

Google have sent around a vehicle mounted camera and taken 360 photos taken at street level for entire cities! Note that you can “travel” down the street and pan around.

What gets rolled out in the USA normally finds its way to the UK so watch this space and be careful of the “Google Truck” if you are coming out of somewhere you shouldn’t be…
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Google is promoting its answer to PayPal.

Google are offering free processing of credit cards until the end of 2007.

Google's main competition in this area are PayPal and WorldPay.
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Yellow Pages Rate Cap Abolished

From the early 1990's Yellow Pages have been required to keep in place a rate cap on the increase of Yellow Pages advertising. The rate cap was put in place by the Monopolies & Mergers Commission. The MMC doesn't exist today - its functions have been taken over by the Department of Trade & Industry (DTI) . The rate cap was equivalent to the retail price index (RPI) less 6%.
The RPI is calculated by economists and represents a theoretical basket of everyday products - in layman's terms how much what you spend at the shops goes up.
Several years when inflation ran at 6% it meant that the cost of Yellow Pages adverts and associated products decreased by 2%.
The new rate cap will be the retail price index less Zero%. In other words Yellow Pages adverts can now be increased up to the rate of inflation. We fully expect Yellow Pages to take advantage of this with rate hikes in the 2008 financial year.
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Yell UK Annual Report

Yell recently published a financial report for the 2006 financial year.
UK revenue increased by 3% to £719 million. Their online directory had a massive growth of 61% which accounts for the revenue increase.
Printed directory advertising is on the decline. It fell 3.1% as the total number of advertisers fell by 2.6% to 450,000. This equates to roughly 12,000 Yellow Pages customers walking away. Whilst this is predictable I doubt that Yell shareholders will be happy. In our opinion the only way to grow their business will be by pushing hard this year - look out for some healthy rate increases too.
Whilst DBS believes that can drive business your way there are also many other alternatives to explore in terms of internet marketing.
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Free Marks & Spencer Vouchers - Too good to be true?

This week DBS received an email stating that if we forwarded it to 20 people we would receive Marks & Spencer vouchers up to the value of £500.

Sounds great but it’s a scam. These scams usually are designed to harvest thousands of email addresses based on our greed.

The one condition of this one was that it asked that copies of all emails should be sent to Andy Curran of Persimmon homes. Either someone had it in for Mr Curran and wanted to flood his inbox with thousands of emails or he gets bored at work.

Moral of the story: If it sounds too good to be true it probably is.
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DBS launches E-commerce Site for Gas & Hire Limited

DBS are very pleased to announce the launch of a brand new eCommerce website for Gas & Hire Limited who trade as Chesterfield Outdoor Leisure and Sheffield Outdoor Leisure.

Prior to this Gas & Hire Limited had a website but it was unable to sell products online. DBS has loaded the site with over three hundred products and associated images. Gas & Hire Limited started as a Calor Gas dealer but have diversified into ranges of outdoor leisure products such as gas barbecues, patio heaters, tents and an extensive range of camping equipment.
We are particularly pleased with the images on the site which can be seen in three different sizes from thumbnail upwards to almost a full screen.

The site is well worth looking at from a web development perspective and, who knows, you might be tempted into investing in one of their fabulous patio barbecues. Gas & Hire’s shipping charges are amongst the most reasonable we have come across.
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