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What's a blog?

Blog is short for "web log".

Blogs are websites that can be added to easily by anyone. You don't have to have computer programming skills or be a web developer to set up and add to a basic blog.

Blog technology is powered by several companies. One of the most notable is Blogger which is owned by Google.

To set up a blog you need to visit and decide on a user name and password. You can then decide on the look you want from a selection of templates.

There are lots of extras you can add to your blog to customise it such as pictures, links to other sites and an archive system for your posts.

Blogs are ideal starter mini websites but they can be useful to businesses in other ways - more later....
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Advanced Broadband for internet users in Lincolnshire

Being a Nottingham lad I don't very often extol the virtues of another county but...

Lincolnshire is a fab county to live in - great schools, low crime rate, reasonable house prices etc. and of course we have the Lincolnshire Riviera of Skegness (see image on right), Mablethorpe and Anderby Creek.

The downside is that the county has had a reputation of being a provincial backwater unlike say Nottinghamshire who are seen as a regional leader. However the big chiefs in Lincolnshire are getting their act together in terms of IT and the internet and have realised that broadband is crucial for rural businesses in Lincolnshire.

We are in the process of obtaining advanced broadband with a low contention ratio. Allow me to explain..

Think of broadband as a pipe delivering to your house. At the moment what comes down the pipe is a lot slower than what you can send up the pipe. This makes downloading quick but sending information slower. Advanced broadband has the same speed up and down. It comes from a signal rather than a phone line and the maximum number of people you can share the signal with is 10. The number of people that share broadband is called the contention ratio. The less people the better the speed.
Because the speed is so fast it can handle phone calls as well as normal stuff like email. This is called VOIP or voice over internet protocol. My personal slant is that VOIP is coming but we aren't quite ready yet.
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Black Hat Search Engine Optimisation

I am probably showing my age but in the old cowboy films the good guys wore white hats and the baddies had black ones.

It is no surprise then that the Search Engine Optimisation (SEO) industry refers to those who recommend dodgy tactics to their client as "Black Hat SEO's".

Just when I thought I had seen it all I met with a pucker accountancy this week who had an entire section of hidden text on their home page. The concept isn't hard to grasp. If you have a purple background on your website then you put purple text on it. Humans can't see it or read it but search engines can. The whole thing is designed to trick or manipulate search engine results.

Google take a pretty dim view of this and other black hat tactics.

Google do offer some help and advice to webmasters. This is what they say about hidden text:

If your site is perceived to contain hidden text and links that are deceptive in intent, your site may be removed from the Google index, and will not appear in search results pages.

The accountancy firm risk having their website banned from search engine results as a result of the advice they were given.

Sometimes this type of advice comes from web designers who don't grasp the concept of legitimate SEO tactics too well. Sometimes it comes from Black Hat SEO companies.

You knew it was coming but....
Use a trusted and respected internet marketing consultant to avoid these pitfalls.
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DBS is awarded Google AdWords Professional Status

David Clarke - a partner at DBS - was recently awarded Google AdWords Professional Status after achieving 87.1% in a 100 minute examination.

This distinguishes DBS as skilled internet marketing professionals.

The examination covered some exciting topics for Google AdWords features that haven't yet hit the UK. Look out for image and video ads - they are on the way.

We will soon be displaying the Google AdWords Professional logo on our website and email letterhead.

We have offered pay per click services to our clients for several years through Google, Yahoo and MSN and have achieved some outstanding results for a range of businesses offering professional services through to Ecommerce.

Passing the exam brings the advantage of promotional credits to new advertisers which we intend to hand out in the form of free clicks on a first come first served basis.
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DBS goes International

We recently received an enquiry via our website for an international 0800 number from a health company based in the USA.

After fulfilling the telecoms order we got in a conversation about the company's website and how to make it perform better in search engine results.

As a result we have been invited to optimise the web site for Wise Choice Medicine of San Diego, California. They specialise in non-surgical cataract reversal.
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