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Pay-Per-Click: 8 Measures To Take To Get The Right Company

With the advent of internet marketing there has been a rise in pay per click advertising.

With pay-per-click, your company pays a certain agreed amount to an advertising company every time someone clicks on the link to your business.

Some companies will try to generate fake clicks on your site to try and make easy money. Similarly, your competitors may click on your link and increase your bill without bringing you any genuine customers. This has given pay-per-click something of a bad name.

A good advertising company will know how to avoid these pitfalls and make sure your pay-per-click is effective.

Below are some measures which you can follow to make sure your investment brings you business rather than loses you money.

  1. Choose a company with Google certification - A Google Adwords certification indicates that a business is competent and familiar with the way the pay per click (PPC) system works. Look at testimonials for the company and use your instincts to find out whether they are genuine or fabricated by the company itself.

  2. Speak to other businesses - find out what experiences other businesses have had with pay-per-click and learn from their mistakes. Take on board the advice you receive and make sure you don't waste your investment.

  3. Ask to see other examples - Ask to look at previous work undertaken by the pay-per-click company you're using. Make sure you enquire about their other clients and the kind of results they have achieved. Use your gut instinct and make sure you are satisfied with the information you are given. It may also be sensible to check if the company is familiar with the work you do and whether they are suitable to your business.

  4. Check the professional conduct of the company - There's nothing wrong with holding the advertising company you use to a very high standard of quality and etiquette. Go through the contract and look at all the terms and conditions. If your standards are not upheld, don't be afraid to move on to another firm.

  5. Consider the competition - Always consider more than one advertising company and have a variety of options available. Avoid companies that promise fast results, this generally indicates that they are not taking the time to test whether their results are effective.

  6. Good companies lead by example - You can easily check the creditability of a company by typing their name into a search engine. Any reputable organisation's name should appear in the adwords section on the right hand side of the page or very close to the top of the organic listings.

  7. Be specific to customer requirements - Good advertising companies know how to direct your customers to the part of the site which relates to their search, not just to your homepage. You could risk losing a potential customer by not being immediately specific to their needs.

  8. Monitor your pay-per-click progress - Check back for updates from your advertising company on a regular basis. One of the benefits of pay-per-click is that every result can be measured. Your provider should be aware of this and therefore keen to adjust your listings to make them more effective.

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Mobile Phone Advertising - an Untapped Market?

Internet use on mobile phones is predicted to go from 475 million minutes in 2008 to 1000 million minutes by 2011.

So far, records in the USA show that mobile advertising spend has doubled from 2006 to 2008 and is predicted to quadruple to $16,000 million by 2011.

The UK market is following suit with mobile internet use on the increase. 17 million people in the UK accessed the internet via a mobile phone, blackberry or PDA device in December 2007 alone.

DBS has recently completed an online "webinar" on Mobile Phone Pay per Click Advertising. We can set up Google Mobile adverts for any current or new pay per click clients.

A creative new feature is “Click to Call” that allows searchers to click on a telephone number - putting the call straight through to your business.

Early indications show that conversion rates are higher from mobile phone pay per click as users search rather than browse - possibly due to the cost of mobile phone internet use.

This is a new market that has opened up in the UK and DBS are delighted to offer advice and set up Google Mobile pay per click advertising campaigns.
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There is no set price for keywords. You choose how much you are willing to pay for each click-through. Minimum bid is 20p. The more you pay the higher up the list you will appear, so, the advertiser who bids the most for a keyword will be shown first.

The pay per click listings will appear when a searcher looks UK wide (the default search) or specifies a county. The pay per click listings won’t appear if a searcher specifies a town or city.

You can set a daily budget to ensure you do not overspend and there is no minimum time or spend commitment (other than the initial payment which must exceed £50 - this will be offset against click-throughs to your site).

You need to specify a maximum price you are willing to pay for a click-through to your website. Suggest you start at minimum bid to see how you fare against your competitors.

Yell only charge you when someone clicks through to your site to find further information about your company. You are able to update your advert, keywords and maximum cost per click (bid price) as often as you like.

You can trial pay per click for 30 days and throw £50 at it to see what happens. You should duplicate the most successful keywords/adverts you have on your Google ppc campaign.

A 10% discount applies if you pre-pay the cost of your clicks through an appointed agency ie they would purchase £50 + VAT worth of clicks but invoice you for £45 + VAT.

Strongly suggest you add a tracking 0800 number to the listing. You will be able to monitor click throughs to your website via Google analytics.
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0800 Numbers - 8 Great Benefits

A free phone number allows your customers and potential customers to call you for free. For a reasonable rate, you can increase your business by allowing callers to contact you without cost. This acts as an added bonus to a client when subscribing to your service. Having a free phone 0800 number translates to having a low-cost, easy and effective marketing device which can dramatically increase your business potential.

Here are some of the benefits:

1. Increased customer response
Sales reports indicate that businesses with 0800 and similar free phone numbers enjoy an increased customer response to their advertising. Reports have shown that this can range from an impressive 50% to a hefty 300%.

2. A more professional image
0800 numbers give your business a more professional front and show that you take your customer care seriously. If you are willing to spend extra on a free call-in service it shows that you are willing to spend more time on high quality work. It also means you are less likely to leave a caller waiting in line to speak to someone.

3. A non-stop service
0800 numbers allow customers to call for free from a BT landline at any time, including evenings and weekends. Your company will also able to receive international calls for free should you wish to do so.

4. Peace of mind
Aside from business, free phone numbers can be a reassuring way of keeping in touch with friends and loved ones. Free phone numbers can be used in case of an emergency, or if people are short of money and need to contact you.

5. Value for money
If your business relies on staff members travelling throughout the country a free phone number can be an inexpensive and sensible choice. Having the opportunity to engage with your staff without worrying about the cost of a phone call can be a weight off your mind.

6. A variety of free phone packages
Companies using free phone numbers have the opportunity to decide which tariff and call package is best suited to them.

7. A free phone number stays the same
One of the great benefits of free phone numbers is that they can be transferred. If your business moves offices or has its landline phone numbers changed your free phone number will stay the same. A free phone number can also be transferred to a different number for short periods. This can be beneficial if one of your offices is empty and you need to redirect your incoming calls to an available operator.

8. Free phone numbers can be connected quickly and simply
The majority of advertising companies who offer free phone numbers are able to connect you within 24 hours. They can also provide you with a variety of number options should you wish to buy a memorable or easily recognised number.
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