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Internet Marketing Expert Supports Google Mobile Advertising as a Valid Online Strategy!

A large and potentially untapped source of Google popularity is available through mobile advertising. Internet users are increasingly choosing to access Google on the move, either via their mobile phones, palm top devices or with the hugely popular Blackberry mobile devices.

There are currently 2.5 billion mobile phone users worldwide, in comparison to just 820 million PC users. This implies mobile phones are by far the best way to impress possible clients.

Furthermore, the number of people using mobile internet is estimated to rise from the current yearly figure of 475 million to 1000 million by 2011. 17 million people accessed the internet via their mobile phone in last December alone, that's equivalent to 23 percent of all mobile users. This illustrates a large target market which is virtually untapped at present.

Reputable directory companies can build a mobile advertising campaign for your company in much the same way as they create a computer based advertising campaign, using the highly successful Google Adwords application.

Mobile searchers use on their Blackberries and PDA's in much the same way as they do online, with the mobile adverts being displayed in exactly the same bidding and format as computer based adverts.

The only differences in Google mobile facilities are the 'Click to Call' function, where the searcher can click on a link to telephone a certain business. This is particularly advantageous if you use a dedicated 0800 number to track how much business is being orchestrated through the click to call function.

Mobile results can include a link to your regular internet website; however it is advantageous to include a specialized "Mobile Web Page" which is mobile viewing friendly. This is easily made and doesn't require any huge alterations to your existing website.
Mobile listings are displayed in two line text advertisements of eighteen characters each. Each advert occupies 25% of the mobile screen. This reduced space means your listing will have less competition surrounding it on the page, increasing the likelihood of a searcher using your business.

Conversion tracking and reporting is available for mobile advertising in much the same way as it is on the regular Google page. This will allow your company to ascertain exactly how much business you are receiving through mobile advertising and structure around it.
Local businesses and product information are currently the fifth and seventh most likely things to be searched for from a mobile device, illustrating a huge market for intelligent mobile advertising.

Another advantage to advertising for mobiles is the manner in which people search through the listings. Those using the internet on their mobile tend to search for specific details rather than browse through the entire Google facility. This means those companies at the top of mobile listings are more likely to receive genuine business interest each time their name appears.

One final aspect to consider is that mobile internet is currently used overwhelmingly by young men rather than women or older people. However this dynamic is expected to be erased as more people embrace mobile internet possibilities.

Make sure your company stays abreast of the competition and invest in mobile advertising today.
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Internet Marketing & Google’s New Teleportation Search Facility!

Google have introduced a second search bar to help its users get more specific results.

The new program, known as 'teleporting', acts an additional filter for large and popular sites such as Amazon and the New York Times. Currently being issued at Google's discretion, the feature will adapt usual search procedures to focus specifically on content.

Google commented that "the feature will now occur when we detect a high probability that a user wants more refined search results within a specific site...the sites that display the site search box are chosen algorithmically based on metrics that measure how useful the search box is to users."

Consequently when searching for a site that Google believes eminently searchable - including NASA, Amazon and Wikipedia - a second search box will appear that specifically searches that site.

There are currently no plans to allow companies to pay to upgrade their listing to include this facility. However, based on the improved percentage of clicks received for those already using 'teleporting', demand for the program is expected to be high.

Teleportation came in response to changes in internet usage. Computer users are increasingly using Google to navigate to a specific website, rather than typing the company name into the internet task bar.

By using Google, consumers increase the likelihood of being directed to the correct page within two clicks, rather than being directed to an inappropriate or unavailable site due to a minor confusion or spelling mistake. This has drastically reduced the amount of .com's and's internet users need to remember.

Critics of teleporting have highlighted the program as being discriminatory to smaller companies, particularly in respect to key words.

For many, part of Google's popularity has been based on its ability to give smaller companies a chance to compete against big name brands. By allowing some sites to use the function but not others, Google has channelled an increased number of responses to larger companies capable of paying for more trademarks.

This apparent prejudice can be seen more clearly when using key words. Not only does Google determine which company is deemed most suitable when a user types in non-specific words, they will also allow some companies to include an additional search function at the expense of their competitors.

The search in search facility has also been criticised for providing poor responses compared to pay-per-click advertising and company on site search facilities. As teleporting is an extension of the regular Google pattern, it does not encourage users to take notice of a company's other offers and may direct users to an out of date or irrelevant aspect of the site based entirely on keyword recognition.

The success of the program remains to be seen, however the inclusion of teleporting at Google further cements its status as the world top internet search engine and one of the most important places to orchestrate a companies advertising campaigns. Those companies which adapt to suit Google protocol are likely to increase their popularity rather than lose business.
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Internet Marketing vs Yellow Pages!!!

To most companies, advertising in Yellow Pages is the unshakeable cornerstone of their annual marketing spend and they would no more think of cancelling it than they would hire David Brent as office manager.

Surely Yellow Pages is established, recognised everywhere and enjoys strong distribution. It’s expensive, but is there any alternative?

A moderately sized quarter of half page ad is looking at 3 -5K a year. A whole page? That can be anything from 5K to over 8K for the year. There’s no negotiation; take it or leave it - and that’s with the regulators on their back capping and indeed cutting rates by 3.4%.

How surprising is it that more and more of my clients are cutting back expenditure on Yellow Pages?

Not surprising at all really. If you think about it, search is not new and it has played a major part in marketing activity for decades in the form of phone books and directories. Effective search engine marketing simply takes this a giant step further, unlocking as is does the incredible introductory potential the web medium provides between supplier and consumer to connect and do business.

This trend is reflected in Yellow Pages own market analysis, which shows a downward trend in client retention from 78% to 75% year on year. Interestingly, it is newer customers who are leaving.

Yellow Pages ads are viewed by people who have all ready made a decision to buy. Don't emphasise why your product or service is needed but rather why it should be obtained from you. Consumers need and want two types of information from Yellow Pages adverts.

Firstly, they need to know why they should purchase from one company and not another.

Secondly, they need information that facilitates making their purchase ie they need to know how to make the purchase or have a call to action.

If you really focus and see things through your customers eyes then your Yellow Pages ad copy should virtually write itself.

The use of colour and how Yellow Pages charge for it is pretty unbelievable.

The book is now printed on white paper (think about it you can't have white ink)

Yellow Pages charge more for white in your adverts - 40% in fact.

But, Yellow Pages actually have to take an extra step to print a yellow coloured ad ie they overlay white paper with a yellow ink but this is cheaper than a white ad.

Our surveys show that colour is not the most important factor in selecting an advert. In fact, it is well down the list.

Yellow Pages sales reps often argue:

"It'll only cost you £800 a year to move up to the next largest ad size and ad colour. Don't you believe that the increased sales you'd obtain would more than offset that expense?"

This is a bad argument for a number of reasons....

It assumes that the business generated by your original ad pays for itself

It assumes that you make a 100% profit on each sale (nice work if you can get it)

It assumes that the use of £800 for additional Yellow Pages advertising would generate more business than would the use of the same £800 in another media

Nonetheless I see many of my clients putting all their eggs in one "Yellow Pages" basket without obtaining effective proof that their adverts are actually working.

The secret is to monitor the response to each and every advert you place.

If you can't measure it you can't manage it.

I know from my experience as a former Yellow Pages sales rep that one had to continually create a false sense of urgency. Typically Yellow Pages reps only work two directories ie they are in each area for six months at a time. The reps are paid a commission on signed orders so it's no surprise they go in for the kill.
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Internet Marketing Secrets: Link Building

To a large degree your success in search engine results will depend on your inbound linking strategy.

You have probably seen links in the pages of a web site. Links can take you to another page in the same web site or to a totally different web site. Links are the "blue bits" on a web page and usually look like this:

The link above is an inbound link for The Party Fairy (a very good friend of ours).

Search engines know that it takes human effort to place a link on a website and so they see links as a vote of popularity.

Someone actually has to take the time to put a special piece of code on a site so that when you click a link you are whooshed to another site. In very broad terms the more links you have the more popular you're perceived by search engines.

Search engines all have "spiders" (sometimes called "robots") whose job it is to crawl the web going from site to site to read or "index" every page they come across. That way when you ask a search engine a question it knows where to get the answer from.

The way spiders get from one site to another is via links. If you have no links into your site then search engines will find it very hard to know your site exists. How would they get to your site if you had no links? It would be like building a town with no roads to it. That's one good reason for developing inbound links.

Another good reason to develop inbound links is that they can be used to tell the search engines what your site is all about. The blue, clickable text in the link example above was:

If the clickable text (anchor text) in the link were to read:

birthday fairy party for girls

…then the search engine would have a good idea what the Party Fairy site is all about. Now multiply that by tens and hundreds of links with the clickable text all mentioning "birthday fairy party", "fairy party", "girls party" and so on. The search engine would be in no doubt of which site to bring up in its results if someone were to search for "fairy party".

That is the power of inbound linking explained in the simplest and most general terms.

However there are many pitfalls in link building which could cause your site to perform poorly or not appear in any search engine results at all.

In general you should look to add links quite gradually - usually over the course of 12 months.

Look to develop links from:

sites relevant to yours

sites in the same geographical area as you

specialist directory sites

high page ranking sites

a broad range of IP addresses – not all hosted on the same computer

sites that will let you manipulate your anchor text

get links into your internal pages - not just the home page

A good place to start is to make a list of your local customers, suppliers and business hosts.
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Internet Marketing Consultant Shares Findings about’s new Netreach Opportunity!

Netreach is an opportunity to export your business information across the network as well as a wide range of its partner sites and companies. The increased exposure can be of real benefit to your business, rapidly increasing your target market and giving you more specific and up to date client leads.

What are the benefits of advertising with Netreach by

Netreach adverts are posted across national, regional and local websites, increasing your businesses exposure to a wider target market. With Netreach your company will enjoy millions of impressions across a variety of networks every month.

Netreach ensures your adverts are served in a relevant context, increasing your number of targeted leads and ensuring each new contact is fully relevant to you.

Netreach is simple to set up and easy to maintain. After a no obligation annual fee will ensure you have an up to date, inclusive and exceptional service.

Netreach routinely optimises your site so you don't have to. This will save you time and money, ensuring your company is more competent than your competitors.

Netreach gives you monthly reports on how many times your advert has been displayed and clicked. Consequently, you will know who's interested in your products and when. is a well established and trusted brand, meaning Netreach is a product you can rely on. Trusting your provider is essential in any business situation, and the prerequisite for success.

Who is Netreach available to?

For £150 per year the Netreach feature can be applied to the following products.

* Priority Adverts with a web link feature

* Priority Adverts (with no web link)

* Priority Advert information pages

* site builders program

* Local sponsored listings

How will Netreach by work?

By simply using your business already benefits from 32 million searches each month. Converting to Netreach will give your information an even greater level of exposure within other networks. Moreover, by staying relevant to your location and context, your message is honed to the right clients and is available at the right time.

Nationwide coverage – Your advert will appear on a variety of local and national websites. However to ensure the best quality of leads for you, your advert will be shown in the same coverage area as your advert or when user searches match your business.

Fantastic exposure – are continually expanding their range of sites, aiming to give their Netreach clients carefully targeted and selected sites to give maximum benefits for advertising exposure with their online bubble capsule adverts.

Customer feedback – You receive a full account of how many times your advert has been viewed and clicked on a monthly basis throughout the year. For more frequent information you can also access a full account management page on

Netreach provides a comprehensive method of increasing the exposure of your business.
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