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Internet Marketing & Google’s New Teleportation Search Facility!

Google have introduced a second search bar to help its users get more specific results.

The new program, known as 'teleporting', acts an additional filter for large and popular sites such as Amazon and the New York Times. Currently being issued at Google's discretion, the feature will adapt usual search procedures to focus specifically on content.

Google commented that "the feature will now occur when we detect a high probability that a user wants more refined search results within a specific site...the sites that display the site search box are chosen algorithmically based on metrics that measure how useful the search box is to users."

Consequently when searching for a site that Google believes eminently searchable - including NASA, Amazon and Wikipedia - a second search box will appear that specifically searches that site.

There are currently no plans to allow companies to pay to upgrade their listing to include this facility. However, based on the improved percentage of clicks received for those already using 'teleporting', demand for the program is expected to be high.

Teleportation came in response to changes in internet usage. Computer users are increasingly using Google to navigate to a specific website, rather than typing the company name into the internet task bar.

By using Google, consumers increase the likelihood of being directed to the correct page within two clicks, rather than being directed to an inappropriate or unavailable site due to a minor confusion or spelling mistake. This has drastically reduced the amount of .com's and's internet users need to remember.

Critics of teleporting have highlighted the program as being discriminatory to smaller companies, particularly in respect to key words.

For many, part of Google's popularity has been based on its ability to give smaller companies a chance to compete against big name brands. By allowing some sites to use the function but not others, Google has channelled an increased number of responses to larger companies capable of paying for more trademarks.

This apparent prejudice can be seen more clearly when using key words. Not only does Google determine which company is deemed most suitable when a user types in non-specific words, they will also allow some companies to include an additional search function at the expense of their competitors.

The search in search facility has also been criticised for providing poor responses compared to pay-per-click advertising and company on site search facilities. As teleporting is an extension of the regular Google pattern, it does not encourage users to take notice of a company's other offers and may direct users to an out of date or irrelevant aspect of the site based entirely on keyword recognition.

The success of the program remains to be seen, however the inclusion of teleporting at Google further cements its status as the world top internet search engine and one of the most important places to orchestrate a companies advertising campaigns. Those companies which adapt to suit Google protocol are likely to increase their popularity rather than lose business.
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