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How a blog can help your business in search engine results

Blogs are websites that can be added to easily by anyone. You don't have to have computer programming skills or be a web developer to set up and add to a basic blog.

If you can use programme Word then you will easily be able to run a blog.

David Clarke of DBS explains: "Search engines don't display more than 2 pages from one website in search engine results. Although we make our clients blogs appear to “sit” within their website they actually are on a different web address."

"If you know what you are doing you have a chance to take an extra bite at the cherry in search engine results."

If you look below you will see an example of how to dominate search engine results. The first 3 "natural listings" are taken by DBS. Two come from our website and one from our blog.

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Google Success Stories!

With the help of DBS our clients currently hold these positions on Google:

0800 number #1
0845 number #1
Local number #1
Security guard #1
Solicitor London #1
Caravan sales #2
Tool hire #8

Marketing your business on the internet boils down to three steps:

1. Find out the actual words people use when searching for your type of business

2. Make it abundantly clear to search engines what each of your web pages is about

3. Build links from other sites into yours

DBS offers a free, no obligation discussion of your internet marketing needs.
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Google awards DBS Page Rank 5

Google use a Page Rank scale of 1-10 to give an indication of the popularity of web pages. The scale is logarithmic in nature which means that page rank 3 for instance is ten times greater than page rank 2. After a reshuffle over Christmas DBS has received page rank 5.

David Clarke of DBS says "although we are pleased to continually improve our page rank we're more concerned where our pages and our clients' pages rank. Don't obsess about Google Page Rank - it's a fun toy and a good indicator of the general health of your website but it is not the main factor that determines where your pages will rank in search engine results."

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