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If you get a letter that looks like this from the "Domain Renewal Group" please ignore it. It's a scam.

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Everyone is talking about Twitter.

Some of us are using Twitter.

Does anyone know why?

OK I admit it - I signed up for Twitter and didn't really know why.... but I am slowly beginning to see the value of it.

Facebook and MySpace have experienced massive growth over the last few years and are widely known as effective "friend management" tools. To be frank, email has become a pain for a lot of personal and commercial users. The amount of spam received means that you can spend valuable time every day just sorting through and deleting emails that are trying to sell you watches, pills and poker.

If you elect to invest in an elaborate spam filter then the chances are you still continue to receive some spam. It's a bit like getting a flu jab - you still get flu but your arm doesn't.

On the other side of the coin the filter is "so good" you don't get legitimate email that was intended for you. I have personally received email from the person sitting in the office down the corridor marked as SPAM.

Facebook and MySpace eliminate this communication nightmare. The concept is simple. I invite you as a friend. You say yes. You get my messages. If we decide we don't want to be friends we don't get each others messages.

Facebook has presented great advertising opportunites. Facebook knows your age and habits (well some of them,so don't panic) so it knows what sort of adverts to throw up on the page you are looking at. This can be tedious.

Facebook is viewed by some as a little too revealing. I have people who have asked me to be friends on Facebook who blank me when I see them in the veg aisle in the Co-Op. If I let you be my friend you can, at your leisure, see every picture that I have posted of me on holiday, at a party, wedding reception - anywhere. I find this all a bit too much and a little disturbing.

If I came home and found someone in my living room that I vaguely knew who had spread out all of my photo albums on the floor and was poring over them I don't think I would find it acceptable if they said "...but I thought we were friends."

Twitter is a decluttered version of Facebook and MySpace without all the intrusive bits. The messages on Twitter or "tweets" are very short (160 characters including spaces) as they are designed to be received as SMS text messages.

You can follow someone on Twitter or be a follower. If you want to follow celebrities then it's easy to follow someone like Jimmy Carr and receive all their tweets. However, this does have commercial applications also. Using Twitter I can keep clients who choose to follow me up to date with changes in the marketplace.

I see my Twitter followers as my own mini "swarm" that I intend to grow. My followers will belong to other swarms and so these swarms will be exposed to my Tweets. This means I can potentially reach a huge marketplace of people who I have never rubbed shoulders with.

You can follow me at:
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How to use the new .tel domain to your advantage

The new .tel domain allows businesses to store, publish and update online all their contact information and keywords under a unique domain name. This is achieved without the need for a website and without the need of any web development skills.

For example, our domain name is:

So we have registered:

We figured that for the small investment of a .tel domain we had an entry in the only real time global directory.

We now add the .tel domain to our business stationery.

Our customers can now get our contact details easily from any device such as a:
• Blackberry

• Mobile phone

• i phone

• laptop

• PC

DBS is particularly aware that mobile devices are set to be the largest growing sector of internet usage. Our .tel site loads quickly and easily on a mobile.

.tel domains are going fast so our advice is to act now and register. We can do this for you.

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Google Latitude - a new feature

Google have introduced another nifty feature that combines mobile phone technology and Google Maps writes Internet Marketing Strategist David Clarke.

Like it or not your mobile phone may be used to pinpoint your exact location. Google Latitude allows you to make your own network of friends and colleagues mobile numbers. Logging onto Google Maps via your mobile will let you see exactly where members of your network are.

Possible uses include businesses being able to monitor the precise location of their sales staff and on the personal side parents would be able to see where their children were at any time.

Google Latitude will work with these mobile phones:
  1. Android-powered devices, such as the T-Mobile G1 (coming soon)
  2. iPhone and iPod touch devices (coming soon)
  3. most color BlackBerry devices
  4. most Windows Mobile 5.0+ devices
  5. most Symbian S60 devices (Nokia smartphones)

The service is free from Google but carrier charges may apply.

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Google: 5 things you didn’t know it could do…..

The Google search engine at has a few tricks up its sleeve that you may not know about. These nifty tools and features may save you time and effort that can be spent on more profitable or rewarding tasks.

Google Conversion Tool
The nifty search engine has its own in built converter. Try typing into the Google search box “4ft 6in in metres” or “23c in fahrenheit” and you will get an instant conversion. Move your calculator to the bottom drawer of your desk or throw your slide rule out of the window. If you don’t know what a slide rule is then Google it – you will be amazed at how your ancestors worked in the old days.

Google Calculator
Similarly, your old friend Google can act as a calculator. Try typing in “43% of 92” and in the twinkle of an eye receive instant enlightenment. Where was this while I was doing my GCSE’S?

Google Currency Converter
You know what’s coming don’t you. Type “£123 in US$” and be amazed with the instant currency conversion.

Google News
Visit (you don’t need the “www” bit) to visit a bang up to date computer generated news site. The Google news site aggregates headlines from over 4,500 English language news sources on the planet. You can ask the site to group news stories together according to your particular interests. An archive section is navigable from the top of the site which lets you look back through history. I typed in “Titanic” in the archives search box and was able to instantly download a pdf of the actual front page of the New York Times from April 12th 1912.

Google Mobile
Download Google Maps for mobile from free by visiting the Google UK website at . I downloaded the software straight onto the desktop of my PC and then hooked up my mobile to my PC with the bit of cable that my mobile phone manufacturer gave me in the box it came with. I think this would prove quicker and easier for most people than getting online with your mobile and downloading directly. Download times to mobiles still seem dreadfully slow to me.

Most mobile phones that are less than 3 years old will operate Google Maps. With Google Maps loaded onto your mobile you will never get lost when walking or driving in any UK city although software specifies that it should not be used when driving (who would think of such a thing?).

Many mobile phones come with GPS all ready installed. GPS stands for “global positioning system” and lets you know exactly where you are on the face of the earth through satellite technology. You can enter a start and end point for any road journey and be supplied with detailed directions. Another nifty feature is that you can specify a start and end point and find the best way to make this journey on public transport.

Going by foot in a strange city is now a breeze.

It’s clear to me that this functionality is a direct competitor to sat nav. The only real difference I can see is that you don’t receive verbal instructions. This doesn’t bother me – I can get those at home.

It’s possible to add your favourites to Google Maps such as home, irritating relatives in Berkshire or Big Dave’s Bar & Grill.

Hope these nifty features will help you in the office and on your travels.
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New look Gatwick Yellow Pages

This year the Gatwick Yellow Pages directory will be published in a new "compact" format.

Yellow Pages claim that the reasoning behind the new format is to improve the the usage of the directory .

Yellow Pages report that they saw a 7% improvement in usage when they trialled a larger vs smaller directory in some areas last year. This is a one off trial at present with no plans to change other Yellow Pages directories until they have thorough evidence that it is a good idea.

"The number of Yellow Pages advertisers has decreased significantly over the last 3 years which has meant the books have decreased noticeably in thickness. Could the new format be a ruse to cover up this phenomena?" questioned David Clarke an internet marketing consultant at DBS.
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