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Office of Fair Trading Hammers Commercial Bloggers

Google attaches a lot of importance to blog posts. If a blog post contains a link to a company then this is very good in the eyes of Google.

Some internet marketing companies set up blogs purely from a commercial standpoint ie they charge to write a blog post that links back to a client's website.

The Office of Fair Trading has recently clamped down on a London based company that utilises this tactic.

In a press release the OFT stated that blog owners "must clearly identify when promotions and editorial comment have been paid for, so that consumers are not misled"

The full press release can be read here:
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What are doorway pages, and should I use doorway pages?

Doorway pages are web pages designed and built specifically to draw search engine visitors to a website. They are “standalone “pages designed only to act as doorways to a website.

Doorway pages are a very bad idea for several reasons, though many SEO firms use them routinely and some businesses use them “by accident”.

As a rule of thumb, if you can't reach the page by following the site navigation, then it is a doorway page. You are not supposed to "visit" the page. Instead, you are just supposed to find it in the search results and then click through to get to the site in question. In essence, a doorway page is no more than a one-page click-through advertisement for a website.

However, when you are searching, you don't want to visit one-page click-through advertisements for a website. You want to visit websites. Think of doorway pages as giant banner ads, only worse. You're searching for cleaners" and instead of getting a cleaners site, you get a page that says, "click here for cleaners." It’s for this reason that Doorway pages are despised by Google.

The fact is that doorway pages don't do a very good job of generating traffic, even when they are done by "experts." Many users simply hit their back buttons when presented with a doorway page. Still, many SEO firms count those first visits and report them to their clients as successes. SEO Firm: "You got 140 visits to your site today!" Client: "But no one visited our products pages!"

I have copied this snippet from Google’s webmaster guidelines:
If an SEO creates deceptive or misleading content on your behalf, such as doorway pages or "throwaway" domains, your site could be removed entirely from Google's index

The full section can be found here:

"My advice would be to ask anyone that has a doorway page (or even anything that comes close to it) that links out to your site to remove the link immediately." said David Clarke of DBS.

If Google removes your website from its index it means you will not appear in search engine results. Full stop. Game over.

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Pay Per Click Advertising In The Run Up To Christmas 2010

Despite the economic gloom Christmas 2010 promises to be another belter for UK retailers.

"The November snow and ice will undoubtedly boost internet sales some of which will come from pay per click advertising." stated DBS's Allan Rayner - an internet marketing consultant.

To kick off the festive season DBS have prepared their own Pay Per Click Tips for the 12 Days of Christmas - enjoy and prosper!
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Christmas Shopping On The Internet

At least 80% of internet users in the UK are expected to do part of their Christmas 2010 shopping online.

Monday 29th November has been nicknamed as "manic Monday" as online internet shoppers are expected to spend over £500 million according to the Centre For Retail Research.

"This is a whopping 30% up on manic Monday 2009" commented DBS Internet Marketing.
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Bing Gains Ground on Google

In the US Bing continued to gain ground on its rival search engine Google in September and October 2010 according to a survey carried out by Compete.

"Bing's share of search traffic grew from 25.8% to 28% between September and October" said Faye Isaacs of dbs internet marketing

Google is still the dominant player but their share of search engine traffic slumped 3.4%, from 70% to 67.6%.

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Dragons Den

DBS’s David Clarke was invited to be a “business dragon” at the University of Lincoln’s first ever Dragons Den held on November 16th.

Four business dragons were selected from successful Lincolnshire businesses to hear and help develop pitches from groups of students.

The dragons were:
Randall Hayes
Tim Sayers
David Clarke
Garrard Jones

The winning group of students were rewarded with Odeon vouchers.
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Google Changes How It Displays Results

There has been a massive shake up in the way Google displays its results for local searches. Local listings (Google Places) have been given a much higher weighting and are appearing above natural listings.

It’s important to “claim” your company’s listing and make sure the information is accurate. The more effort you put into your Google Places listing the better.
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DBS receives award for their "Outstanding Contribution"

DBS were presented an award for their “outstanding contribution” to the Time For You business at their AGM on Saturday 30th November in Northampton.

Time For You link are the largest domestic cleaning franchise in the UK and their success has been partly due to DBS who developed their website and promote it in Google.

The award was presented by Freddie and Ruth Rayner.
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Client Spotlight - Brown & Co.

Brown & Co's origins date back to 1794 but they are known for their energetic and innovative approach to commercial property in East Anglia and the East Midlands.

Brown & Co have skilled commercial property teams in the following locations:

Grantham Commercial Property
Spalding Commercial Property
Kings Lynn Commercial Property
Norwich Commercial Property
Retford Commercial Property

They offer a comprehensive package of commercial services whether you are looking to sell or acquire new premises, value existing assets or unlock untapped development potential.
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DBS Client Spotlight: Time For You – North Leeds

This month our spotlight turns to Time For You North Leeds. A trusted house cleaning service covering the Leeds area, including Ilkley, Otley, Boston Spa, Wetherby and surrounding areas.

This franchise of Time For You is run by Ann and David Stephenson who strive to provide a dependable and affordable domestic cleaning service. Together they have five years local experience and a proven track record across the North Leeds area.

Ann and David not only offer home cleaning but you can choose to combine your ironing, which can be done in your own home, cutting out the hassle of a ‘picking up and dropping off’ service. Offering a personal and reliable service and organising the cleaning care of your home, you can spend your valuable time in other ways.
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DBS Client Spotlight: Time For You Essex

This week we turn the DBS client spotlight onto Time For You Essex which is a successful domestic cleaning company in Essex.

The franchise is run by Kathrine Branton who personally manages well over 200 clients in Chelmsford, Billericay and Brentwood.

Kathrine started out as a domestic cleaner for Time For You over 6 years ago which means she totally understands her clients cleaning requirements and the standards expected by them. Kathrine offers a professional courteous house cleaning service which will give you back your valuable free time by removing those household chores such as domestic cleaning and ironing!
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DBS Client Spotlight: Chattertons Solicitors

This month our client spotlight is firmly focused on Chattertons Solicitors who are one of the largest law firms in Lincolnshire.

Chattertons Solicitors covers:

The company has been established for over 200 years and offers a wide range of services for both the individual and for businesses. All issues involving agricultural law, business law, commercial property, debt recovery and many more are available with professional expertise.
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Social Media Package for £199

DBS is offering a Social Media Package for £199 which includes the setup of a Facebook and Twitter page for your business.

Social networks now receive more UK Internet visits than search engines.

During May, social networks accounted for 11.88% of UK Internet visits and search engines accounted for 11.33%. May was the first ever month that social networks have been more popular than search engines in the UK, in terms of visits.

Facebook accounts for 55% of all UK social networking visits, almost three times as many as the next most popular social network, YouTube. Twitter, one of the fastest growing and most talked-about websites of the last two years, is now the third most popular social network in the UK, putting it ahead of former favourites such as Bebo and MySpace.
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The new .co domains are here...

The new .co domains have been greeted with a fanfare of the kind you would associate with a coronation or news that Wayne Rooney will be fit for the World Cup.

Businesses are being invited to bid for the new .co domains if they have their own trademark.

As usual the minions will wait for whatever scraps are left.

It's a good idea to protect all extensions of your domain name ie, etc but at a few hundred quid a pop it's a bit steep at this stage.

I am mindful of the excitement caused by the new .tel domain that was heralded as invaluable. One year later you hear nothing much about them....
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Sterling Caravan Sales Online Success

Sterling Caravan Sales are going into their busiest period of the year fuelled by their success in search engines.

DBS has developed the Sterling Caravan Sales website and promoted it in search engine results.
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Iceland Volcano: Stranded Brits get married via Skype

The Icleand Volcano stopped flights over the weekend but didn't stop a resourceful couple getting hitched.

Sean Murtagh from London and his new bride Natalie were stranded in Brisbane when they were meant to be flying home to get married in the UK on Sunday.

The couple decided to go ahead and get married in Brisbane but used skype so that their guests could watch the ceremony in a hotel in Ealing.

Next to the three-tier wedding cake was a laptop and projector!
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DBS gets praise from Legal Marketing Guru

Daniel Barnett, the author of Intelligent Marketing for Employment Lawyers, has praised the Employee SOS website that was designed by DBS.

Mr Barnett said "The Employee SOS website designed by DBS has clean lines, makes good use of colour and has benefit led copy. The signposting is clear, there are prominent contact details and calls to action."

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Blackberry launches app for twitter

Blackberry has made it easy for businesses to stay in touch with their customers by launching a brand new app for Twitter.

All messages or "tweets" can now go straight to the Blackberry device.

In a nutshell Twitter's platform helps businesses stay connected to their customer base. Savvy business people use Twitter to quickly and easily share information with people interested in their company's products and services.

You can search on Twitter to see when your company's name is and also use it proactively to give news on offers.

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Twitter launches it's advertising platform

Twitter has started to "monetise" its presence in the Social Media marketplace.

It has launched it's advertisng platform today which will allow businesses to place their own adverts into the stream of Twitter "tweets".

Among the initial customers are Virgin Atlantic and Starbucks.

When the ads appear amongst "tweets" they look like the image below. The marketing idea here is that twitterers will see the ad, click on it and in this case bring in a reusable coffee mug rather than a paper one and America is saved.

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Top 10 Social Media Websites

The Top 10 Social Networking websites make interesting reading. Why wouldn't a company have a Facebook page like DBS.

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Google introduces "click to call" for pay per click ads

Google has recently announced their new "click to call" feature for their Pay Per Click services.

"With over 4.5 million people in the UK searching on Google via their mobile and a 30% rise in mobile searches since 2009, Google Adwords customers now have more opportunities to increase the amount of calls they receive from their Google adverts" says David Clarke of DBS.

All AdWords campaigns targeting 'iPhones and other Mobile Devices' will now have the option to include a business telephone number as a fifth line in the advert text.

This means that mobile phone users can click the business number under the pay oper click advert and be connected instantly giving the potential to increase both sales and leads for Google Adwords Customers.

The calls that come from pay per click ads can be tracked and fed into the monthly reports summarising account usage.

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DBS Welcomes Maria

Maria Yesufu has joined our growing internet marketing team.

The team helps businesses of all sizes get top spots on Google.

We offer a free, no obligation discussion of your needs.

Current success stories on Google include:

Security guard #1

Solicitor Surrey #1

Caravan sales #2

Plasterboard recycling #2

Tile Shop #3

Villeroy & Boch Bathrooms #3

Domestic cleaning #3
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0844 Numbers

We've changed our 0844 to landline and 0844 to mobile charges.

Billing will now take place monthly rather than annually.
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DBS is awarded Google Analytics qualification

Matt Harris of DBS recently sat the Google Analytics exam after going through a series of study modules. He passed with a score of 91%.

Google Analytics is a very powerful free tool that DBS adds to its clients' websites. It shows how people get to your website and what their behaviour is while they are on your site.

We are proud of Matt and feel this qualification shows that we are committed to training our staff so they can give the best service and advice possible to our clients.
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