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The new .co domains are here...

The new .co domains have been greeted with a fanfare of the kind you would associate with a coronation or news that Wayne Rooney will be fit for the World Cup.

Businesses are being invited to bid for the new .co domains if they have their own trademark.

As usual the minions will wait for whatever scraps are left.

It's a good idea to protect all extensions of your domain name ie, etc but at a few hundred quid a pop it's a bit steep at this stage.

I am mindful of the excitement caused by the new .tel domain that was heralded as invaluable. One year later you hear nothing much about them....
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Sterling Caravan Sales Online Success

Sterling Caravan Sales are going into their busiest period of the year fuelled by their success in search engines.

DBS has developed the Sterling Caravan Sales website and promoted it in search engine results.
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Iceland Volcano: Stranded Brits get married via Skype

The Icleand Volcano stopped flights over the weekend but didn't stop a resourceful couple getting hitched.

Sean Murtagh from London and his new bride Natalie were stranded in Brisbane when they were meant to be flying home to get married in the UK on Sunday.

The couple decided to go ahead and get married in Brisbane but used skype so that their guests could watch the ceremony in a hotel in Ealing.

Next to the three-tier wedding cake was a laptop and projector!
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DBS gets praise from Legal Marketing Guru

Daniel Barnett, the author of Intelligent Marketing for Employment Lawyers, has praised the Employee SOS website that was designed by DBS.

Mr Barnett said "The Employee SOS website designed by DBS has clean lines, makes good use of colour and has benefit led copy. The signposting is clear, there are prominent contact details and calls to action."

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Blackberry launches app for twitter

Blackberry has made it easy for businesses to stay in touch with their customers by launching a brand new app for Twitter.

All messages or "tweets" can now go straight to the Blackberry device.

In a nutshell Twitter's platform helps businesses stay connected to their customer base. Savvy business people use Twitter to quickly and easily share information with people interested in their company's products and services.

You can search on Twitter to see when your company's name is and also use it proactively to give news on offers.

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Twitter launches it's advertising platform

Twitter has started to "monetise" its presence in the Social Media marketplace.

It has launched it's advertisng platform today which will allow businesses to place their own adverts into the stream of Twitter "tweets".

Among the initial customers are Virgin Atlantic and Starbucks.

When the ads appear amongst "tweets" they look like the image below. The marketing idea here is that twitterers will see the ad, click on it and in this case bring in a reusable coffee mug rather than a paper one and America is saved.

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Top 10 Social Media Websites

The Top 10 Social Networking websites make interesting reading. Why wouldn't a company have a Facebook page like DBS.

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Google introduces "click to call" for pay per click ads

Google has recently announced their new "click to call" feature for their Pay Per Click services.

"With over 4.5 million people in the UK searching on Google via their mobile and a 30% rise in mobile searches since 2009, Google Adwords customers now have more opportunities to increase the amount of calls they receive from their Google adverts" says David Clarke of DBS.

All AdWords campaigns targeting 'iPhones and other Mobile Devices' will now have the option to include a business telephone number as a fifth line in the advert text.

This means that mobile phone users can click the business number under the pay oper click advert and be connected instantly giving the potential to increase both sales and leads for Google Adwords Customers.

The calls that come from pay per click ads can be tracked and fed into the monthly reports summarising account usage.

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