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Beyonce breaks social media record

A social media record was broken on Sunday evening when Beyonce revealed to the world that she is pregnant.

The 29 year old singer performed at the MTV video music awards on Sunday night before revealing her exciting news. This led to an unrivalled cascade of Tweets, with people posting 8,868 tweets per second, beating the previous record of 7,196 per second when Japan beat the US in the women's World Cup final in July. This will be Beyonce's first child with her husband, Jay-Z.

Twitter announced in June that 200 million tweets are now being sent per day, an increase from the 135 million that were being sent a year before that, showing that the use of Twitter is growing faster than ever.

To see how DBS can help you with your Twitter account and other types of social media, check out our social media page.
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DBS adds LinkedIn and Google +1 to its Social Media page

DBS has added LinkedIn and Google +1 to the list of social media pages that it can create for clients.

You can now find brief explanations of LinkedIn and Google +1 along with explanations about Facebook and Google on DBS's social media page, as well as examples of what DBS can create for you.

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97% of Google's Revenue comes from Pay Per Click Advertising

According to the graphic below, Google made $32.2 billion in total advertising revenue, out of a total revenue of $33.3 billion between Quarter 3 of 2010 and Quarter 2 of 2011. That means that roughly 97% of Google’s revenue is from advertising.

Companies pay Google to advertise on their site. To learn more about pay per click advertising, look at the DBS page or contact us to find out more.

The most expensive terms are insurance, loans, mortgage, attorney and credit. To see the full results, look at the graphic below.

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Yahoo and Bing announce search engine results alliance

On the 3rd August 2011, Yahoo will display search results from Bing i.e. if you search for a product or service on either Yahoo or Bing on or after this date, the search results should be identical in terms of ranking.

In a statement released on August 1st Yahoo said.

“We wanted to let you know that we are now ready to transition Yahoo! organic search results (the non-paid listings found on the main body of the Yahoo! search page) to Microsoft. This is an important aspect of the Yahoo! and Microsoft Search Alliance and will help us toward our goal of further improving the overall relevance of Yahoo! organic results globally.

The organic search transition will begin on August 3rd 2011 for Yahoo! European properties in the UK, France, Germany, Spain and Italy.”

Yahoo is not transitioning paid search results (pay per click) at this time but it looks imminent.

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