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Merry Christmas and Happy New Year from DBS Internet Marketing

DBS Christmas Card 2012

DBS Internet Marketing has sent out a Christmas Card by email.

We do not send Christmas cards in the post, preferring instead to donate the equivalent amount that we would have spent on Christmas cards to our favourite charity, the NSPCC.

We have updated our Facebook, Twitter, LinkedIn and Google+ pages with the image to add some festive cheer to our social media accounts.

Please note that our offices will be closed from 1pm on Friday 21st December, and will not re-open until 9am on Wednesday 2nd January.

From David, Chrissy, Julie, Matt, Allan, James, Thomas and Emma at DBS Internet Marketing -  have a very Merry Christmas and a Prosperous New Year.

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DBS Launches Legal Website and Social Media for Martin Kaye LLP

DBS Internet Marketing’s web department has launched Martin Kaye’s new website. The site has undergone a major redesign and rebranding.

The new site has been built to have a responsive design. This means that it will automatically resize itself to fit on any screen that is being used to view it on. This includes iphones, tablets, androids and ipads.

It is now very important for any company with a website to have a “mobile friendly” website. Using a mobile device to access the internet is expected to overtake using a PC to access the internet by 2014. As more and more people are viewing sites through mobile devices, companies need to make sure that their site is easy to view and navigate using a mobile device.

Martin Kaye’s social media pages – Facebook, Twitter, LinkedIn and Google+ – were also relaunched and rebranded at the same time to reflect the new design.

The new site also has an “Our People” and “News” which is managed internally by Martin Kaye using a content management system. No web development skills are needed to use the content management system which means that Martin Kaye can add and edit the “Our People” and “News” sections in real time.

Martin Kaye LLP is a leading solicitor based in Telford, Shropshire in the West Midlands. They have been operating for almost 30 years, since 1985, and their services include personal injury law, family law, commercial and business services, commercial and residential property, commercial litigation, employment law, intellectual property, wills, trusts and probate.

DBS also manages Martin Kaye’s Pay-Per-Click advertising, retargeting, link building, social media and printed directory advertising.

Martin Kaye website

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Google’s UK tax avoidance

What is going on at Google is always headline news in the internet marketing world, but it’s affairs went more mainstream recently, hitting the headlines with it’s tax avoidance issues.

Google is by far the most used search engine in the UK. It made a minor ripple at the beginning of November when it was announced that it had dropped to it’s lowest percentage share of searches for five years in the UK, dipping below 90%. However, the figures show that 89.33% of UK searches are done through Google, still meaning that if you want your website to be found online, Google is still the only search engine that is really worth considering. These figures help to make the UK Google’s second biggest market.

Despite this, Google only paid £6 million in corporate tax last year, a rate of 3.2% on its overseas earnings. By funnelling over £6 billion of revenues from international subsidiaries into Bermuda last year, Google avoided paying $2 billion tax, thus halving its tax bill. This led to an uproar from MPs in the UK last week, calling Google, Starbucks and Amazon, the most prominent companies who had avoided tax, immoral. Starbucks, in an attempt to avoid the bad publicity last week, announced that they would voluntarily pay £20 million more in taxes to the UK exchequer over the next 2 years.

Google has effectively said it is not their fault that this is allowed to happen. Today, Google’s chairman, Eric Schmidt, told Bloomberg: “We pay lots of taxes; we pay them in the legally prescribed ways. I am very proud of the structure that we set up. We did it based on the incentives that the governments offered us to operate. It’s called capitalism. We are proudly capitalistic. I’m not confused about this.”

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Men of DBS grow moustaches for Movember again

DBS Movember for the Blog Three of the men at DBS Internet Marketing have been taking part in Movember for a second year running. David, Director of DBS, Matt from the Web Department and James from the Internet Marketing and Social Media departments, shaved on the first day of November, and have since been growing their moustaches as part of the worldwide campaign to raise awareness of male cancers and to raise funds.

Movember aims to raise awareness of testicular cancer and prostate cancer in particular, as these are the two largest male specific cancers in the UK. The three specific goals of Movember are to raise awareness and education, increase survivorship, and facilitate research. The money raised by Movember therefore goes to three different charities - the Movember Foundation, Prostate Cancer UK and the Institute of Cancer Research.

DBS Internet Marketing took part in Movember for the first time last year, and raised over £600 for the incredibly worth cause. We wanted to once again help raise vital funds to help change long established attitudes that men have about their health. Movember is important because it helps to educate men about the risks they face in order to increase their chances of early detection and diagnosis, thus giving them a greater chance of effective treatment and survival.

If you would like to donate to DBS Internet Marketing's Movember effort then you can either give to our team or to our individual fundraising efforts -, and Thank you.

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DBS launches mobile website simulator

Before and after DBS have added a mobile website simulator to our website to showcase some of our clients who now have mobile websites, and to illustrate the difference having a mobile website makes to the way your site is viewed on a phone.

If you go to our mobile websites page you will see a gallery at the bottom of the page with clickable images of a sample of some of our clients.

If you click through you will see how their site looked before we made it a mobile website, and how it now looks, and what a difference it makes.

Having a website which looks good and is easy to use on both a traditional PC as well as a mobile device is vital because in recent years more and more people have started using internet "on the go".

It is predicted that surfing the web on a mobile device will overtake surfing the web on a PC by 2014.

There is therefore a high chance that your clients and potential clients will be viewing your site and considering your services whilst sat on the train, in a cafe or at home using their iPad, iPhone, tablet or smartphone.

It doesn't make a good impression if the website they view doesn't display properly on their mobile device, and if they have to scroll around or pinch the screen to view your information. Chances are they will end up getting fed up and look at the website of a competitor whose site is mobile friendly.

If you are interested in having your website made mobile friendly, contact David Clarke on FREEPHONE 0800 988 8366 for more information.

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Social media cover photos

DBS Cover PhotoTwitter header
Facebook first introduced its cover photo in September 2011 when it introduced Facebook Timeline. It was a major change to the way Facebook pages looked, and it gave owners of Facebook pages the chance to tell people looking at their page something about themselves. They say that a picture says a thousand words, and in this case it is certainly true that the large banner across the top of your page is the most viewed part of your Facebook page, so by keeping it interesting, colourful and creative it can say a lot about you as an individual or as a business.

Not to be outdone by Facebook, Google+ introduced their own version of the cover photo in April of this year, giving a bit of colour and excitement to a still not particularly interesting social networking site.
LinkedIn cover photo
Now, a little late to the game, both Twitter and LinkedIn have both launched their own versions of the cover photo, with  the photo for LinkedIn brightening up previously uninspiring company pages, as well as giving more prominence to status updates, and Twitter incorporating the name, 160 character bio, website, location, profile photo and cover photo all into one header in September 2012.

Therefore, the 4 big social media sites have all adopted cover photos, moving towards making social media more visually appealing, creative, artistic and mobile friendly. If you haven’t updated your profiles yet, we highly recommend that you do, as it makes your page far more interesting, and fills the otherwise blank space that the sites leave for you! If you need any help or advice with your social media then contact DBS as we offer a full social media set up and management service.
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An introduction to DBS Internet Marketing

As we have recently gained new friends on Facebook and new followers on Twitter, it seemed a good time to write a post giving a brief overview of DBS Internet Marketing.

Based in Navenby in Lincolnshire, DBS is ideally located between Lincoln, Newark, Grantham and Boston, but offer our services to companies across Lincolnshire and the entire UK. Established in 1986, we have Investors in People status and are members of the Lincolnshire Chamber of Commerce.

DBS offers three different but interconnected services – web, online marketing and social media.

Our web design department aims to provide you with fantastic looking websites that are also functional and user friendly, and which will also be highly visible in search engines. We specialise particularly in legal websites, but have created websites for all types of business and individuals across the UK. We also optimise websites to display correctly on mobile phones. Click here for our web portfolio.

Our online marketing department uses a variety of techniques to drive traffic and enquiries. This includes pay-per-click advertising, retargeting, QR codes, Google+ Local and content marketing. There is no point having a fantastic looking website if nobody knows about it.

We also offer to create and manage social media accounts for clients – including Facebook, Twitter, LinkedIn, Google+ and You Tube – to raise awareness of your business, network with businesses and individuals and drive customers to your website.

To find out more about any of our services, check out our website or give us a call on 0800 988 8366.
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Admin error sees Google shares plunge by $20billion

Google was rocked by two issues this week – disappointing quarterly results, and their accidental early release.

The results for between July and September of this year were themselves disappointing, with quarterly profits falling 20% from the same period the year before, to $2.18billion – approximately £1.35 billion. This was lower than had been expected. Google’s average income per click fell 15% for the quarter. The massive switch to accessing the internet by mobile devices has sparked fears that Google is losing traction with advertisers and not monetizing in the way it has traditionally done with PCs.

However, to make matters worse, the results were published prematurely before the document had been signed off. This surprise meant nobody was ready, and it did not give Google the opportunity to market and explain the figures. This led shares to plunge by 9% - around $20billion - leading to trading in Google shares to be suspended for over two hours whilst Google frantically worked to get the document finished. By the end of the day shares in Google were down 8%, a slight recovery on earlier, but still an easily avoided disaster. Google blamed its financial printing firm, RR Donnelley, for the accidental release of its trading figures, which included the phrase “PENDING LARRY QUOTE”, indicating it was still in draft form.

Searches on Google account for over 90% over internet searches in the UK.
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Google release string of updates

Earlier in the week we noted that Google had released what is known as a Penguin update, but over recent days it has actually rolled out 4 major updates on top of each other. Google constantly updates its algorithm, it has been said over 500 times per year, which is why you frequently see movements in search engine results. However, they are usually minor, but these 4 major updates have attracted a lot of attention.

One was a Panda update. This was released on Thursday 27th September, and was the 20th such update that Google has released since February 2011. Panda updates target what Google views as low quality content on your site. This includes poorly written copy, thin or no amounts of copy on pages, or duplicate copy – copy that is identical or very similar to other copy on the web.

Then there was an exact match domain update, released on Friday 28th September. This targeted sites that Google believe had chosen their website address deliberately to rank well in search engines. For example, if you sold big brown boxes, and your website was, you would be marked down for it.

Then there was the Penguin update, released on the 5th October. This was the 3rd roll out of this update since April 2012. This update targets websites with lots of low quality sites linking to it.

Finally, Google released a page layout update earlier this week, the second official one of its kind. This penalises pages that have lots of adverts at the top of their page, leaving users to have to scroll down the page to find content. This update is also known as top heavy.

Around 90% of internet search traffic in the UK is through Google, so these updates can make big differences to businesses.
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DBS Launches Legal Website for Rollingsons

Working to tight deadlines DBS launched Rollingsons Solicitors Ltd. website on 10 October.

The site has a responsive design which means it will automatically resize itself to fit on any screen that is being used to view it on. This includes iphones, tablets, androids and ipads.

Rollingsons, based in Central London close to Fleet Street, have control over the copy on their pages with a content management system as well as having full editorial access to their "Our People" and "Articles" sections.

The modern design is in line with the upcoming Windows 8 interface which will be launched on 26 October 2012.

This interface will be the new face of computing ensuring a future proof design for our client.

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Google Release Update

Google have released an update to their algorithm over the weekend.

The latest update is being referred to as Penguin 3.

Google’s Matt Cutts used Twitter on Friday 5 October 2012 to announce that Google would be launching the latest “data refresh” of its spam-fighting algorithm.

Matt Cutt's has forecasted further jolts to the algorithm in the future.

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Facebook announces it has reached 1 billion active users

Mark Zuckerberg, the co-founder and CEO of the social networking site Facebook, announced yesterday that the site now officially has 1 billion users that are actively using it every month. 

Four years ago Facebook only had 100 million users, and two years ago just half a billion. Back in April it was on 900 million, so it really has grown at an incredible speed in the last four years. The number seems even more incredible when you realise that it is approximately 1 in 7 people around the world are now actively using Facebook every month. It has therefore only taken 8 years since Zuckerberg launched Facebook in February 2004 for it to have 1 billion active users.Breaking down the statistics even further, the Guardian reported that since Facebook launched it has seen 1.13 trillion likes, 140.3 billion friend connections and 219 billion shared photos.

Mr Zuckerberg’s official blogpost said: “This morning, there are more than one billion people using Facebook actively each month. If you’re reading this: thank you for giving me and my little team the honor of serving you. Helping a billion people connect is amazing, humbling and by far the thing I am most proud of in my life. I am committed to working every day to make Facebook better for you, and hopefully together one day we will be able to connect the rest of the world too.”

Despite this incredible achievement, Facebook shares have continued to slide since it was floated on the stock market back in May. Launched at $38 per share, it was down to around $22 yesterday. According to the BBC, around 45% of North America uses Facebook, 42% in Australasia, 34% in South America, and 30% in Europe. However, there is huge potential on the other continents, with only 6.68% of Asia using Facebook.

To read more about how DBS Internet Marketing can help your business have a presence on Facebook, click here.
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Facebook Gifts

Just a little over 24 months after its last attempt failed, Facebook is having another go at launching "Facebook Gifts".

In the USA over the new few months Facebook users will be able to buy and send gifts to their friends.

The move should prove to be a massive revenue stream for Facebook.

If the USA roll out is successful then Facebook looks set to introduce Gifts to the UK.

You’ll know if you have the ability to send a gift by looking for the “gifts” tab —  a little present box with a red bow alongside photo and post tags, or next to the person’s name if it’s their birthday.
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DBS team celebrates Lincolnshire Day

1st October is Lincolnshire Day, and Lincolnshire has been getting itself noticed by trending on the social networking and microblogging site Twitter.

Tweets from Lincolnshire people having included what fine Lincolnshire produce they will be eating, their favourite parts of Lincolnshire, interesting Lincolnshire facts and names of  Lincolnshire celebrities. 

The day has shown what a fantastic presence Lincolnshire businesses have on Twitter, and what an excellent tool the social media site is for promoting Lincolnshire and Lincolnshire businesses. The tweets have included the hash tag #LincolnshireDay.

Here at DBS Internet Marketing we have been having a small celebration of Lincolnshire Day by enjoying some of Lincolnshire’s finest produce – including Lincolnshire sausage rolls from Welbourne’s Bakery in Navenby, Lincolnshire plum bread with Lincolnshire poacher cheese, Pipers Crisps and tea from Stokes of Lincoln. We also have a box of Bateman’s Brewery Ales to enjoy after work!

Lincolnshire Day marks the anniversary of the Lincolnshire Rising, which happened in 1536 and was a revolt by Catholics against Henry VIII’s establishment of the Church of England. It has been an annual celebration in Lincolnshire since 2006. Happy #LincolnshireDay!
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Happy Lincolnshire Day

October 1st is Lincolnshire Day.

The day aims to encourage local people, often known as yellowbellies, and those who have moved from the county to honour the historical event along with Lincolnshire’s traditions, past and culture.

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Google News is 10 years old

Google News turned 10 on Sat 22 September 2012 and Google itself was 14 years old on 27 Sep 2012.

Can you think of any company that has had more influence in the world in just a decade?

Please let me have your comments...
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DBS Olympic Competiton Winner

We were very pleased when Dawn Crossingham, General Manager of PAB Translation visited the team at DBS.

It gave us an opportunity to present Dawn with a case of wine for winning the DBS Olympic Competition.

Dawn accurately predicted the number of medals that Team GB would win at London 2012.

To qualify for the prize entrants had to guess the number of medals and like the DBS Facebook page.

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Bing announces Microsoft adCenter is now Bing Ads

Microsoft Advertising adCenter has been renamed as Bing Ads. Bing sent out a series of emails in mid September 2012 announcing the name change, and adding that they were “excited to announce Bing Ads, formerly Microsoft Advertising adCenter, as the tool that you’ll now use to manage search ads on the Yahoo! Bing Network”. 

According to the announcement, Bing Ads will bring new features and an improved experienced for its users, allowing them to manage their campaigns more easily than before, and helping them to complete their tasks faster. 

They also slipped in to the email that searchers on the Yahoo! Bing Network are 59% more likely to be potential buyers than the average UK searcher, and that users of Bing Ads will be able to continue to reach these “high quality searchers”. 

Microsoft Advertising adCenter accounts have been automatically upgraded. Campaign settings will not have been changed, and users don’t need to take any additional action. However, they can try the new features, which include getting disapproved ads and keywords approved faster through the new Exceptions feature, and importing your campaigns from other search advertising platforms. 

To find out more about DBS’s pay per click management services, click here.
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DBS client features in Daily Mail

The Oven Wizards franchise recently appeared in the Daily Mail:
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Confused by Social Media?

Many business people in the UK are confused by social media and just "don't get it".

It's all quite simple if you just wind the clock back a few years...

In the days before the internet people would share information by actually talking to one another (shock, horror).

Business people would naturally share information and recommend other goods, products and services. This way of doing business has gone on for hundreds if not thousands of years but recently has been given the fancy title of "networking".

Nothing has changed to this information sharing process apart from the vehicle used to network which has now predominantly become the internet.

There's nothing wrong at all with networking – it still works perfectly but you have to be eyeball to eyeball with a person for it to work which can be a limiting factor. You are also reliant on the hope that the person you are talking to is interested in what you have to offer. This isn't always the case.

Social media allows your business to interact with people who are interested in what you do. Only people who are interested in you will follow you on social media but it means that potentially you can network with thousands of interested customers and prospects. That beats trying to talk eyeball to eyeball with someone who isn't really interested in what you have to say.

Social media works on the principle that although you know your friends you won't know all your friends' friends. This means that one well-crafted message from your business can reach potentially thousands of people.

Read more about social media on the DBS Internet Marketing website by clicking here
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Maximise your chances of converting visitors into customers

dbs maximise your chances of converting visitors into customersEver been on a website and then, a few days later, seen a banner advert for the very same website whilst you were surfing elsewhere? It's not a coincidence - it's a powerful internet marketing technique called "retargeting" or "remarketing".

If you've fought to get visitors to your website then why not maximise your chances of converting visitors into customers?

DBS can serve banner ads to anyone who has visited your website and not converted into a customer.

In effect your web visitors are "followed around" by your banner adverts on subsequent sites they visit.

DBS has a great degree of control as to where we serve the banner ads in terms of the type of site and the geographical location of your website's visitors. This makes retargeting very cost effective.

You can read more about retargeting by clicking here.
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The benefits of social media

Social media allows your business to reach people and interact with people who are interested in what you do as a business, on a regular basis. You can tweet a link to your site on Twitter and it will be seen by all your followers, and potentially by all of their followers if they retweet your tweet. A status update or a post on Facebook will be seen by all of your followers, and if they like your status update or post then that will be seen by all of their followers.

The sheer numbers using social media means that there is the potential for your message to be seen by thousands of people very easily. Facebook is the second most used website on the planet after Google and Twitter is one of the top ten most used sites.

People also expect you to be on social media now. With social media being so well used, people are using Facebook like a new search engine. They will search for a business on Facebook and use it to contact them, and look at what other people have been saying about them.

Using social media properly can take time, but if used properly can bring huge rewards. DBS Internet Marketing can set up and manage your social media for you. If you’re not using social media, we strongly recommend that you consider it.
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Yell Group rebrands itself as hibu

Yell Group, the publisher of Yellow Pages, has rebranded itself as hibu (pronounced high-boo) following shareholder approval.
Although the Yellow Pages themselves won’t be changing name, the group says that the aim of the rebranding is part of its transformation from the company that is known mainly for the Yellow Pages into a largely digital business. A spokesman for the company said the aim was to create “an identity to tell our story ... connecting communities and ... the people who make communities thrive”. It seems that the company is hoping that, like Google and Yahoo, a word that means nothing with eventually become part of our everyday language.

The company has said that “rebranding to hibu signifies the beginning of an exciting transformation.  Effective immediately, hibu is our new corporate name reflecting a consolidation of our international operations into one global brand whilst also recognising our broader media strategy to meet changing business and consumer needs. Our strong, in-territory brands such as Yellow Pages, Yellow Book, Paginas Amarillas and will remain unchanged with continued investment and development planned to ensure that we continue to deliver excellent value for advertisers and consumers alike”.

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BBC investigation queries effectiveness of Facebook advertising

A report by the BBC today suggests many companies are wasting huge amounts of money by paying for adverts to get “likes” on the social media network Facebook, only for those likes to be from fake profiles which will bring no benefits to their business whatsoever.

Facebook likes are highly sought after by businesses, as once a Facebook user has liked a Facebook business page then whatever the business posts on their page will appear on the feed of the person who has liked it, and their friends will see that they have liked it, thus spreading the word about their business. Facebook charges companies for advertising which is designed to attract these likes. 

The investigation found that some profiles are fakes, created by computer programs purely to spread spam and dangerous links, although Facebook insisted that there was no evidence of a significant problem. However, Facebook themselves revealed earlier in the year that about 5-6% of its users might be fakes – around 54 million profiles.

Graham Cluley of security firm Sophos said: “We know some of these accounts are run by computer software with one person puppeteering thousands of profiles from a single desk”. Fake profiles discovered included Agung Pratama Sevenfoldism, born in 1997 and manager at Chevron in 2010, and Ahmed Ronaldo who works at Real Madrid. A large proportion came from Egypt and the Philippines, wither users liking up to 5000 pages. 

Click here for the full BBC article. 
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Google Places replaced by Google+ Local

Google has replaced Google Places with a new feature for Google+ which it has called Google+ Local. It has previously been called Google Maps, Google Local, Google Places and now Google+ Local. It will let users of Google+ read and write reviews of businesses online, and is incorporating reviews from Zagat, which it took over last year. It will also incorporate Google Maps and business liostings. The main aim of course is to incorporate it into Google’s social network site Google+ which it hopes will rival Facebook.
The announcement from Google said: “Today we’re rolling out Google+ Local, a simple way to discover and share local information featuring ZAGAT scores and recommendations from people you trust in Google+. From the new “Local” icon on the left-hand side of Google+, you can search for specific places or browse for ones that fit your mood. Clicking on any place will take you to a local Google+ page that includes photos, Zagat’s high-quality scores and summaries, reviews from people in your circles and other information like address and opening hours. Google+ Local is also integrated across the other products you already use every day, including Search, Maps and mobile, so you can get the same great local information wherever you go.”
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How does your website look on a smartphone?

Most businesses now know that they need to have a smart, professional, easy to use and easy to find website if they want to do well, and so will invest in a web design and internet marketing company.

However, they often only consider how the website looks when accessed from a computer. They tend to overlook how the website works from a mobile device. This means that often websites don’t display properly. A few years ago this would not have been a big problem. However, there has been a massive explosion in the popularity of accessing the internet "on the go" in recent years, and it is predicted that that surfing the internet on a mobile device such as an iphone or smartphone will overtake surfing on a desktop PC within 2 years. Your clients and prospects now expect to find out about your services on their smartphone, iphone, tablet or ipad.

DBS can make your website "intelligent" enough to fit any size screen perfectly, whether it's a smartphone screen or 22" desktop monitor. In other words your site will appear "tailor made" for whatever size screen your customers and prospects view it on. Click here for more information.
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Get a QR code to drive traffic to your website

DBS Internet Marketing is now offering to create QR codes that can be used for your printed advertising and which will drive traffic to your website.

QR codes are a kind of bar code which are used in printed adverts. The main reason for using QR codes on your literature is that they are scanned with a smartphone. This then takes the user to whichever webpage the QR code is set up to take them to.

QR stands for Quick Response, and can be read by any modern smartphone such as an iPhone or a phone that uses Google Android. A QR code can be used to promote almost anything and can be printed onto almost anything.

QR codes can reach a huge audience quickly, as they don’t need a computer, just a smartphone. They are particularly good for small businesses for promoting events, products or services. Wherever your potential customers are, they can access what you want them to access 24 hours a day, 7 days a week.

A large number of businesses are now using them, and soon customers will expect all businesses to use them. To find out more about our QR code service, click here. Stay ahead of the game!
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DBS develops app for leading UK security firm

The web development team at DBS Internet Marketing have built their first app in partnership with Kingdom Security Ltd. The app is live on the app stores for both iphone and Android and is completely free to download.
The app is called Kingdom Assist and gives clients of Kingdom Security easy, one click access to the security firm 24 hours a day, 7 days a week. It means they can instantly contact Kingdom Security for support and get an instant response for all their security needs.

The app includes a help function allowing clients to call the Kingdom Security help desk quickly and easily; a message function, which allows people to send messages, ask questions or provide feedback; a very helpful contacts book, with all of the Kingdom contacts in one place; a handy “find us” map with all the different centres across the UK; a latest news screen, linking to news headlines as well as Kingdom’s very popular Facebook and Twitter pages. 

Commenting on the launch of Kingdom Assist, Senior Operating Executive Mark Wallace said: “Kingdom Security is offering the latest innovation to its customers. We recognise the importance of continuing to innovate and provide convenient methods of communication and instant access to Kingdom. We hope you enjoy using Kingdom Assist and our new app further connects you to us 24/7.”
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What you need to know about the new Cookie Law

With less than a month until the legislation is enforced, does your business comply with the new data protection laws?

On May 26th an EU directive covering the use of cookies by websites comes into force.

A study by KPMG has revealed that a startling 95% of UK businesses are unprepared for the updated policy.

To comply with the EU directive you need to add a Cookie policy to your website before May 26th 2012.

Contact DBS Internet Marketing for more details.
Share on... announces an end to Pay-Per-Click - for now at least have announced that they will be ending the Pay-Per-Click and Cost-Per-Call product on 11th May 2012, having reached the decision as a result of lots of internal debate and subsequent customer feedback. Final invoices will be sent out shortly after this date. explained that they need to make sure that their site is quick and easy to navigate, as more and more people are searching for businesses via Their statement noted that the previous three months had broken all of their previous usage records, and their goal was to continue to drive as many potential customers to their advertising business as possible. went on to say: “To achieve this we need to make business advertising space work as hard as it can and we have therefore decided to no longer offer the Pay Per Click /Cost Per Call product  in its current format and positioning on the site. That said, we are looking to develop a more relevant and robust product that will most likely sit amongst the tenancy listings on the left hand side of the screen”.

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DBS clients featured in national newspaper

We are delighted to say that one of our clients featured in a national newspaper last week. National oven cleaning franchise Oven Wizards were featured in an article in the Daily Mail on Thursday 29th March entitled “Time to clean up to cash in”.

The article noted that “running a successful cleaning and maintenance franchise takes a lot more than skill with a scrubbing brush.” It goes on to interview Maidstone Kent franchisee James Booker, who was also photographed in the paper. He said “A cleaning franchise is not like doing chores. It’s very rewarding. Customers are delighted that you have made their dirty oven sparkle, but to be successful you need to develop your business through marketing.” Mark Abbott of Oven Wizards added “Our franchisees include former teachers, civil servants, retail managers and police officers – but they all have a passion for customer service”.

DBS Internet Marketing’s web design Lincolnshire department designed the Oven Wizards website and host it for them. Established in 2004, Oven Wizards offers a domestic and commercial oven cleaning service and a specialist service for traditional stoves, AGA’s and Rayburns.
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DBS Pay Per Click Experts score 98% in Google Exams!

Two members of the DBS Pay Per Click Advertising team recently sat exams set by Google, allowing DBS Internet Marketing to continue to hold its Google Adwords Certified Partner status.

Julie Priestley and Allan Rayner sat two exams each in February and March. These were the Google Advertising Fundamentals Exam and the Google Search Advertising Advanced Exam. Each exam lasted 2 hours with over 100 questions per paper. The two DBS team members received impressive scores of 99%, 99%, 98% and 97%, giving them a fantastic average of 98.25%.

The extremely high pass rate allows DBS Internet Marketing to continue its Google AdWords Certified Partner status, and allows Julie and Allan to continue to provide the highest possible standard of customer service to DBS customers, with the latest up to date knowledge of Google AdWords.

"Achieving the coveted Google AdWords Certified Partner status shows our commitment to quality service" said David Clarke, Director of DBS Internet Marketing. "The extremely high marks are a credit to the DBS pay per click team who we are very proud of".

To find out more about what being a Google Adwords Certified Partner means and to read about our Pay Per Click Advertising and Management, follow the link to our webpage.
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Google simplifies privacy policy but causes uproar

On Thursday 1st March, Google rolled out its new privacy policy around the world, despite warnings from the EU’s Justice Commissioner, Viviane Reading, that the changes were in breach of European law. Google however issued a statement saying "we are confident that our new simple, clear and transparent privacy policy respects all European data protection laws and principles”.

The essence of Google’s changes are that any private data now collected by one Google service can be shared with all of its other services, such as Gmail, YouTube and Blogger. So, any browsing data or web history which Google gathers when you’re signed in to your Google account can now be shared across all of their other sites. These are all sites owned by Google, but to avoid this, you can simply not log in to your Google account, and Google will just store your web data activity anonymously.

Google says that this is to offer better targeted advertising to users, and will enable it to tailor its search results more effectively. Google makes a huge amount of money from advertising, so the more information it has about you stored centrally and collected from all its different sites, the more accurately it can target you. This is good news for people who do Google pay-per-click advertising. The changes also brought together documents for more than 60 different sets of individual sites that are owned by Google into one single policy document covering all of the sites, simplifying its policies.
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Bing and Yahoo! accelerate their alliance

Microsoft and Yahoo! have sent out their latest emails saying that they are keen to bring the benefits of their Yahoo! and Microsoft Search Alliance to their customers as soon as possible. They are therefore accelerating the ongoing process by a few weeks in the UK, France and Ireland. To see previous DBS Internet Marketing blogposts on this topic, click here and here.

They began the transition of Yahoo! Search Marketing accounts to Microsoft Advertising adCenter on the 22nd February, will start ramping Yahoo! traffic to the adCenter platform from the 19th March and now expect to complete the transition before the end of April.

Microsoft adCenter advertisers don’t need to do anything at the moment. Yahoo! advertisers should have received detailed instructions from Yahoo! on how to access their easy-to-use portal and transfer their Yahoo! Search Marketing advertising campaigns to adCenter. They can start doing that now and should do it before the ad serving transition begins.

Yahoo! searchers will start seeing adCenter adverts from March 19th onwards, and the transition is expected to take around 2 week from that date. They recommend that budgets are increase for the expected additional volumes traffic during the ramping process.

To learn more about DBS Internet Marketing’s Pay Per Click Advertising and Management, click here.
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