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DBS develops app for leading UK security firm

The web development team at DBS Internet Marketing have built their first app in partnership with Kingdom Security Ltd. The app is live on the app stores for both iphone and Android and is completely free to download.
The app is called Kingdom Assist and gives clients of Kingdom Security easy, one click access to the security firm 24 hours a day, 7 days a week. It means they can instantly contact Kingdom Security for support and get an instant response for all their security needs.

The app includes a help function allowing clients to call the Kingdom Security help desk quickly and easily; a message function, which allows people to send messages, ask questions or provide feedback; a very helpful contacts book, with all of the Kingdom contacts in one place; a handy “find us” map with all the different centres across the UK; a latest news screen, linking to news headlines as well as Kingdom’s very popular Facebook and Twitter pages. 

Commenting on the launch of Kingdom Assist, Senior Operating Executive Mark Wallace said: “Kingdom Security is offering the latest innovation to its customers. We recognise the importance of continuing to innovate and provide convenient methods of communication and instant access to Kingdom. We hope you enjoy using Kingdom Assist and our new app further connects you to us 24/7.”
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What you need to know about the new Cookie Law

With less than a month until the legislation is enforced, does your business comply with the new data protection laws?

On May 26th an EU directive covering the use of cookies by websites comes into force.

A study by KPMG has revealed that a startling 95% of UK businesses are unprepared for the updated policy.

To comply with the EU directive you need to add a Cookie policy to your website before May 26th 2012.

Contact DBS Internet Marketing for more details.
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