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Maximise your chances of converting visitors into customers

dbs maximise your chances of converting visitors into customersEver been on a website and then, a few days later, seen a banner advert for the very same website whilst you were surfing elsewhere? It's not a coincidence - it's a powerful internet marketing technique called "retargeting" or "remarketing".

If you've fought to get visitors to your website then why not maximise your chances of converting visitors into customers?

DBS can serve banner ads to anyone who has visited your website and not converted into a customer.

In effect your web visitors are "followed around" by your banner adverts on subsequent sites they visit.

DBS has a great degree of control as to where we serve the banner ads in terms of the type of site and the geographical location of your website's visitors. This makes retargeting very cost effective.

You can read more about retargeting by clicking here.
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The benefits of social media

Social media allows your business to reach people and interact with people who are interested in what you do as a business, on a regular basis. You can tweet a link to your site on Twitter and it will be seen by all your followers, and potentially by all of their followers if they retweet your tweet. A status update or a post on Facebook will be seen by all of your followers, and if they like your status update or post then that will be seen by all of their followers.

The sheer numbers using social media means that there is the potential for your message to be seen by thousands of people very easily. Facebook is the second most used website on the planet after Google and Twitter is one of the top ten most used sites.

People also expect you to be on social media now. With social media being so well used, people are using Facebook like a new search engine. They will search for a business on Facebook and use it to contact them, and look at what other people have been saying about them.

Using social media properly can take time, but if used properly can bring huge rewards. DBS Internet Marketing can set up and manage your social media for you. If you’re not using social media, we strongly recommend that you consider it.
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Yell Group rebrands itself as hibu

Yell Group, the publisher of Yellow Pages, has rebranded itself as hibu (pronounced high-boo) following shareholder approval.
Although the Yellow Pages themselves won’t be changing name, the group says that the aim of the rebranding is part of its transformation from the company that is known mainly for the Yellow Pages into a largely digital business. A spokesman for the company said the aim was to create “an identity to tell our story ... connecting communities and ... the people who make communities thrive”. It seems that the company is hoping that, like Google and Yahoo, a word that means nothing with eventually become part of our everyday language.

The company has said that “rebranding to hibu signifies the beginning of an exciting transformation.  Effective immediately, hibu is our new corporate name reflecting a consolidation of our international operations into one global brand whilst also recognising our broader media strategy to meet changing business and consumer needs. Our strong, in-territory brands such as Yellow Pages, Yellow Book, Paginas Amarillas and will remain unchanged with continued investment and development planned to ensure that we continue to deliver excellent value for advertisers and consumers alike”.

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