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Google News is 10 years old

Google News turned 10 on Sat 22 September 2012 and Google itself was 14 years old on 27 Sep 2012.

Can you think of any company that has had more influence in the world in just a decade?

Please let me have your comments...
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DBS Olympic Competiton Winner

We were very pleased when Dawn Crossingham, General Manager of PAB Translation visited the team at DBS.

It gave us an opportunity to present Dawn with a case of wine for winning the DBS Olympic Competition.

Dawn accurately predicted the number of medals that Team GB would win at London 2012.

To qualify for the prize entrants had to guess the number of medals and like the DBS Facebook page.

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Bing announces Microsoft adCenter is now Bing Ads

Microsoft Advertising adCenter has been renamed as Bing Ads. Bing sent out a series of emails in mid September 2012 announcing the name change, and adding that they were “excited to announce Bing Ads, formerly Microsoft Advertising adCenter, as the tool that you’ll now use to manage search ads on the Yahoo! Bing Network”. 

According to the announcement, Bing Ads will bring new features and an improved experienced for its users, allowing them to manage their campaigns more easily than before, and helping them to complete their tasks faster. 

They also slipped in to the email that searchers on the Yahoo! Bing Network are 59% more likely to be potential buyers than the average UK searcher, and that users of Bing Ads will be able to continue to reach these “high quality searchers”. 

Microsoft Advertising adCenter accounts have been automatically upgraded. Campaign settings will not have been changed, and users don’t need to take any additional action. However, they can try the new features, which include getting disapproved ads and keywords approved faster through the new Exceptions feature, and importing your campaigns from other search advertising platforms. 

To find out more about DBS’s pay per click management services, click here.
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DBS client features in Daily Mail

The Oven Wizards franchise recently appeared in the Daily Mail:
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Confused by Social Media?

Many business people in the UK are confused by social media and just "don't get it".

It's all quite simple if you just wind the clock back a few years...

In the days before the internet people would share information by actually talking to one another (shock, horror).

Business people would naturally share information and recommend other goods, products and services. This way of doing business has gone on for hundreds if not thousands of years but recently has been given the fancy title of "networking".

Nothing has changed to this information sharing process apart from the vehicle used to network which has now predominantly become the internet.

There's nothing wrong at all with networking – it still works perfectly but you have to be eyeball to eyeball with a person for it to work which can be a limiting factor. You are also reliant on the hope that the person you are talking to is interested in what you have to offer. This isn't always the case.

Social media allows your business to interact with people who are interested in what you do. Only people who are interested in you will follow you on social media but it means that potentially you can network with thousands of interested customers and prospects. That beats trying to talk eyeball to eyeball with someone who isn't really interested in what you have to say.

Social media works on the principle that although you know your friends you won't know all your friends' friends. This means that one well-crafted message from your business can reach potentially thousands of people.

Read more about social media on the DBS Internet Marketing website by clicking here
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