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Emails that say: “You are nowhere to be seen in search engines for the keywords that are vital to your business”

Junk EmailI recently travelled to Leicester to carry out a review of our internet marketing efforts for a Day Care Nursery.
We’ve helped this particular client for over 6 years with link building to make his business appear in the top spots on Google’s natural listings (sometimes referred to as organic listings).
At the end of the meeting the client’s voice became hushed as he asked me if he could show me an email he had recently received. Naturally I agreed as my curiosity was aroused. We gathered around his computer to read an email that went along the lines of…
“We have conducted a thorough review of your website and you are nowhere to be seen in search engines for the keywords that are vital to your business”
For the client this was a scary email to read and made him doubt for a moment that DBS was doing a proper job for him.
Fortunately we were sitting near a computer so I was able to go onto Google and show the client that the email was completely untrue and that he appeared in search engines for his keywords. I also had a print out of all the keywords that we link build for, how many people searched for these keywords a month and where they were positioned on Google which I left behind with him.
“David” he asked “why would they send me an email that wasn’t true?”
I replied with the following…
These type of companies don’t sit down and thoroughly investigate what the important keywords are for a business and how visible they are on Google. They fling out a blanket email to any email address they can beg, steal or borrow with the hope that it will strike a chord with someone, somewhere who has poor visibility in search engines.DBS continually receives hundreds of these emails for our own website when I know we rank highly – usually at #1.
The blanket emails normally make statements such as:
· We’ll get you to #1 on Google – guaranteed
· We have a special relationship with Google
· We will submit your site to hundreds of search engines and directories
These statements might sound appealing to the unknowing but would make me run a mile. Those of you who have seen me recently will realise this would be quite an achievement.
If you are in the market place for an internet marketing company:
1. make sure they have a proven track record
2. ask for client references which if they are worth their salt should be on their website.
3. clarify that they are a Google AdWords Certified Partner
The internet is powerful but won’t be able to show you that as you were reading the 3 points above I was coughing loudly and pointing to myself.
If you receive any emails like the one my client in Leicester did then feel free to forward them to me to add to my collection.
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Why do I need a blog?

BlogHaving a regularly updated blog is a great idea for a number of reasons.

It enables you to add new and fresh content to your company website on a regular basis. This keeps your website interesting and allows you to share information with your customers quickly and easily, including industry related news, information about your products and services, facts about your company, and relevant local news.

You can encourage your customers to subscribe to your blog so that they will be emailed every time a post is added, regularly reminding them of your business.

If you allow and encourage comments on your blog, it gives you the chance to engage with your customers and receive feedback.

A blog also provides a focal point for your social media efforts. When you have written a blogpost, you can post a link to it on Facebook, Twitter, LinkedIn and Google+ encouraging readers to your blog using the model of the blog headline, some teaser text and a call to action to “read more”. By including relevant links to your website pages within your blogpost, you can drive more traffic to your website.

If you put your blog on a sub domain, such as, then you get to have a second bite of the cherry in search engines alongside your website

A blog is an easy tool for a business to use because you can add text, images and videos to it easily, as it requires little or no web development skills.

DBS Internet Marketing offer a variety of blog related services to businesses, including creating and adding a blog to your site, writing blogposts on your behalf, and using them in social media.

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Facebook likes reveal users personalities

Facebook-LikeAn interesting little story made the news on Tuesday regarding Facebook likes. Apparently, Cambridge University researchers have discovered that what you like on Facebook can reveal a huge amount about an individual’s personality.

Whilst you might think that this is obvious – for example, if a person likes lots of different clothes shops then they clearly enjoy shopping for clothes, or if they like lots of different films then they are clearly a fan of going to the cinema, the research goes deeper than that and apparently could allow strangers to accurately predict your sexuality, political views and religion.

For example, research showed that homosexual men like human rights, Wicked the Musical, Bruce Lee and Nike Basketball, people with a high IQ prefer curly fries, like the Godfather movies and Morgan Freeman’s voice, and that drug users like Big Momma’s movies, milkshakes and swimming. The system was apparently 88% accurate for male sexuality, 85% accurate for political beliefs, 82% accurate for religion and 95% accurate for race.

As is often the case, there was a cry from some parts of the media and from privacy groups that people could use your Facebook likes to find out information about you – such as whether you are male or female, your sexuality, your political views and your religious beliefs – and that this is a threat to your privacy. However, people don’t need to go to the trouble of analysing your likes - your name and profile photo will probably reveal your gender, and a lot of people already declare the other information in their “About” section anyway. If you don’t want people to know private things about you, either make sure you have set up your security settings correctly, or don’t put in on Facebook.

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DBS Pay Per Click Experts score 96% in Google Exams

Julie and Allan March 2013Julie Priestley and Allan Rayner, two members of the Pay Per Click Advertising team at DBS Internet Marketing, each sat the Google Search Advertising Advanced Exam yesterday. They have to sit this exam annually to allow DBS Internet Marketing to continue to hold its Google Adwords Certified Partner status.

The exam consists of 109 questions with a 2 hour time limit.  Both DBS team members received impressive scores of 96% each.

This extremely high pass rate means that not only does DBS Internet Marketing get to continue to be a Google AdWords Certified Partner, but it also allows both Julie and Allan to continue to provide the highest possible standard of customer service to DBS Internet Marketing customers, with the latest up to date knowledge of Google AdWords.

"I am delighted that both Julie and Allan have once again passed the Google Search Advertising Advanced Exam with extremely high marks” said David Clarke, Director of DBS Internet Marketing. “Continuing to hold the coveted Google AdWords Certified Partner status shows our commitment to quality service, and Julie and Allan’s achievement demonstrates their determination to go that extra mile to have the most up to date knowledge at the disposal of our clients. They are a credit to DBS".

If you would like to know more about our Pay Per Click Advertising Services, follow the link to our webpage.

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Help visitors to return to your site

RetargetingDBS Internet Marketing is now offering a powerful internet marketing technique called “retargeting” or “remarketing”.

What is it?

Well, you may have visited a website in the past, perhaps to purchase a product, but in the end not bothered. However, a few days later, coincidentally you have seen a banner advert for the very same website or even the very same product you were previously looking at. Well, it not a coincidence – you’ve been retargeted.

Retargeting only targets those people who have already visited your site – so there is a strong chance that they are interested in the product that you have to offer. They may at the time of looking at your site decided not to purchase, but a gentle memory jog a few days later might make them think again. Even if doesn’t, it helps to keep your site in mind should they require your services again.

This technique builds on our link building and pay-per-click services – people have to have already found your site in order to be retargeted. But having fought to get them to your site, this maximises your chances of converting visitors into customers.

DBS Internet Marketing can show banner ads to anyone who has visited your website and not made a purchase for five days after they have left your site. We have a great degree of control as to the type of site and the geographical location the ads appear on, making retargeting very cost effective.

The chances are that 98% or more of your web traffic currently leaves your site without a trace and this represents a huge proportion of lost business. Retargeting can help to change that. To find out more, visit the retargeting page on our website.

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