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Internet Marketing is evolving rapidly

It’s been 1 month since Google rolled out the Penguin 2.0 algorithm update.

Google claim the update focused on making its results “more balanced” so that one particular site doesn't dominate the first page for a keyword.

We’ve seen some strange outcomes for clients in the last four weeks. For example, several clients have been overtaken by information based sites like Wikipedia, BBC, Daily Mail and the Guardian.

The update has brought about drops in rankings for some businesses which means that they may have to turn to pay per click advertising ie more revenue for Google.

In the past Google has viewed links to your website as an endorsement or “popularity” vote.

The latest Penguin 2.0 update still very much takes into account the links that point to your site but more relevance has been placed on the “authority” that Google sees your site as having.

The question has traditionally been:

“how do I get to the top of Google?”

…whereas now the question should be:

“how can I build authority for my website?”


How can DBS build authority?

Link building

This technique is still vital - the perfect link is 100% relevant and from a website with great authority


Content is King

Create high quality, unique content and refresh frequently

Make sure your pages have at least 200-300 words of unique copy that is continually refreshed

Add relevant, unique content via your blog as frequently as you can

An “about us page” shows your business is alive – develop it to the full

Add video content to your website it is unique to you and relevant

Link out to sites of authority eg if you are a builder link to the Federation of Master Builders

Social media

It’s clear Penguin 2.0 measures your social media signal

If your business has no social media accounts set up it will have a zero social media signal

If your business has social media accounts set up but doesn't share content frequently it will have a weak social media signal

A business that frequently shares unique and relevant content that has been added to its website through social media channels with a few followers will have a medium social media signal

A business that frequently shares unique and relevant content that has been added to its website through social media channels with many followers will have a high social media signal and therefore should rank higher in search engines

Your business and key team members needs social media accounts for Facebook, Twitter, LinkedIn, Google

Contact David Clarke today on 0800 988 8366 for more information on how to keep up with the changes in internet marketing.

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DBS proud to support skydive for local riding for the disabled charity

DBS Internet Marketing is delighted to be sponsoring a skydive to support a well deserving local charity. 

Sarah Harris, a group instructor for Kesteven Rideability (RDA) is taking part in a skydive from 13,000ft on 30th June at Chatteris Airfield in Cambridgeshire, to raise vital funds for the  charity. Kesteven RDA is a local riding for the disabled charity based at The Paddocks Riding Centre, Hough on the Hill, Grantham.

Founded in 1988, Kesteven RDA offers subsidised horse riding to adults and children with a physical and/or learning disability. This year the charity is celebrating its 25th anniversary, and in the last 25 years has helped many riders to achieve their personal goals, ranging from grass roots riding each week through to regional and national competitions. The charity relies on fundraising and donations from members of the public and businesses. To mark this milestone anniversary, Sarah and a few others have accepted the challenge to take part in the sky dive, despite having a fear of heights, to continue to raise essential funds for the charity so that it can continue its important work.

Speaking about the charity, Sarah said “Horses play an amazing role in supporting both adults and children with disabilities. They allow individuals to have autonomy and independence; to make decisions and build confidence regardless of their disability. It offers a place for friendship, fun and opportunities to learn new skills and to compete in a sport for those individuals who wish to. Watching our riders grow in confidence and ability is so rewarding and the main reason I think why many of our volunteers and instructors love coming each week”.

If you would like to sponsor Sarah and Kesteven Rideability, please visit to make a donation. 

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The 5 Latest Web Design Trends

Web Design is an important element of any website.

A website can have large amounts of highly useful information, but a poor web design can make it difficult for a user to access or find that information.

In many cases, your website will also be the first contact a user has with your company, and it is therefore important that the website’s design leaves a good impression on the user.

A modern website design that embraces current trends will help you gain an important edge at an early stage with your potential customer.

Here are five current trends that should be embraced by any modern website.

No.1 – Responsive Design

By 2014, more people will be viewing your website on a handheld device such as a Smartphone or tablet, than using a traditional PC. If your website is difficult to navigate around on a small Smartphone screen, potential customers may be put off and seek a competitor’s website which is easier to work with.

Responsive web design is all about making sure your website adapts itself to the size of the screen it is displayed on. With small, portrait Smartphone screens, it may prefer vertical lists and hide unimportant sections of the page so that the user is instantly presented with the important content.

 image      image                                   

No.2 – Minimalist Design

“Less is more” is a trend common to many modern interfaces. Leaving white space on a page can help reduce the impression of clutter and chaos, and promote a sense of order and professionalism instead. A minimalist design also encourages a focus on content and reduces unintended distractions that may divert the user away from key sections of your page.


No.3 – Social Media

Social Media has been a rising trend for a number of years now, but it has only begun to make its impact felt in web design more recently. Modern websites encourage user interaction through deeper integration with social networks, encouraging them to “like” products or services that they use or recommend, and share links and summaries of important content from your website. This will help your website reach new users.


No.4 – Video

Embedding video on your website is an easy way to keep a user engaged and on your website. Often, a company may have a corporate YouTube channel, but fail to make use of that content on their website by only having an out-of-the-way link to the channel page. Instead, embedding the videos on the page detailing the product or service showcased in the video can be a powerful way to provide a quick summary with key points that then draws the user in to reading the longer, more detailed text on the page.


No.5 – Animations

Animation is a useful tool for a website designer. It can be used to capture a user’s attention and direct it to specific parts of the page. This particularly useful in conjunction with other trends mentioned here – For example, responsive design can use animation to allow a simple design to expand if a user requires further information without having to present all of that information to the user on a tiny screen.



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DBS Sail Through Bing Accreditation

clip_image001DBS Internet Marketing is committed to training and personal development so that our team can offer DBS clients the highest level of service.

The search engine Bing was formerly known as MSN and actually powers all searches made on the Yahoo search engine.

Bing is now focusing its efforts on increasing its market share including pay per click advertising.

Recognising this trend Julie Priestley of DBS recently sat the Bing Ads Accredited Professional accreditation exam. This is the official accreditation for Bing Pay Per Click Advertising customers.

After completing a comprehensive online training programme relating Bing Ads and search marketing Julie was required to take an exam to test her knowledge. The pass rate requirement is 80% but Julie outdid herself and achieved a remarkably high score of 94%.

Bing has been working hard in the background to improve its pay per click advertising system and features so that it is no longer considered Google AdWords poor relation. In fact, some of Bing’s new features surpass Google AdWords current offering.

Bing still has a way to go to catch up Google in terms of traffic but this actually works in our clients’ interest as we can them get a much cheaper cost per click for them on Bing than on Google.

It’s likely that Bing’s popularity will greatly increase due to Apple’s intervention.  Apple announced on the 10 June 2013 that from Autumn 2013 Bing be installed as the default search engine to power Apple’s Siri websearch. Siri lets you use your voice to search the internet as well as send messages and schedule meetings. There is also speculation that Apple will switch its default search provider from Google to Bing.

It makes sense that if your prospects looks for your services on Bing that you have a presence there.

For a free, no obligation and discussion of how Bing Pay Per Click advertising can become part of your company’s marketing mix please call Julie on 0800 988 8366.

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Are you being followed?

Have you ever been browsing a website then shortly after notice adverts from that website seem to be following you around? You could have been shopping for new shoes then gone to a totally unrelated website and there on the side of the screen is an advert showing you the shoes you have just been looking at from the website you were browsing.

This kind of advertising is no accident, it’s known as retargeting or remarketing,

The chances are 90% or more of the visitors to your website will disappear without a trace.

dbs maximise your chances of converting visitors into customersBy making a small change to your website you can target adverts to anyone who has been on your website, keeping your company name in the forefront of their mind.

It’s far more effective than a standard display advertising campaign as your adverts will only show to people who have demonstrated an interest in your business by visiting your website and know who you are.

The adverts can be the same adverts site-wide or product / service specific.

It is an extremely powerful branding and conversion optimisation tool which can work extremely well alongside other digital marketing methods such as pay per click advertising.

For more information please see our website or contact Julie Priestley at DBS Internet Marketing on 01522 811688.

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