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15 Reasons to use Professional Web Developers

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Your company’s website is your shop window to the world.

Consumers of your company’s products and services are more internet savvy than ever before.

Your customers and prospects now carry out almost 100% of their research ONLINE.

If you get your web design wrong in terms of its look, feel and functionality you will drive prospects and customers away. It’s that simple.

Why would anyone take the risk of investing in a cheap website or free web design software? The cost savings sound great on the face of it – especially in a harsh economic environment, but we’ve given fifteen reasons to use a professional web design company rather than buy cheap or free web software (or use your brother in law).


Professional web design companies….

1. are there for support at all times - many web based design packages don't come with any support - you can pay your money and simply get stuck

2. can make your site "responsive" so that it automatically adjusts itself to fit to any size screen it's being viewed on, whether that's a mobile, iPhone, tablet, iPad or PC monitor - in 2014 more visitors will use mobile devices than PC's to access the internet

3. are backed up by a full online marketing department that can drive traffic and enquires your way – so that the launch of a website is the start of a business relationship - not the end

4. are a one-stop-shop offering hosting, email set up & hosting, email letterhead and newsletters

5. make websites fully compliant with all legal accessibility requirements

6. build websites with modern, clean coding so you are future-proofed rather than being stuck with out dated technology

7. have experienced copy writers on hand to help you

8. make sites “search engine friendly” and written in a way that they hit the ground running on Google

9. create and brand “search engine friendly” social media accounts for your business and integrate these into your website design

10. can give you a content management system so that you can make your own changes in real time without having any web developments skills

11. train you and key staff members on how to use social media and content management systems

12. integrate Google Maps into your contact us page so that your visitors can type in their postcode and get full driving directions online

13. give websites strong calls to action such as "request a brochure" and "arrange a callback" to drive traffic and enquiries

14. offer robust hosting which means minimal down time - if your website is down you lose business - fact

15. fully back up your website on a daily basis so in the event of a disaster your site can be up and running again quickly and smoothly


This article was posted by Matt Harris of DBS Internet Marketing.

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