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New website for Jobs in South Lincolnshire

clip_image001Jobs in South Lincolnshire have been working with DBS to launch their new online job search website. The site is targeted towards people looking for a job in South Lincolnshire as well as advertising jobs on behalf of employers in the area.

The new website allows candidates to search or apply online for a job, as well as offering practical tips and advice on how to write a CV and prepare for an interview.  For employers looking to recruit, the service includes advertising available positions and sourcing potential candidates for the roles, providing employers with a tailored approach to ensure the most suitable employees are discovered. is mobile responsive, meaning it can be viewed perfectly on any handheld device, with clear navigation and social media links to Facebook and Twitter.

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Facebook introduces “Calls To Action” for Facebook Company Pages

Facebook has announced the rollout of “call to action” buttons for Facebook Company Pages.

This feature will be introduced gradually over the next few weeks starting in the US.

However, as you will see from the screenshot below, some UK companies are all ready able to take advantage of the new feature.


Seven calls to action are available from a drop down menu:

· Book Now

· Contact Us

· Use App

· Play Game

· Shop Now

· Sign Up

· Watch Video

“This is an exciting development and will give our clients the opportunity to make their Facebook Company Page more interactive and profitable,” said DBS Internet Marketing director David Clarke.

If you would like to know more about how Facebook advertising can help your business talk to David Clarke Managing Director at DBS, on 01522 811688, or freephone 0800 988 8366.

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Facebook to restrict reach of “promotional posts” - what now?

It’s no secret that Facebook has been clamping down on the number of people that see posts from Facebook pages for a while now in an effort to improve ‘user experience.’

However, according to a new blog from Facebook themselves, posts made by pages that are deemed to be overly ‘promotional’ might not be seen at all.

From January 2015, Facebook now says that users will begin to see less of the following types of posts:

· Posts that solely push people to purchase a product

· Posts that push people to install an app

· Posts that push people to enter competitions

· Posts that reuse the exact same content that had been used in adverts

clip_image002Facebook decided to implement the changes after polling every-day users for their opinions on the content in their news-feed and these were the types of posts that were complained about the most. Because of this they now claim that as of January “pages that post promotional creative should expect their organic distribution to fall significantly over time.”

So is this the end for businesses using Facebook to sell? Not at all. The key point to what Facebook said in their blog is that only organic reach will be affected. So using Facebook advertising tools for these kinds of posts is still a legitimate option.

In-fact, advertising your posts is always the best method. As we discussed in a previous blog “A Beginners guide to Facebook ads” your target audience can be tracked down and your adverts shown to people who are outside of your existing fan base. You can also use it to increase your page likes, send traffic to a specific URL and even retarget people who have previously visited your website.

Currently Facebook Pages average more than 750 million visitors a month, so despite these new changes there can be no doubt that Facebook remains an important place to do business.

If you would like to know more about how Facebook advertising can help your business talk to David Clarke Managing Director at DBS, on 01522 811688, or freephone 0800 988 8366.

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Gateway Automation launch redesigned website

clip_image002DBS have been working with Gateway Automation to redesign their new website.  Based in Lincoln, Gateway are a nationwide manufacturer and installer of perimeter security systems and devices with over 30 years’ experience in the trade.

The new website is mobile responsive, meaning it will automatically resize itself to perfectly fit any screen, whether it’s a smartphone, tablet or PC. The site also offers additional information about Gateway products and improved navigation for any user with clear calls to action throughout.

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Lincolnshire Flooring relaunch website with DBS

imageDBS have been working with Lincolnshire Flooring to relaunch their website. 

The redesigned website now features a commercial and contract sector in addition to flooring for homes.

The re-launched site has a mobile friendly responsive design which means it will automatically size itself to perfectly fit any size screen it’s being viewed whether that’s a smartphone, tablet or PC.

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Music and message on-hold

clip_image002We’ve all experienced it, make a phone call and being put on-hold – but what’s worse is the dead time whilst waiting for someone to answer your call. You’re not sure whether you’re even still connected so in all likelihood you may hang up if its taking a long time for your call to be dealt with.

“Did you know? 34% of customers whose call is not answered do not call back after hanging up”

However, businesses are now able to use this waiting time more effectively by introducing music and message hold. This works to reinforce their brand to the caller, making use of hold time and improving caller retention.

It has been suggested that 30 seconds on hold can feel a lot longer if no audio is provided, so music or message on hold is the perfect way to engage and retain your customer.

“70% of callers will hang up after 30 seconds if confronted with silence”

Music on-hold can provide a more positive experience for the caller, and also ensures that the caller understands that they haven’t been cut off.

Message on-hold can go a long way to making your caller aware of other services the company offers, and can also highlight special offers or advice and information about the services or products. Studies have found that 16% of callers have made a purchase based on an on-hold message!

DBS can support your business by providing tailor made music or message on-hold, find out how we do it.

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Watch our Internet Marketing video


Internet marketingPlay video (also known as digital or online marketing) is the complex process of driving traffic to websites to generate sales of products and services.

Just having a brochure website and waiting for sales to happen is not a smart option in today’s competitive marketplace where most buying decisions are made online.

Watch our short video internet marketing to see what it really means for you.

Other videos:

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Watch our Effective Website Design video


Our video offers a 90 second explanation about the importance of effective web design.

A website is a shop window, encouraging people to visit and check out your services and products, so it’s important to get it right.

Read more about the web design services we offer.

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Watch our Pay Per Click Management video


image Please watch our video for a 90 second explanation of our pay per click  advertising management service.

The DBS pay per click team are experienced and highly qualified being Google Partners and Bing Ads Accredited Professionals.

Read more about Pay Per Click Advertising & Management.

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Watch our Mobile Web Design video

Play videoA massive problem for many businesses is that their websites don't display properly on mobile devices which means that your clients and prospects have to scroll around horizontally and vertically or "pinch" the screen to see your web pages.

DBS can make your website "intelligent" enough to know what size screen is being used to view it on.

Our mobile website responsive design technology will then display the images and text on your website to fit any size screen perfectly whether it's on a smartphone screen or 22" desktop monitor. In other words your site will appear "tailor made" for whatever size screen your customers and prospects view it on.

Find out how to make your website mobile friendly.

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A beginner’s guide to Facebook ads

clip_image002Latest counts put the number of businesses with active pages on Facebook at 30 million and it’s really no wonder that so many have flocked to Facebook since its launch in 2004 considering they are provided with a free platform to promote themselves.

On Facebook, businesses can actively interact with the general public, invite friends and customers to “like” their pages, interact through competitions, ask for feedback on products and inform their customer base of any important announcements.

However, where in the past every person that “liked” a company’s page would automatically be subscribed to all of their updates, they now only see a fraction of them. Among marketers this has been described as a decline in “organic reach”.

It’s not all doom and gloom though as we explained in our blog, if you have a creative mind then there a few ways to improve engagement organically, such as using photographs and videos as well as text, but what about using paid promotion to boost your reach?

Facebook advertising

One concrete way that you can improve the performance of your Facebook page is by using Facebook’s advertising features.


When using Facebook advertising it’s important to have a goal in mind. Do you want to drive more traffic to a URL? Do you want to attract more “likes” on your page or do you want people to attend an event?


When users sign up for accounts they give lots of information to Facebook, such as their age, where they live, their profession and their gender. All of which can be factored in when creating adverts. Further to this, you can also target people by the pages they like, for example, you could run an advert that targets users who “like” a page ran by your competitor.


Facebook Ads can appear in what is called the “news feed” or in the right hand column of any page on Facebook. When a company pays for an advert, users who are in their target audience, selected through targeting, will see it.

Facebook has such a large audience base that even the most niche business will be able to attract some interest, and the sophisticated targeting options that Facebook provides will help you to track down and display your ads to the right kinds of people, which is a very valuable resource indeed.

If you would like to know more about how Facebook can help your business talk to David Clarke, Managing Director at DBS, on 01522 811688 or freephone 0800 988 8366.

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The benefits of LinkedIn ads for businesses

clip_image002LinkedIn has created quite a buzz since its launch in 2003, and with its constant evolution it has become an incredibly useful tool for professionals. But how exactly can it help you?

As a business, you may already have a company page on LinkedIn, but is the mere presence of your company page enough? Content marketing is a powerful way of talking about your business and services, it’s no longer just about the hard sell, it’s about demonstrating you know your stuff to impress prospective customers.

In 2014, LinkedIn went further and announced that all members can create and publish content to showcase their knowledge and expertise. Think about it – there’s a sitting audience for you to influence beyond your followers:

· 300 million+ members on LinkedIn

· 1.3 million small business owners

· 12 million small business professionals

But not everyone wants to know about what you do, right? How do you target people that would benefit from your knowledge?

So this is the clever solution, instead of pushing your words out there and hoping that someone bites, you can target a demographic or location that would benefit from your wisdom. LinkedIn can now deliver your piece by narrowing down and identifying a relevant audience. So for example you want to target senior lawyers in Derbyshire, you can push your piece to them by identifying job function, seniority and geography; that way your company is delivering its knowledge to the people that will benefit from it!

LinkedIn ads are a form of display advertising, yet highly targeted to an applicable audience, users didn’t search for anything or ask to see your ad, but it is there encouraging them to click through to your website.

If you would like to know how LinkedIn can help your business talk to David Clarke, Managing Director at DBS, on 01522 811688, or freephone 0800 988 8366

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Who is visiting my website?

clip_image002With more and more companies investing in their websites in order to generate traffic, research shows only 2% of customers actually go on to enquire about your products or services – the others simply disappear without a trace. But what if you could discover who the elusive 98% are, what they’ve been looking at and then contact them to offer further information on a more personal level?

Imagine this, you have all these website visitors but no subsequent enquiries, how would you like to know:

· Who the business was that visited your site

· When they visited your site

· What they searched for

· The pages they viewed

· The industry of the visitor and the business turnover

Now you can find out all this information; a solution has been developed to help you maximise the value of each visit to your website, enabling you to identify and focus on prospects that have already discovered you through visiting your site.

Measured targets don’t have to stop at Google Analytics

There are measurable analysis tools currently out there - Google Analytics can offer insights into your online visits in regards to the number of hits to your site, statistics on the popular pages and the keywords used to find you. But how about taking it a step further and finding out who visited your site, which pages they looked at and when they visited, in order to approach them whilst your brand is still fresh in their mind.

How it works

A simple tracking code is added to your website pages, the data is then accessed through an online portal. This helps you to see who has looked at your site, enabling you to contact them directly about how you might be able to offer further information or assistance on a personal basis.

So, when a prospect visits your site, you will be informed of who they are and what they’re looking at so that you can get more of an idea of their requirements. This data can open the door to finding out more information about this prospective customer.

For more information around this, visit our product page or call David Clarke, Managing Director of DBS, on 01522 811688 to arrange a free demo.

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Get £2,000 to spend with Growth Vouchers

growth-voucherAs of June 2014, DBS Internet Marketing became accredited Growth Advisors for the government initiative ‘Growth Vouchers‘. This enables SMEs to access up to £2000 matched grant funding to help their businesses grow and thrive.

In order to be eligible, you need to:

  • have been trading for more than one year
  • have a turnover of less than Euro 10M
  • have less than 49 full time employees

For more information on Growth Vouchers in Lincolnshire contact David Clarke of DBS Internet Marketing for more info on 01522 811688

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DBS creates web presence for Lincoln Holiday Let

imageLincoln Holiday Let, a luxury apartment let in the heart of Lincoln,   approached DBS to help them create a web page to promote their rental property located in the heart of Lincoln.  Having a web presence is important to any business as it is seen as a “shop window”, encouraging prospects to look at what services you offer and providing additional information to help customers make a decision.

Greestone Mount, Lincoln Holiday Let’s luxury apartment, is situated in the popular Cathedral Quarter and can sleep up to six people comfortably, with all the mod cons and convenience guests can enjoy whilst being a short walking distance from the historical Lincoln Cathedral, Lincoln Castle and Steep Hill.

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Chattertons relaunch website with support of DBS

Chattertons website

DBS have been working with their client - Chattertons Solicitors - to relaunch their website with the build of a full Content Management System, new Events and Careers pages, as well as other CMS features. 

The re-launched site has a mobile friendly responsive design which means it will automatically size itself to perfectly fit any size screen it’s being viewed whether that’s a smartphone, tablet or PC.

Established over 200 years ago, Chattertons is one of the leading firms of solicitors in the East Midlands with 10 offices across Lincolnshire and in Newark, providing a range of legal and financial services for individuals and commercial clients.

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The importance of blogging

Red Blog  puzzle

Blogging was initially introduced in the 1990s to provide a way for people to share their thoughts, experiences and opinions. Today blogging has become  a social phenomenon and is seen to increase online presence and provide opportunity to provide information that your customers want to read, and establish yourself as an expert in your field.

Publishing a blog is far superior to social media messages as it puts a human face to your brand while educating your clients and prospective customers. It is also one of the best tools for search engine optimisation. Here are some more reasons why blogging is important to your company’s profile:

Blogs demonstrate you’re an expert in your field; being an expert isn’t talking about yourself, blogs focus on articles that demonstrate your knowledge without the intrusive sales drive.

Blogs improve your SEO; before, emphasis was on keywords and how often these words appeared on your site, now Google are using algorithms to determine how frequently you post and update your website in addition to the quality of the content you post. As more blogs are added, your overall website traffic will increase.

Blogs give websites on average 434% more indexed pages, and 97% more indexed links: this means that the more relevant and fresh content you post, the more your website pages will be referenced.

Blogs are able to get the point across in more detail than Twitter or Facebook – it would take about 200 tweets to share what a blog can say in one hit. A blog allows you to paint a fuller picture of what you are unable to say in short social media posts.

Blogs identify what your customers need to know, they plug the gaps that social media can’t fill.

Blogs encourage interaction: they create content that can encourage communication and feedback which can in turn can generate new ideas by simply listening to your customers.

Blogs can work alongside your social media strategy: social media can offer snippets of the content of your blogs to encourage customers to read more, directing them back to the site.

Blogs don’t have to be called blogs: depending on your company’s service or products, the word “Blog” might not be fitting, blogs can be passed off as “News” or even “Learning”.

There is no better way to add informative and relevant content to your website on a regular basis than to introduce a blog, they can be a powerful tool in converting a curious prospect into a customer.

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Oven Wizards launch new franchise page

Franchise pageDBS Internet Marketing and Oven Wizards have been working together to  develop and launch the new franchise area of the Oven Wizards website.  The new Oven Wizards franchise area is targeted towards people looking for opportunities to become their own boss but with an established business model.  The franchise page also explains the benefits of investing in a franchise as well as offering advice on starting your own franchise business.

Oven Wizards is a nationwide operation specialising in domestic oven cleaning.  Established in 2004, the company has gone from strength to strength with a growing customer base.  In addition to this, Oven Wizards has also seen an increase in franchisees that want to independently run their own business without the risk that goes with starting up a business from scratch.

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£2,000 Growth Vouchers

clip_image001Wanted to let you know about this scheme that some of my clients are taking advantage of…

The government’s Growth Vouchers programme is distributing vouchers to around 20,000 small businesses in England, focussing on small businesses.

DBS Internet Marketing is an approved Growth Voucher adviser.

Businesses looking for advice can apply to the programme online.

Businesses will be randomly chosen to get a voucher for up to £2,000 to help pay for business support in one of the specialist areas. You’ll have to match the amount with your own funds. You can work with DBS as we are Growth Voucher advisers. You then pay for the services in full and request 50% back from the government.

For example, if you spend £4,000 you will get £2,000 back.

The Growth Vouchers programme is available to small businesses in England who have been trading for at least one year, have 49 employees or less and have not sought strategic business advice before in the last three years.

Please contact David Clarke of DBS Internet Marketing for more info on 01522 811688

DBS Internet Marketing is an approved Growth Voucher adviser.

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Measure your success with Google Analytics

tapeWebsite analytics provide you with detailed information about your site visitors which can help you to tailor your website and get the most out of each visit.

Tools like Google Analytics can help you to decipher your customers’ habits, so you can make any necessary changes and begin to tweak your website towards perfection.


Have you ever wondered where your visitors begin their journey?

Google Analytics can help you break down the exact source of each visit. This can be a valuable tool in understanding which of your marketing efforts are working and which ones need a little more attention.


Bounce rate

You’ve succeeded in bringing them to your website but for some reason they aren’t inclined to stick around. ‘Bounce rate’ shows you how many visitors are leaving after visiting just one page. It could be that your website is difficult to navigate or confuses your visitors.

A strong call to action on your landing page can make sure that your visitors know exactly what you want them to do. You can read more about calls to action here.



With so many people using smart phones to access the internet, it’s more important than ever that your website is mobile and tablet friendly. Google Analytics can show you how many people are accessing your website from their phones and how their user experience compares to those who visit from their desktops. If you notice that iPhone users aren’t spending very long on your site then maybe it’s time for you to start thinking about responsive design.

Top content


Google Analytics can show you your most visited pages, which means you can start to plan content around the needs of your prospects and customers.


Tracking referrals and visitor numbers is one thing but another feature that can track actual conversions is ‘Goals’. From here, you can monitor exactly what you think is important to your business. This could be the number of people that download a PDF on your website, signed up for a free course or reached your thank you page after making an order.

Gone are the days of paying for advertising with no sure way of tracking effectiveness. Google Analytics makes your internet marketing efforts completely trackable so that you can see exactly what is working for you and your customers.

Read 6 reasons website fail

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DBS welcomes Lincs & Notts Air Ambulance on board as clients


DBS are delighted to welcome the Lincs & Notts Air Ambulance (also known  as the Ambucopter) as a new client.  DBS will be supporting the development and maintenance of their website at

DBS Director, David Clarke, says “DBS Internet Marketing are very pleased indeed to be associated with the Lincs & Notts Air Ambulance as it’s such a well-known and respected organisation.  DBS already supports other Lincolnshire based companies such as Chatterton’s Solicitors, Mountains Skip Hire, Lincolnshire Flooring, Lincolnshire & District Medical Services and Grantham Caravans so the Ambucopter is a great fit for us.”

The Ambucopter is a dedicated helicopter emergency medical service which first began flying operations in Lincolnshire in April 1994, flying approximately 1,000 missions each year.  The helicopter is permanently staffed by two paramedics and occasionally a doctor and is capable of flying at speeds of just under 160mph in order to reach any point between Lincolnshire and Nottinghamshire in less than 20 minutes. 

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How to create effective calls-to-action

You’ve fought hard to attract visitors to your website and you don’t want them all to leave your site without a trace. Whether visitors have arrived at your website through a Google search, a pay per click advert, your social media accounts or a marketing email, it’s essential that you find a way to build trust, keep the interest of your prospects and continue the sales process. Calls to action can help you to do just that.

What exactly is a call-to-action?

Put simply, calls to action (CTAs) are instructions that encourage your site visitors to complete an action, for example:


A CTA could come in the form of a button, a hyperlink or just plain text. As long as it’s obvious, clearly explained and simple for your visitor to use then it should be effective.

How does it work?

The trick here is to add value, not pressure. Free guides and helpful information give your prospects a chance to dip their toe in the water and find out more information, without feeling like they are being given the hard-sell or having to commit too early or too much.

There are plenty of different ways that you can utilise CTAs and experimenting to find the right one for your audience can be very worthwhile. Below are a few different ways that you could use CTAs.

trumpet11. Call back forms

Arrange a call back”

Not everyone visits your website during opening hours. By adding a form to arrange a call back you give yourself an opportunity to further explain your services and products to potential customers.

2. Newsletter sign-ups

Get the latest internet marketing tips delivered to your inbox free”

Sometimes prospects might not be ready to commit and will require a little more time to make their decisions. You can tailor a mailing list from the people who sign up for your newsletter via your website and ensure that you stay firmly on their radar.

3. Free trials

Get started with a risk-free 30 day trial”

If it’s a subscription based service that you’re offering then free trials can be a great way to win new business. Here, it’s important that your CTA builds trust and aims to alleviate any fears that your prospect might have, for example “you won’t be charged until after your 30 day trial ends, and you can cancel at any time.”

4. eBooks, video content and downloads

“Download as a PDF”

This call to action uses a small picture of a PDF file, reassuring the reader that they won’t be downloading anything that will harm their computer. This works in a similar way to video content, where visitors will often trust an embedded YouTube video as they recognise it as a trustworthy brand.


Sharing insightful information with your prospects can be a great way to establish your credibility. By giving away knowledge through short form content like newsletters and videos and long form content like eBooks, you can appear smarter, more interesting and more helpful than your competitors so you are the natural person to reach out too when the time comes. This is called content marketing, which you can read more about here.

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DBS work with Martin Cowman on new website features


DBS have been working with Martin Cowman to improve their website by  adding a Features section to inform and support clients as well as prospects. Social media channels have been set up and for Twitter, Facebook and LinkedIn.

The re-launched site has a mobile friendly responsive design which means it will automatically size itself to perfectly fit any size screen it’s being viewed whether that’s a smartphone, tablet or PC.

Martin Cowman are a Leicestershire based road surfacing contractor serving the Midlands. They specialise in machine-laid and hand-laid asphalt and macadam surfacing for new builds and maintenance, undertaking a wide range of work from residential drives through to public highways.

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Beat Facebook and get your posts seen by everyone

Once upon a time it was relatively easy for you to get your Facebook posts clip_image002seen by the masses - so long as your fans clicked the like button on your page then they would see whatever you we’re posting about. Well not anymore...

What’s happened?

Marketers have been worried about organic reach for a while now but recent studies are beginning to show that some Facebook pages are actually reaching as little as 5% of their fan base. 


Facebook officials cited the reason for the drop in reach as “content appearing in the news feed at a faster rate than people’s ability to consume it” which no doubt has a negative effect on the experience of the average Facebook user.

The way forward

It’s not all doom and gloom though and according to some sources, pages that have high engagement rates are among the least affected by the changes.

So, if people are commenting, liking and engaging with your posts then you have a greater chance of improving your reach. Here are five solid tips that will help you increase engagement and ensure that your posts get seen by more people.

· Experiment with video, photos and text posts to work out what kind of content your fans enjoy.

· Experiment with timings, are your fans most likely to read your blog in the morning or while they eat their lunch?

· Studies have shown that Facebook’s algorithms favour visual posts over standard text posts, especially videos –if they took longer to create then they must hold more information and be more valuable to users.

· Avoid “Like baiting,” Facebook doesn’t appreciate posts that ask its users to perform a specific action, like liking, commenting or sharing. So stay on their good side by avoiding those kinds of posts.

· Be consistent and helpful. Try and write blogs, create images and make videos that offer something useful to your fans. Give them something of value for liking your page and see your engagement increase.

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Friday Fun

vlcsnap-2014-04-15-10h18m19s104We take client reviews very seriously at DBS but this all crumbled yesterday when we met with Mark Wallace  - a director of Kingdom.

Click HERE to listen to what happened when Mark left his mobile phone in vibrate mode on top of some papers in our meeting room….

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How an out of date website can hurt a business

Many customers these days see a company website as a shop window and customers make quick decisions about whether or not they can trust a company based on what their website is like. Out of date information such as Christmas dates listed in August can really hinder a first impression; a recent study* has discovered a staggering 97% of consumers now go online to research products and services from businesses, so can you afford to be missing out?

Many businesses hold off on updating the content within their website due to budgetary reasons or time constraints, “the website can wait until we’ve done x, y or z”, or they might think that there are more important jobs to concentrate on. But putting off a website update can have some pretty serious consequences.

A clearly outdated site can send a message to customers that the company doesn’t value their business enough to maintain their website, or they might see it as a reflection of the quality of the product or the service that is being offered. An out of date website can undermine your business’ credibility from a customer’s perspective.


Outdated websites provide basic information about a business and rarely offer any information of value. Websites are now shifting from the standard brochure site to become more organic and content rich, which means that good quality content and blogs are now a vital way of engaging potential customers, as well as driving traffic to your site. Each time you add a blog it means another page is added to your website, which is one more page for search engines to scan, improving your SEO and boosting your rankings.

The most up to date website is clean and simple, it should be visual and engaging; customers don’t want to read a life history on the home page that has sat there for five years, they want to be educated – not talked at. So if you neglect your website, you will not only deter potential customers but also put off the existing ones.

Keeping your website updated doesn’t need to be difficult or time consuming, click here to read about content management systems and how they could help.

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8 reasons why your Twitter account isn’t attracting new followers

It can be a real blow to stumble across your main competitors’ Twitter profile and discover that they have twice as many followers as you do. However, there are a few easy changes that you can make to increase engagement, build a following and ultimately drive sales.


Introduce yourself!

When you meet someone new you really ought to tell them a little about yourself. Make sure that your Twitter bio tells visitors who you are and what you can do for them, without making you sound too much like a salesman.

Look your best

Branding should be at the forefront of your Twitter profile. Whether your customers own an old banger or a string of luxury yachts it’s important to adjust both the appearance of your profile and the tone of your tweets to suit.

Twitter gives you the option of customizing a background, cover photo and profile picture but you don’t need to be a design guru to make your profile look good. Twitter offers a number or pre-made templates and websites like Free Twitter Designer that can help you create a background for free.

Say something - anything!

There is nothing that gives of a worse impression of a company than visiting their Twitter profile and seeing that they haven’t tweeted in a month. Why should I bother increasing my follow count on a company that hardly tweets? There is always something that you can tweet about, whether its opening hours, a friendly tweet with a customer service number or just a tweet to say you are looking forward to the weekend. Nobody wants to follow an inactive profile so, if you’re always on the go then try scheduling your tweets in advance.

Be a good listener

Twitter is a two-way conversation, and brands that converse with their customers will thrive! Never ignore a tweet - whether it’s positive or negative - ignoring your followers will drive your customers elsewhere.

Take an interest

Find out what your fan base is interested in and gear your posts accordingly. Try and understand their problems and post content that aims to resolve them.

Whole Foods Market has over 3.5 million followers, mainly because they post great content like recipes and meal ideas. Make sure your tweets add value to your customers and aren’t just created to make you look good.

Capture the moment

It’s a proven fact that photos draw more engagement than words. With so many plain text tweets in people’s timelines a photo can really help break the monotony. Twitter puts your photos into a nice gallery on the side of your profile which looks attractive to potential followers; make sure you fill it up!

Be human

Finally, it’s called social networking for a reason, so be personable. You don’t have to sound unprofessional, just try and inject some personality into your tweets from time to time.

You could post a photo from a team building exercise or sign off tweets with the initials of the person sending them. Just try not to overdo it; it’s all about finding a balance and showing there is a face behind your brand.

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DBS relaunch Mountains Skip Hire website

website home pageDBS have worked with Mountains to relaunch their skip hire website with  extra features such as updated news and landing pages, as well as adding a Tips & Advice area to offer additional information for their customers; all enabled for mobile and tablet to help customers “on the go”.

Mountains Skip Hire are a family owned company providing comprehensive waste collection and recycling services to both the domestic and industrial sectors around Lincolnshire.  Mountains Skip Hire is also part of Mid UK Recycling Ltd.

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DBS team member goes above and beyond!

In order to completely understand our clients’ to ensure we write good, quality content marketing for them, we have to understand what their business is all about. So Joanna Maplethorpe, Content Marketing Editor here at DBS, headed off for a day with a pest controller from a national pest control company to appreciate how they work in order to share their knowledge of the pest control industry:

Joanna says…

I look after a national pest control company’s content marketing requirements, so I decided that in order to write relevant content for them I needed to see and understand what they did and how they have become one of the largest pest control companies in the UK.

I accompanied Jeff on his rounds for a day, an RSPH Level 2 qualified pest controller who looks after the east coast region of Lincolnshire, and he gave me the lowdown on the variety of work that they deal with on a day to day basis.

The first couple of jobs we attended were residential properties: suspiciousimage mouse activity and a wasp nest. Jeff talked me through the process of dealing with potential mouse infestations which involved identifying where the mice were hanging out (image right shows mouse footprints in the poison left the week before), treating the problem with poison and then revisiting the site a week later, taking further action if necessary. The second job, a wasp nest in a loft, blew me away a little as it was winter but there appeared to be one hibernating queen wasp in residence, so it was Jeff’s job to nip it in the bud before the warmer weather approached and the nest would become home to many more wasps.

Dock rats

The next job was Grimsby docks (image right). Here we saw a rat infestationimage on numerous floors of an unused building next door to an active fish factory. The rats were being drawn out by the surrounding food sources, Jeff had already been here the week before to ascertain the size of the problem, so on this visit we were going to be laying the bait. I was amazed by the number of entry points these fish-loving rats were using but as Jeff pointed out, you can usually tell where these are by the black, oily rat trails, the chewed holes and the smell (which was horrific!).

The remaining jobs for the day saw suspected rats taking refuge under a home owner’s decking, another residence suspected mice in the roof – we discovered a wasp nest instead. We visited a lady whose lawn was plagued by moles so set some traps there, Jeff would return the following week to follow up, and the final job was at a commercial property where rats were feeding on employees’ lunch.


What I discovered following this day out was that, in order to understand what our clients do, sometimes we need to offer a hands on service and get stuck in there with them. This day out gave me enough information to write a feature about rats and prevention, as well as a light hearted piece about the day I spent with a pest controller and how I wouldn’t want to do what they manage to do every day with such professionalism!

Read more about our content marketing services here

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DBS offers John Lewis gift card for referrals

Ben Scott of the Fiducia Group returned from a holiday in Cornwall to find a nice surprise from DBS on his desk in the form of a £50 John Lewis gift card.

Ben, a Protection Adviser for Fiducia, had previously worked closely with David Clarke of DBS within the financial services sector, so when Ben discovered Fiducia were in need of a new website, he recommended DBS.

DBS have now launched a new website and blog for the Fiducia Group – see our article: DBS launch new website for Fiducia Group.

DBS grows by referrals and so offers a £50 John Lewis gift card as a thank you to anyone who refers a prospect to them on the provision that they are converted into a client, contact us now by clicking here.

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Totem Training launches new re-designed website

Louth based management training providers; Totem Training has launched aTotem training site new website, re-branded and fully re-designed, with the support of DBS Internet Marketing.

Their website has been built using the latest responsive design techniques, which allow users of smart phones, tablets and desktop computers to receive exactly the same standard of functionality when visiting their website, regardless of what device they are viewing it on. Totem’s website intuitively recognises which kind of device it is being viewed on and then adjusts itself accordingly.

Totem Training offers a range of support and solutions to businesses in the form of courses, coaching, mentoring and training programmes, designed to help businesses be more productive and more profitable.

Visitors to their website can find a broad range of information, including a blog which offers helpful tips and advice. The website features an inbuilt content management system which means that Totem Training’s staff can update their blog whenever they like, with no web development skills required.

If you are interested in learning more about how responsive design could improve your website contact DBS today.

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DBS launch new website for Fiducia Group

fiducia websiteDBS have launched a new website and blog for Fiducia Group. Based in Sleaford in Lincolnshire and Mansfield in Nottinghamshire, Fiducia is a group of companies that was founded in 2001 to deliver a personal experience of the highest professional standard.

There are five parts to the Fiducia Group – comprehensive financial planning, commercial solutions, corporate finance, mortgage solutions and estate planning. This covers mortgages, pensions, investments, protection, household insurance, wills and estate planning, business finance, business insurance, business protection and corporate finance.

Commenting on the launch, Nina Teeder, Business Finance Manager of Fiducia Group said “Thank you Team DBS for all your hard work – you have been very helpful and the website looks fantastic”.

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Using a professional web development company means you are not alone

You are not aloneAre you in need of a new website? Perhaps you want a website built entirely from scratch, or maybe you want to replace your existing one. If so, you are probably looking around for the most cost effective solution to get your new website up and running.

You may have seen adverts inviting you to build your website online using a web based design package. This seems simple, as you just create your website by filling in a few forms. It also appears to be cheap, because they advertise that it will only cost you £9.99 per month. In fact, when you see one of these adverts and you want to set up a website, you probably think that it is too good to be true. 

Well, that’s because it probably is. Although it might seem cheap initially, it will probably cost you more money in the long run. Why? Because all that money gets you is your software. You are then left completely on your own to do it yourself.

Many web based design packages don't come with any support. When things go wrong, and you are stuck and don’t know what to do, you suddenly find that you have paid your money and you don’t get any support for that. There is nobody at the end of the phone that you can speak with, and nobody to respond to your emails. You just have to struggle and potentially cannot find a way out of the hole.

So, you might have paid what appears to be a low amount at first, but it is money wasted if you end up getting nowhere, and having to pay out again by getting somebody to help you, or by scrapping the whole thing and starting over with a professional web development company.

A professional web development company will be there to provide support for you and your website at all times. They will be at the end of the phone if there is an issue or a problem. It is also worth remembering that when you use a web based design package, you don’t own the website. Therefore, if you stop paying money, your website disappears and you can’t move it to anywhere else.

In terms of the design of your website you also have little or no control as you are heavily restricted by the pre-made templates which might be used by thousands of other companies. However, a professional web design company will design a website to suit your needs.

A professional web development company offers something completely different from web based design packages – the professional web development company does everything for their clients to build a functional website that meets their clients specific needs and most importantly, is there for them if things go wrong.

Remember, your company’s website is your shop window to the world. Do you really want to risk something so fundamental to your business by using cheap web design software?

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Get a mobile friendly website or risk losing customers

Mobile websiteIs your website mobile friendly? If you don’t know the answer to this, then the chances are that it is not. But people trying to access your website on a mobile phone or tablet will certainly know if your website is mobile friendly or not.

We’ve all visited a website on a mobile phone which doesn’t display properly, it can be incredibly frustrating. You have to scroll around horizontally and vertically, and pinch the screen to see the web pages. As it isn’t easy to do, chances are that eventually you get fed up, give up and get put off visiting that website again.

A few years ago this would not have been a huge problem. People would just look at a website on their mobile phone to get an idea of a site, and would then look at it properly when they got back to their office or home and could access a desktop computer. They would not have purchased items such as train tickets online through their phone because it was too hard. Those days are gone. People now expect to be able to do everything on the go because it is very easy, or should be. Your clients and prospects now expect to find out about your services on their smartphone, iPhone, tablet or iPad, whether they're sitting on a train or at home in front of the TV.

7 out of 10 people in the UK now own a smartphone, and websites are seeing the number of people accessing their site through mobile devices increasing by 100% each year. It is predicted that soon there will be more active mobile phone accounts in the world than there are people and that surfing the internet on a mobile device will overtake surfing on a desktop PC. So, it is no longer enough to have a website that looks great on just a PC, it needs to look great on the go as well. Take a look in Google Analytics at the percentage of visits to your site from mobile devices – you will probably be surprised.

A professional web design company  should be able to offer responsive web design (ie. make it mobile friendly) as standard for a new site, and should also be able to make your existing site mobile friendly. This means that they will make your website intelligent enough to know what size screen is being used to view it on so that it will automatically adjust to fit it perfectly – in other words your site will appear "tailor made" for whatever size screen your customers and prospects want view it on. Businesses without mobile friendly websites need to move quickly!

To find out more about responsive web design and why it is important to your business, click below to watch our short 90 second video.

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Google Maps: small tweaks that make your customers love you!

signsWho can remember what it’s like to be lost?

Hardly anyone apparently, 7 out of 10 people in the UK now own a smart phone and can access services like Google Maps out on the go. So there’s no need to buy a map, learn a foreign language or politely ask a policeman for directions, you just thumb a few keys in your phone and away you go.

Maps, atlases and A-Z street guides weren’t the first casualty of the search engine wars and they certainly won’t be the last, but what lessons can be learned? Well, any service that makes customers jump through hoops to find their contact details is going to struggle against one that can produce them in a fraction of a second. 

Google Maps present some interesting opportunities for business that want to remove unnecessary steps in their conversion processes. Clients can zoom into maps and save time finding a place to park, they can type in their location and see how long a trip to your office will take, all without leaving your website.


Your visitors can also scan a QR Code instantly zapping all your company information into their mobile phone. clip_image002[6]

If turning web traffic into real enquires is your end-game then Google Maps can be incredibly helpful. It shows your customers you’re a forward thinking business and removes unnecessary steps to give them exactly what they want – when they want it.

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Stay in control of your website with a Content Management System

shipmastDead websites tell no tales and nothing makes a company look more out of date than a website that’s rarely updated.
With so much competition out there, it’s vital that companies are given the correct tools, access and training to update their websites themselves.

Captain your own ship

Content management systems (CMS) manage the content of a website in a user friendly way and without the need for knowledge of HTML code.
A good web developer should be able to show you all the basics, meaning you can easily post news, blogs, stories and photos – without messing up the design of your site.

Share the bounty

The most creative businesses realise that to be leaders in their fields, they need to share their knowledge and expertise through blogging. A website adorned with logos and company colours can be the perfect outlet and CMS will help keep you on brand whether it’s an experienced copywriter or an office junior doing the writing.

X marks the spot

FAQ’s and help sections are essential to keeping your customers happy. As your business changes and technology develops so do your customer’s enquiries. A regularly updated FAQ section will answer queries and improve customer service.


Content management systems help you make changes to your website in real time with little or no web development skills. Best of all, you won’t need to pay a web design company to make content changes and updates, saving money in the long-term.
Not every website needs CMS but if you want to make regular updates then ask your web developer to integrate CMS into your website.

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How great copywriters improve your conversion rates:

Consider this; you’ve spent months slaving over the perfect website, it’s easy to navigate, works well on mobiles and initial traffic reports look great. typewriter

How disappointed would you be, if your flashy looking website failed to drive any new enquiries to your door? All that time and effort wasted because you overlooked a vital detail – your message.

On average, it’s said that prospects will make up their mind about a company within the first 10 seconds - so it’s critical that not only does your website look good but also that your words are as sticky as possible.

Put yourself in the shoes of your visitors who upon arrival will silently ask questions like “where can I find what I’m looking for?” and “is this definitely the service for me?” If your copy doesn’t act as a checklist to those kinds of questions then it’s failing in its purpose.

Copywriters know what to say and they can do it quickly. Some websites lose traffic simply because they write too much, not realising that great copy doesn’t have to be lengthy to drive the message home.

Tone and personality are just as important in copywriting. To connect with readers you need to have a voice. Imagine this is a face to face meeting, how would you speak to a potential client?

So many websites lose custom by not giving their customers the information they need in a way that they can really understand. A great copywriter knows how to write words that are persuasive, informative and easy to digest - igniting trust in your brand promises and making a real difference to your conversion rates.

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Social media jargon explained

Do you get confused by social media lingo? Do you know your #FF from your DM? Here’s a handy guide to understanding some of the key terms on the social web as well as a few recommended apps to make the whole thing a little easier.

Twitter Twaddle: A basic glossary of Twitter Terms

Here are some terms that are associated with Twitter and will help you to better understand the way it works. Master the language of Twitter and you’ll be able to network much more efficiently.

@ Reply: the @ symbol is used to reply to tweets and to tag users in tweets.

# Hashtag: mark keywords in tweets to easily search for related topics.

DM: Twitter allows you to private message other Twitter users that follow you back.

Follow: the act of following a Twitter user.

Follower: someone who subscribes to your tweets.

Feeds: where tweets from all the users you have subscribed to appear in real time.

#FF: eveimagery Friday a huge amount of Twitter users will tag friends in a post encouraging other users to follow them using the hashtag #ff which is short for follow Friday.

Handle: a Twitter username e.g. @DBSInternetMktg.

Lists: followers can be sectioned into lists so you can see only tweets from selected people instead of all of them.

RT: forwarding a tweet to your follower’s news feeds.

Tag: by using the @ symbol in your tweet and typing a selected handle the user will receive a notification and know the message was meant for them.

Tweet: a message that is posted to the news feed.

Handy Twitter apps

There are plenty of apps and websites which can enhance your Twitter experience in various ways. Here are a few of the best:

  • URL Shorteners: Website addresses can take up a large chunk of the designated 140 character count. Shorteners like and help save space and encourage other users to re-tweet your status.
  • Twitter Mobile App: If you’re always on the move then the Twitter mobile app provides a friendly interface that gives you most of the functionality of the desktop version. Download from your app store.
  • Twitlonger: this website gives you the opportunity to tweet messages longer than 140 characters. Bear in mind that some Twitter users might not like this.


A helpful glossary of Facebook terms

Facebook is always changing; as a result it can be hard to keep up with the ever changing lingo used to describe some of the websites terms and functions. Here’s a quick guide to get you up to speed.

Admin: A Facebook user who is given control of a Facebook business page and can make changes to it. An admin can also appoint other users to be co-admins of a page.

Chat: The instant messaging service that is part of Facebook.

Comment: Users can comment on photos, videos and status updates of Facebook pages.

Cover Photo: The photo that appears at the top of your profile or page, larger than a profile picture.

Fan / Likes: A Facebook user who has liked a business page.

Favourites: A section on the side of your home page that has your favourite pages and groups.

Friends: Personal connections of a Facebook profile user. Friend’s updates will appear in your news feed.

Friend Request: When another Facebook user contacts you to become friends. This will allow you to access each other’s status updates and view each other’s photos.

Interact: Liking, commenting or sharing a post.

Like: When a page or an individual posts an update other Facebook users can choose to like that status as a means of approval. This is symbolized by a virtual thumbs-up.

Message: Similar to an email, Facebook users can send each other private messages.image

News Feed: This is where status updates from all your connections and pages that you like are fed through to.

Page: Facebook pages are for businesses, organisations, celebrities and artists. Users can like these pages as a fan.

Profile or Timeline: Your timeline is a collection of your photos, stories and status updates, also known as a profile.

Privacy Settings:

Settings which can be adjusted for most posts to ensure your content is only visible the people you want.

Reach: The amount of people who saw your post.

Share: If you see an update that you would like to share with friends you can click share to do so. This will post it to your timeline and news feed. You can share all kinds of updates as well as external content such as videos, photos and news.

Status Update: Users can post content in the status update box. This can be photos, links, or just text. It is then fed to subscribers, known as friends.

Tagging / Tags: You can tag other users and pages in photos and in a status.

Handy apps

There are plenty of apps and websites which can enhance your Facebook experience. Here are a few of the best:

  • URL Shorteners: Website addresses can look unsightly in your status. Shorteners like and help save space and encourage other users to share.
  • Status Shuffle: Stuck on how to phrase a status? This app gives you a collection of Facebook statuses to inspire you and hopefully your fans too.
  • Polldaddy: In need of some customer feedback? Polldaddy helps you to integrate customer research polls into your Facebook page.
  • Foursquare: Heading out to a business conference or trade show and want your community to know you’ve arrived? Check in using Foursquare
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