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How great copywriters improve your conversion rates:

Consider this; you’ve spent months slaving over the perfect website, it’s easy to navigate, works well on mobiles and initial traffic reports look great. typewriter

How disappointed would you be, if your flashy looking website failed to drive any new enquiries to your door? All that time and effort wasted because you overlooked a vital detail – your message.

On average, it’s said that prospects will make up their mind about a company within the first 10 seconds - so it’s critical that not only does your website look good but also that your words are as sticky as possible.

Put yourself in the shoes of your visitors who upon arrival will silently ask questions like “where can I find what I’m looking for?” and “is this definitely the service for me?” If your copy doesn’t act as a checklist to those kinds of questions then it’s failing in its purpose.

Copywriters know what to say and they can do it quickly. Some websites lose traffic simply because they write too much, not realising that great copy doesn’t have to be lengthy to drive the message home.

Tone and personality are just as important in copywriting. To connect with readers you need to have a voice. Imagine this is a face to face meeting, how would you speak to a potential client?

So many websites lose custom by not giving their customers the information they need in a way that they can really understand. A great copywriter knows how to write words that are persuasive, informative and easy to digest - igniting trust in your brand promises and making a real difference to your conversion rates.

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