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How an out of date website can hurt a business

Many customers these days see a company website as a shop window and customers make quick decisions about whether or not they can trust a company based on what their website is like. Out of date information such as Christmas dates listed in August can really hinder a first impression; a recent study* has discovered a staggering 97% of consumers now go online to research products and services from businesses, so can you afford to be missing out?

Many businesses hold off on updating the content within their website due to budgetary reasons or time constraints, “the website can wait until we’ve done x, y or z”, or they might think that there are more important jobs to concentrate on. But putting off a website update can have some pretty serious consequences.

A clearly outdated site can send a message to customers that the company doesn’t value their business enough to maintain their website, or they might see it as a reflection of the quality of the product or the service that is being offered. An out of date website can undermine your business’ credibility from a customer’s perspective.


Outdated websites provide basic information about a business and rarely offer any information of value. Websites are now shifting from the standard brochure site to become more organic and content rich, which means that good quality content and blogs are now a vital way of engaging potential customers, as well as driving traffic to your site. Each time you add a blog it means another page is added to your website, which is one more page for search engines to scan, improving your SEO and boosting your rankings.

The most up to date website is clean and simple, it should be visual and engaging; customers don’t want to read a life history on the home page that has sat there for five years, they want to be educated – not talked at. So if you neglect your website, you will not only deter potential customers but also put off the existing ones.

Keeping your website updated doesn’t need to be difficult or time consuming, click here to read about content management systems and how they could help.

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8 reasons why your Twitter account isn’t attracting new followers

It can be a real blow to stumble across your main competitors’ Twitter profile and discover that they have twice as many followers as you do. However, there are a few easy changes that you can make to increase engagement, build a following and ultimately drive sales.


Introduce yourself!

When you meet someone new you really ought to tell them a little about yourself. Make sure that your Twitter bio tells visitors who you are and what you can do for them, without making you sound too much like a salesman.

Look your best

Branding should be at the forefront of your Twitter profile. Whether your customers own an old banger or a string of luxury yachts it’s important to adjust both the appearance of your profile and the tone of your tweets to suit.

Twitter gives you the option of customizing a background, cover photo and profile picture but you don’t need to be a design guru to make your profile look good. Twitter offers a number or pre-made templates and websites like Free Twitter Designer that can help you create a background for free.

Say something - anything!

There is nothing that gives of a worse impression of a company than visiting their Twitter profile and seeing that they haven’t tweeted in a month. Why should I bother increasing my follow count on a company that hardly tweets? There is always something that you can tweet about, whether its opening hours, a friendly tweet with a customer service number or just a tweet to say you are looking forward to the weekend. Nobody wants to follow an inactive profile so, if you’re always on the go then try scheduling your tweets in advance.

Be a good listener

Twitter is a two-way conversation, and brands that converse with their customers will thrive! Never ignore a tweet - whether it’s positive or negative - ignoring your followers will drive your customers elsewhere.

Take an interest

Find out what your fan base is interested in and gear your posts accordingly. Try and understand their problems and post content that aims to resolve them.

Whole Foods Market has over 3.5 million followers, mainly because they post great content like recipes and meal ideas. Make sure your tweets add value to your customers and aren’t just created to make you look good.

Capture the moment

It’s a proven fact that photos draw more engagement than words. With so many plain text tweets in people’s timelines a photo can really help break the monotony. Twitter puts your photos into a nice gallery on the side of your profile which looks attractive to potential followers; make sure you fill it up!

Be human

Finally, it’s called social networking for a reason, so be personable. You don’t have to sound unprofessional, just try and inject some personality into your tweets from time to time.

You could post a photo from a team building exercise or sign off tweets with the initials of the person sending them. Just try not to overdo it; it’s all about finding a balance and showing there is a face behind your brand.

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DBS relaunch Mountains Skip Hire website

website home pageDBS have worked with Mountains to relaunch their skip hire website with  extra features such as updated news and landing pages, as well as adding a Tips & Advice area to offer additional information for their customers; all enabled for mobile and tablet to help customers “on the go”.

Mountains Skip Hire are a family owned company providing comprehensive waste collection and recycling services to both the domestic and industrial sectors around Lincolnshire.  Mountains Skip Hire is also part of Mid UK Recycling Ltd.

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DBS team member goes above and beyond!

In order to completely understand our clients’ to ensure we write good, quality content marketing for them, we have to understand what their business is all about. So Joanna Maplethorpe, Content Marketing Editor here at DBS, headed off for a day with a pest controller from a national pest control company to appreciate how they work in order to share their knowledge of the pest control industry:

Joanna says…

I look after a national pest control company’s content marketing requirements, so I decided that in order to write relevant content for them I needed to see and understand what they did and how they have become one of the largest pest control companies in the UK.

I accompanied Jeff on his rounds for a day, an RSPH Level 2 qualified pest controller who looks after the east coast region of Lincolnshire, and he gave me the lowdown on the variety of work that they deal with on a day to day basis.

The first couple of jobs we attended were residential properties: suspiciousimage mouse activity and a wasp nest. Jeff talked me through the process of dealing with potential mouse infestations which involved identifying where the mice were hanging out (image right shows mouse footprints in the poison left the week before), treating the problem with poison and then revisiting the site a week later, taking further action if necessary. The second job, a wasp nest in a loft, blew me away a little as it was winter but there appeared to be one hibernating queen wasp in residence, so it was Jeff’s job to nip it in the bud before the warmer weather approached and the nest would become home to many more wasps.

Dock rats

The next job was Grimsby docks (image right). Here we saw a rat infestationimage on numerous floors of an unused building next door to an active fish factory. The rats were being drawn out by the surrounding food sources, Jeff had already been here the week before to ascertain the size of the problem, so on this visit we were going to be laying the bait. I was amazed by the number of entry points these fish-loving rats were using but as Jeff pointed out, you can usually tell where these are by the black, oily rat trails, the chewed holes and the smell (which was horrific!).

The remaining jobs for the day saw suspected rats taking refuge under a home owner’s decking, another residence suspected mice in the roof – we discovered a wasp nest instead. We visited a lady whose lawn was plagued by moles so set some traps there, Jeff would return the following week to follow up, and the final job was at a commercial property where rats were feeding on employees’ lunch.


What I discovered following this day out was that, in order to understand what our clients do, sometimes we need to offer a hands on service and get stuck in there with them. This day out gave me enough information to write a feature about rats and prevention, as well as a light hearted piece about the day I spent with a pest controller and how I wouldn’t want to do what they manage to do every day with such professionalism!

Read more about our content marketing services here

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DBS offers John Lewis gift card for referrals

Ben Scott of the Fiducia Group returned from a holiday in Cornwall to find a nice surprise from DBS on his desk in the form of a £50 John Lewis gift card.

Ben, a Protection Adviser for Fiducia, had previously worked closely with David Clarke of DBS within the financial services sector, so when Ben discovered Fiducia were in need of a new website, he recommended DBS.

DBS have now launched a new website and blog for the Fiducia Group – see our article: DBS launch new website for Fiducia Group.

DBS grows by referrals and so offers a £50 John Lewis gift card as a thank you to anyone who refers a prospect to them on the provision that they are converted into a client, contact us now by clicking here.

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