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The importance of blogging

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Blogging was initially introduced in the 1990s to provide a way for people to share their thoughts, experiences and opinions. Today blogging has become  a social phenomenon and is seen to increase online presence and provide opportunity to provide information that your customers want to read, and establish yourself as an expert in your field.

Publishing a blog is far superior to social media messages as it puts a human face to your brand while educating your clients and prospective customers. It is also one of the best tools for search engine optimisation. Here are some more reasons why blogging is important to your company’s profile:

Blogs demonstrate you’re an expert in your field; being an expert isn’t talking about yourself, blogs focus on articles that demonstrate your knowledge without the intrusive sales drive.

Blogs improve your SEO; before, emphasis was on keywords and how often these words appeared on your site, now Google are using algorithms to determine how frequently you post and update your website in addition to the quality of the content you post. As more blogs are added, your overall website traffic will increase.

Blogs give websites on average 434% more indexed pages, and 97% more indexed links: this means that the more relevant and fresh content you post, the more your website pages will be referenced.

Blogs are able to get the point across in more detail than Twitter or Facebook – it would take about 200 tweets to share what a blog can say in one hit. A blog allows you to paint a fuller picture of what you are unable to say in short social media posts.

Blogs identify what your customers need to know, they plug the gaps that social media can’t fill.

Blogs encourage interaction: they create content that can encourage communication and feedback which can in turn can generate new ideas by simply listening to your customers.

Blogs can work alongside your social media strategy: social media can offer snippets of the content of your blogs to encourage customers to read more, directing them back to the site.

Blogs don’t have to be called blogs: depending on your company’s service or products, the word “Blog” might not be fitting, blogs can be passed off as “News” or even “Learning”.

There is no better way to add informative and relevant content to your website on a regular basis than to introduce a blog, they can be a powerful tool in converting a curious prospect into a customer.

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Oven Wizards launch new franchise page

Franchise pageDBS Internet Marketing and Oven Wizards have been working together to  develop and launch the new franchise area of the Oven Wizards website.  The new Oven Wizards franchise area is targeted towards people looking for opportunities to become their own boss but with an established business model.  The franchise page also explains the benefits of investing in a franchise as well as offering advice on starting your own franchise business.

Oven Wizards is a nationwide operation specialising in domestic oven cleaning.  Established in 2004, the company has gone from strength to strength with a growing customer base.  In addition to this, Oven Wizards has also seen an increase in franchisees that want to independently run their own business without the risk that goes with starting up a business from scratch.

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£2,000 Growth Vouchers

clip_image001Wanted to let you know about this scheme that some of my clients are taking advantage of…

The government’s Growth Vouchers programme is distributing vouchers to around 20,000 small businesses in England, focussing on small businesses.

DBS Internet Marketing is an approved Growth Voucher adviser.

Businesses looking for advice can apply to the programme online.

Businesses will be randomly chosen to get a voucher for up to £2,000 to help pay for business support in one of the specialist areas. You’ll have to match the amount with your own funds. You can work with DBS as we are Growth Voucher advisers. You then pay for the services in full and request 50% back from the government.

For example, if you spend £4,000 you will get £2,000 back.

The Growth Vouchers programme is available to small businesses in England who have been trading for at least one year, have 49 employees or less and have not sought strategic business advice before in the last three years.

Please contact David Clarke of DBS Internet Marketing for more info on 01522 811688

DBS Internet Marketing is an approved Growth Voucher adviser.

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Measure your success with Google Analytics

tapeWebsite analytics provide you with detailed information about your site visitors which can help you to tailor your website and get the most out of each visit.

Tools like Google Analytics can help you to decipher your customers’ habits, so you can make any necessary changes and begin to tweak your website towards perfection.


Have you ever wondered where your visitors begin their journey?

Google Analytics can help you break down the exact source of each visit. This can be a valuable tool in understanding which of your marketing efforts are working and which ones need a little more attention.


Bounce rate

You’ve succeeded in bringing them to your website but for some reason they aren’t inclined to stick around. ‘Bounce rate’ shows you how many visitors are leaving after visiting just one page. It could be that your website is difficult to navigate or confuses your visitors.

A strong call to action on your landing page can make sure that your visitors know exactly what you want them to do. You can read more about calls to action here.



With so many people using smart phones to access the internet, it’s more important than ever that your website is mobile and tablet friendly. Google Analytics can show you how many people are accessing your website from their phones and how their user experience compares to those who visit from their desktops. If you notice that iPhone users aren’t spending very long on your site then maybe it’s time for you to start thinking about responsive design.

Top content


Google Analytics can show you your most visited pages, which means you can start to plan content around the needs of your prospects and customers.


Tracking referrals and visitor numbers is one thing but another feature that can track actual conversions is ‘Goals’. From here, you can monitor exactly what you think is important to your business. This could be the number of people that download a PDF on your website, signed up for a free course or reached your thank you page after making an order.

Gone are the days of paying for advertising with no sure way of tracking effectiveness. Google Analytics makes your internet marketing efforts completely trackable so that you can see exactly what is working for you and your customers.

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