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Music and message on-hold

clip_image002We’ve all experienced it, make a phone call and being put on-hold – but what’s worse is the dead time whilst waiting for someone to answer your call. You’re not sure whether you’re even still connected so in all likelihood you may hang up if its taking a long time for your call to be dealt with.

“Did you know? 34% of customers whose call is not answered do not call back after hanging up”

However, businesses are now able to use this waiting time more effectively by introducing music and message hold. This works to reinforce their brand to the caller, making use of hold time and improving caller retention.

It has been suggested that 30 seconds on hold can feel a lot longer if no audio is provided, so music or message on hold is the perfect way to engage and retain your customer.

“70% of callers will hang up after 30 seconds if confronted with silence”

Music on-hold can provide a more positive experience for the caller, and also ensures that the caller understands that they haven’t been cut off.

Message on-hold can go a long way to making your caller aware of other services the company offers, and can also highlight special offers or advice and information about the services or products. Studies have found that 16% of callers have made a purchase based on an on-hold message!

DBS can support your business by providing tailor made music or message on-hold, find out how we do it.

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