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Facebook product reel ads now with videos

Facebook rolled out a fantastic type of advert called a product reel.

Since the launch of product reel ads, DBS has been championing their ability to showcase up to five different products or services within one advert. By design, it encourages people to browse and click the advert using the left and right arrows to view the different products or services on offer.

Facebook have now improved this advertising platform by making it possible to include videos instead of images within the adverts which will strengthen their appearance even more, deliver more information to the potential customer or client and enhance the prospect’s perception.

To see these product reels in action please watch the example videos below:

Facebook product reel advert using images

Facebook product reel advert using video
DBS can help you reach your own target defined demographic group and by using videos within a product reel we can extend and enhance your marketing message across five products or services within one advert. Facebook is the second most visited site after Google making it an excellent platform to advertise your businesses products or services.
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Switching on the DBS Christmas lights

We're getting festive in the DBS office!

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DBS provide social media training to franchisees

James Hopkins and David Clarke helped put on a social media training event for seventeen Time For You franchisees in Northampton.


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This is the way Google+ is going

G  logoInteresting technology article from BBC News on the way forward for Google+

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DBS supports local defibrillator appeal

DBS are proud to have made a donation to the Navenby Defibrillator Appeal.

Three defibrillators have been purchased in a scheme initiated by the parish council. No-one in Navenby will be more than 500 metres from a defibrillator which is a fantastic achievement.

DBS director David Clarke is also chairman of the Navenby & Cliff Villages Business Network.

Pictured here are network members presenting a cheque for £1,000 to the defibrillator appeal at a village meeting.

Cheque presentation-1

Cheque presentation-2

Images courtesy of Ian Bracegirdle Photography

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DBS at International Franchise AGM

TFY AGM 2015

DBS is proud to be the web and online marketing business partner of the "Time For You" domestic cleaning franchise since 2008.

The DBS team attended the Time For You AGM in Northampton on 24 October. Part of the day was a series of workshops put on by DBS which covered Facebook Marketing, Pay Per Click Advertising and Retargeting.

150 delegates attended the event who were addressed by DBS director David Clarke on the performance of the website in the last 12 months.

Time For You have recently expanded their operations to Australia.

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Congrats to Julie!

clip_image001This week Julie Priestley completes 14 years employment at DBS.

Julie has seen the company change and grow from print based Yellow Pages marketing to web design, online marketing and social media.

"Julie is a highly respected DBS team member due to her dedication, hard work and loyalty. She totally epitomises our core values" commented DBS director, David Clarke.

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Strike Action at DBS

clip_image001James Hopkins, Chris Coleshaw and Matt Rayner played for DBS in a 10 Pin Bowling tournament in aid of St Barnabas Hospice in Lincoln.

The event was organised by Chattertons Solicitors.

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Dip Your Paws

Lincolnshire business woman, Claire Wills, turned to DBS to develop a new, image rich website for her business - see

The canine hydrotherapy centre recently relocated to Welbourn and is committed to offering a professional and affordable water therapy program for your pet.

Hydrotherapy can benefit your dog for a number of reasons: recovering from an injury or surgery, helping to relieve aches and pains in older dogs, fitness work and muscle toning, helping to aid in weight loss, mental stimulation or it can just be for fun.

Swimming provides a non weight bearing form of exercise which has been proven over the years to help many dogs.


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Robin Hood Half Marathon Success!

Fiducia's Business Finance Consultant Jordan Teeder ran the Robin Hood Half Marathon in Nottingham on Sunday 27 September.


Jordan ran in support of Cancer Research UK and finished the 13 mile run in 2:09:12.

"All in all running for a few hours in pain is nothing compared to the suffering people go through with Cancer, any support so one day it will not be the big life stopper it is would be great!" said Jordan.

You can still donate to Jordan on his fundraising page:

Fiducia have offices in London, Sleaford, Mansfield and Northern Ireland and offer financial advice, business finance solutions and more.

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DBS featured on Lincolnshire Chamber website


The Lincolnshire Chamber of Commerce website recently focussed on DBS and the online marketing advice they gave to Wright Vigar Chartered Accountants as part of the government's Growth Voucher scheme.

This included advice about social media channels such as Facebook, Twitter, Linked in and Google+.

You can read the article, entitled “Scheme Delivers Results”, by clicking here.

David Clarke, director of DBS is pictured here with James Sewell of Wright Vigar.

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DBS in Top 10 UK Web Designers for Law Firms

Passle has ranked DBS in the top 10 website designers for law firms in the UK. Passle's website sets out to help time-poor professionals and guide them to the UK's best digital solution providers.

In their review Passle commented “If you prefer a personal approach, then DBS legal websites might be perfect – nothing is outsourced from their 7-person team in Lincolnshire. There’s also a great emphasis on building a website that’s easily editable by the firm, cutting costs.”


"I'm please to see our web development work has been recognised" said David Clarke, director of DBS "however, many law firms are missing out on attracting and keeping clients through online and social media marketing"

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'Dislike' button coming to Facebook

It's been talked about for years but Facebook look close to rolling out a "dislike" button:

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Great North Run for DBS Client

Teenage cancer trustMark Buckley, Sales Manager of Obam Stairlifts, is taking part in this year's Great North Run on 13 September.

Mark's chosen charity is the Teenage Cancer Trust. There is still time to donate to this very worthwhile cause:

"We wish Mark all the best on the Great North Run and are very happy as a team to support his charity" said David Clarke, director of DBS "I'm sure Mark will give Mo a run for his money!"

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Google Display Advertising Exam Success


Yes - it's that man Dan again!

Dan Atkinson has passed the 2 hour Google Display Advertising exam which requires a minimum 80% score.

The course work Dan completed is part of the coveted Google Partners Programme and covered advanced concepts and best practices for creating, managing, measuring and optimising display campaigns on:

  • the Google network
  • YouTube
  • mobile devices
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Business Link Magazine Features DBS

David Clarke and James Sewell

The Business Link magazine recently focussed on DBS and the online marketing advice they gave to Wright Vigar Chartered Accountants as part of the government's Growth Voucher scheme.

David Clarke, director of DBS is pictured here with James Sewell of Wright Vigar.

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Facebook reaches major milestone


Facebook recorded a major milestone on Monday, when a billion people used the social networking site on a single day for the first time ever.

Facebook founder Mark Zuckerberg announced the news today in a post, saying “1 in 7 people on Earth used Facebook to connect with their friends and family.”

The number of people using Facebook on a regular basis is predicted to continue to grow.

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Dan passes Bing Exam with 88%

DanielDan Atkinson is the latest DBS team member to gain a professional accreditation.

He sat the Bing Pay Per Click hundred question exam and scored a very creditable 88%.

Dan has now officially achieved the Bing Ads Accredited Professional status.

"Our core values include being qualified, responsive to change and thirsty to learn," said David Clarke, Director of DBS.

"Dan's new accreditation fits in perfectly with these values. The growth in Bing is something that I think will continue to increase. It is worth noting that generally the cost per click on Bing is significantly lower than it is for Google which helps our clients increase profitability."

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New Sign for DBS

We're really pleased with our new sign at DBS Internet Marketing provided by Venture Signs of Lincoln.

DBS new sign

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Google announce surprise rebrand as ‘Alphabet’

Google announced late last night that they would be rebranding under the umbrella name of Alphabet.

clip_image002The news came from Google founder Larry Page’s blog where he claimed that the restructuring would “allow us to keep focus on the extraordinary opportunities that we have inside Google.”

Since Google launched in September 1998 it has grown to encompass a whole range of different products and highly praised services including Google Maps, Android, YouTube, Ad Sense and Google Play. These will all continue under the name of Google, however other products and areas of research will become separate.

Outside of the likes of YouTube and Android, Google has started to carry out research into some other ground breaking areas of technology.  The X lab for example has played a significant role in researching delivery drones and self-driving cars, Fiber focuses on delivering high-speed Internet services, Nest develops innovative smart-home products and the mysterious Calico project conducts research into slowing down the human ageing process. The formation of Alphabet will mean that these distinctly different areas can be run separately from each other under the name of Alphabet.

Page also announced that Sundar Pichai will be taking over as CEO of Google, whilst he becomes Chief Executive of Alphabet.

Here are some of the best reactions from Twitter:

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4 Trends in Ecommerce That Will Affect You

2014-12-Life-of-Pix-free-stock-photos-relax-labtop-sofa-slippers-leeroyOf all the products purchased in the UK about 13% are ordered online. This figure is expected to triple in less than 10 years.

Online retailers have had to come to terms with the fact that around 33% of online purchases will be returned to them.

If online sales triple then so will the number of returns which will present huge logistical problems for online retailers.

You can therefore expect to see the following 4 trends in ecommerce:

Growth of Click and Collect

The popularity of "click and collect" is predicted to grow. Savvy online clothing retailers are pushing click and collect. They are doing this for three reasons.

1. Switched on clothing retailers position their click and collect counters next to fitting rooms. If a customer doesn't like the item or it doesn't fit then they can return it to the counter at a fraction of the cost to the retailer than if the customer had received the goods at their home.

2. Click and collect brings customers back into shops where they can be tempted into buying. John Lewis have extended their click and collect service to all Waitrose stores for this reason.

3. Click and collect practically eliminates costly failed deliveries.

Click and collect collaboration

Knowing that click and collect customers will spend in your store is a big turn on for retailers. Over the coming years major retailers are likely to collaborate with each other on click and collect. This means that you could order online from one retailer but specify that you want to collect it from a different retailer.

Car boot delivery

A pilot scheme is taking place in Germany where Amazon is delivering parcels directly to customers' cars. Failed deliveries cost online retailers dearly and this scheme could make them a thing of the past.

Customers give the approximate location of their car when ordering goods. The delivery driver is given temporary keyless access to open the boot of the car only. This temporary access ends when the boot is shut.

Amazon is also working on allowing customers to return goods via the boots of their cars.

Delivery to your smartphone

This idea is not as crazy as it may sound. Your smartphone can let people know exactly where you are. A successful delivery straight to you that is guided by your smartphone may involve more effort but is less costly than a failed delivery.

Delivery times

Online retailers are working on reducing delivery times. It might come at a premium but expect to see 12 hour instead of 24 hour delivery times and, if you live in a major city, a 1 hour delivery time.

The next few years promise to be interesting and innovative times for online retailers.

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Half of world’s online population now on Facebook

Facebook is now used by half of the world’s 3 billion online community according to BBC News.

65% of Facebook users go to it at least once a day.

Commenting on the news, DBS’s James Hopkins said: “Facebook is the second most visited website in the world, beaten only by Google. Facebook is constantly introducing new ideas to make it more useful to businesses - it's not just for kids!"

Facebook marketing lets businesses show what they have to offer to the people most likely to be interested in the perfect geographical area.

Our video shows Facebook's brand new advertising format which showcases up to five products or services.

For more information about how we can help you with Facebook marketing call David Clarke on 01522 811688.
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Reconnect with people who visited your website

Ever been on the web and afterwards seen an ad for the site you were looking at earlier?

It's not a coincidence - it's a powerful technique called "retargeting".

Please watch our short 90 second video.

The end of the video shows the latest "product reel" format that Facebook has just unveiled so don't miss it!

DBS can display your adverts on a network of thousands of websites to people who have all ready visited you.

Retargeting is a gentle reminder at a crucial time in the sales cycle and also a powerful branding exercise.

As well as the web DBS can remarket your company on Facebook.

The end of our 90 second video shows the latest "product reel" format that Facebook has just unveiled so don't miss it!
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DBS Team Finds Benefits of Yoga

yoga 2Team DBS had a surprise Yoga session put on by Rebecca Steadman.

Rebecca has an amazing story. She was a busy, stressed marketing executive but had a bad skiing accident which left her in a body cast for four over months. Rebecca found traditional physiotherapy was not really helping her recover. She turned to Yoga and spent a month in a yoga retreat in Cambodia before returning to the UK as an instructor.

The session covered posture and how the way we sit impacts our bodies along with breathing techniques to help keep calm under pressure.

"We all really enjoyed it and it's good to know DBS is committed to taking care of its team" said James Hopkins.

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DBS Supports Defibrillator Appeal

communit-defibDBS is based in a rural environment in the village of Navenby, Lincolnshire which was voted by The Sunday Times as one of Britain's best villages to live in.

However, despite the best efforts of the emergency services, it can be up to 8 minutes or more before a paramedic or an ambulance can reach the village.

Being quickly able to reach a Public Access Defibrillator can make a genuine difference.  Navenby Parish Council are equipping the village with 3 Public Access Defibrillators.

The intention is to mount the 3 defibrillators at equidistant points within the village which would mean that no-one should be more than 500m from the nearest unit.

It's understood that when 999 is called an access code will be given over the phone and the caller will be told the location of the nearest defibrillator. As soon as the access code is entered onto a keypad in the storage unit the defibrillator is released and begins to give clear audio instructions.

Public Access Defibrillators are potential life-savers. Not every cardiac arrest will benefit from defibrillation but, for those that might, it is a fact that the chances of a successful outcome decrease by 7-10% for every minute that defibrillation is delayed.

LIVES, Lincolnshire’s own First Responder organisation, attended 210 cases within the year ending March 2015 in which the use of a defibrillator was necessary – in 95 of these cases, the individual’s heart rhythm was restored and the emergency services were able to take over. Defibrillators can and do make a significant difference !

David Clarke, director of DBS Internet Marketing and also the chair of Navenby Business Network commented "I'm very pleased that DBS was able to contribute to this fantastic cause. The £4500 purchase price for the 3 defibrillators is quite a modest sum compared to the combined turnover of our local businesses. A donation from local businesses could help to make the purchase of these defibrillators a reality."

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Latest content marketing article

clip_image002Our latest content marketing article for Hudson Moody Estate Agents in York has just gone live.

Click here to view it.

Content Marketing works because your customers make their buying decisions online.

DBS make sure that it's content marketing clients constantly have buyer-focussed content that informs, entertains and supports your customers at every stage of the sales funnel.

We aim to provide content that people will want to engage with by liking, sharing, commenting on and linking to. This will:

  • drive more traffic and enquiries to you
  • promote and strengthen your brand
  • help you in search engines as you will naturally attract links and social media activity which are ranking factors on Google
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Website Hosting Guide

DBS has just published its latest article which is a Website Hosting Guide.

It can be found on our website:


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DBS director on BBC Radio Lincolnshire

Here’s our director, David Clarke, who was invited back to BBC Radio Lincolnshire as a guest on the ‘Lunch Bunch’.

David BBC Radio Lincolnshire

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Growth Vouchers - the end (or not?)

clip_image001The Growth Vouchers scheme officially ended on 30 June 2015.

DBS Internet Marketing were approved advisers and gave strategic advice to many small businesses on how to market, attract and keep customers through online marketing.

The Growth Voucher scheme gave 12,000 SMEs in the UK matched funding up to £2k.

The Growth Voucher scheme may restart as pressure is being put on the energy sector to fund an advice programme for small firms.

Watch this space!

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AOL chooses Bing over Google

clip_image001Bing is chipping away at Google’s dominance of the search engine industry.

Bing now has around 20% of USA search traffic and 7% of UK search traffic and is widely expected to continue to grow at the expense of Google.

This trend has been bolstered by an announcement that Microsoft and AOL have signed a 10-year deal with Bing to power their organic search listings and pay per click advertising.

Behind the scenes Bing has worked on its pay per click advertising web interface to bring it more in line with Google's pay per click offering - Google AdWords

It is now relatively easy to migrate a Google pay per click customer over to Bing's pay per click platform.

This is a major advantage for UK pay per click advertisers as generally the cost per click on Bing is significantly lower than it is for Google.

Bing also Powers Apple's Siri search function.

"Pay per click advertisers who have previously only thought about Google should now be considering Bing. It's certainly not the time to drop Google but canny businesses should think about allocating some of their pay per click budget to the more cost-effective Bing platform" said Julie Priestley of DBS Internet Marketing.

Not sure how pay per click works? Click here to watch our 90 second video.

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New Lincolnshire client for DBS

DBS welcomes Fen-Bay Services on board as its latest Lincolnshire based client. 


Fen-Bay Services of Sleaford, Lincolnshire has grown to become one of the UK and Ireland's leading suppliers of loading bay equipment, industrial doors, gates and barriers along with high speed doors.

Fen-Bay Services' impressive client list includes Amazon, Wilkinson, KP and Fowler Welch Coolchain.

The DBS team will be providing support and expertise to bolster Fen-Bay's online marketing efforts.

"We're very please indeed to add Fen-Bay Services to our growing Lincolnshire-based portfolio that includes Chattertons Solicitors, the Ambucopter, Mountains Skip Hire and Wright Vigar Chartered Accountants," said DBS director David Clarke.

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DBS’s Julie Hits Near Perfect Bing Exam Score

imageWe are delighted to announce that Julie Priestley, member of the DBS team since 2001, has maintained her status as a Bing Ads Accredited Professional.

The comprehensive Bing Ads exams cover ad creation, keyword research, campaign optimization, reporting and budgeting with individuals requiring a score of at least 80% to pass.

Scoring an impressive 97%, Julie boasts the necessary skills to set up effective pay per click campaigns on the Microsoft search engine Bing and efficiently target ads towards consumers searching for relevant keywords.

Millions of people search for keywords on search engines every day and with over 80% of these not going beyond page one of these results, it is vital to be at the top.

Well planned pay per click advertising campaigns can bring high quality traffic to your website and increase your return on advertising spend but only if the campaign manager has the necessary knowledge and experience to get the most from those campaigns.

To find out more about PPC campaigns watch our video here.

Julie's commitment to training and development is in line with our core values.

To find out more about Julie, please click here.

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DBS Internship

The DBS team are delighted to welcome Joe Rowntree on board for a three month internship.

Having studied marketing for the last three years, Joe joins the DBS team fresh from concluding his time at the University of Lincoln. Originally from Ipswich, Joe moved to Lincoln for his studies.

During the last three years, whilst taking part in a variety of different modules and projects at University, Joe developed a particular interest in digital marketing and has since looked to tailor his skills in content creation, Email marketing and social media marketing.

Having previously written for an online magazine, Joe brings with him some valuable experience in content marketing.

Joe joins our team of online marketing specialists where he’ll be assisting in a wide variety of different areas and gaining some valuable experience along the way.

Outside of his studies, Joe loves being involved in sport. A self-proclaimed Paul Scholes, Joe enjoys little more than playing football on a cold wet morning with his friends and seeing his beloved Newcastle not get relegated.
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Dan Nails Google Pay Per Click Exams

Dan Atkinson, who joined DBS in March 2015, has become Google AdWords certified. DBS now has 3 Google AdWords certified team members and is a Google Partner.

The Google AdWords exams covers pay per click campaign set up, management and optimisation and requires a minimum 80% score in order to pass.

Since joining DBS Dan has also passed Google Search Advertising and Google Shopping Advertising exams.

Dan also intends to sit the remaining two exams soon which are Google Display Advertising and Google Video Advertising.

DBS Internet Marketing has Google Partner status - to get this at least one member of staff needs to be Google AdWords certified. DBS now has 3 Google AdWords certified team members.

David Clarke, Director of DBS Internet Marketing said "Being a Google Partner is important to DBS and very much in line with our team's core values of being knowledgeable, qualified, responsive to change, thirsty to learn and committed to training and development. Dan is making a big contribution to our expert pay per click team".

To find out more about Dan, click here to read his profile.
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Harlaxton Estates launch improved website

clip_image001DBS has just re-launched the Harlaxton Estates website.

Harlaxton Estates are independent commercial property developers operating throughout Nottinghamshire and Lincolnshire.

Improvements include a section on current available properties for sale and lease.

clip_image001The website has a responsive design which means it automatically resizes itself to perfectly fit any size screen that is being used to view it.

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DBS welcomes Daniel Atkinson on board

DanielWe are delighted to welcome Daniel Atkinson as the latest addition to our team of internet marketing specialists.

Having spent three and a half years with a rival digital marketing company DanielDanielas well as time at BBC Radio Lincolnshire, Daniel brings with him a wealth of experience in Google Analytics, Keyword Planner, AdWords, Webmaster along with strong social media and copywriting skills.

Daniel joins our online marketing team that helps to drive traffic and enquiries to our client’s websites through proven content marketing, social media marketing, retargeting and pay-per-click advertising techniques.

If you would like to find out more about online marketing, please call David Clarke at DBS Internet Marketing on 01522 811688 for a free no obligation discussion.

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Boston company upgrades website

Local Link Recruitment based in Boston, Lincolnshire have upgraded their website.

Local Link Recruitment is a forward thinking Boston based recruitment business specialising in providing temporary/permanent recruitment solutions, contract services and managed services to companies throughout the East Midlands.


The overall design is unchanged but content managed pages have been added to the site including a "vacancy" and "our team" section which is managed internally through an admin panel.

Local Link also have a section of their site where they demonstrate their commitment to the local community.

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Time For You roll out international website

image Time For You Domestic Cleaning is the UK's premier domestic cleaning service company with over 165 local franchised business owners.

With the help of DBS the Time For You website has been expanded into an Australian and Canadian version.  The UK site is modelled on a postcode or town search so that website visitors can find a Time For You cleaner in their local area. This search model has been replicated to take into account Australian and Canadian postcodes.

Freddie Rayner, Managing Director of the TFY franchise area of the business said “Due to the success of the Time For You franchise in the UK, we have been investigating other countries to roll out to, and discovered that introducing Time For You franchises to Australia was a great growth opportunity for the company.  Time For You’s strong reputation and brand can now be expanded internationally”. 

Freddie continues, “Following the success of Australia, we are now looking into other international opportunities in Canada and Nordic countries – so watch this space!"

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DBS Renew Google Partner Status

To earn the coveted Google Partner badge, agencies need at least one of their team to be AdWords certified.

Two members of Team DBS Julie Priestley and Joanna Maplethorpe recently took the online exam and both scored over 90%.

David Clarke, director of DBS Internet Marketing said "Being Google Partners is very important to DBS and very much in line with our team's core values that include being knowledgeable, qualified, responsive to change, thirsty to learn and committed to training and development."

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Asher Swimpool launch new company website

imageAsher Swimpool Centre have been working with DBS to launch their  new website which supports their extensive range of indoor and outdoor pools, spas and saunas. 

Asher Swimpool Centre Ltd are Lincolnshire’s leading swimming pool designers and installers and were established in 1946.

The redesigned website has a visually impressive image gallery that showcases Asher's work.

The new website is mobile responsive which means it can be viewed on smart phones, tablets and other handheld devices and offers an easily-navigable journey for users.

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The growth of Google Shopping advertising

Online comparison shopping sites allow us to research, compare and check  the availability of products all at once, accessing all sorts of products from virtually anywhere. In 2012, Google transformed their original Google Product Search (a free comparison shopping engine model) to Google Shopping (a cost per click or acquisition model).

Google Shopping now displays an item image, company name, price and promotional message on search engine results pages, generating higher levels of more qualified traffic for participating advertisers.

How does it work?

imageA consumer will search for a product on Google; product listing ads will appear in their own box on the Google search results above or to the right of organic search results (see image right).

As an advertiser you bid for the chance to be shown in that search query. Like paid search, if the consumer clicks on your product ad – you pay for that click. That click then results in a visit to your website, and possibly a purchase.

What are the benefits?

  • Qualified leads: the ability to show your product’s image, enabling the customer to find exactly what they are looking for as opposed to a text ad (pay per click) or an online display ad that may be more generic (you are able to run both text ads as well as imageGoogle product ads at the same time).


  • Brand exposure: if you are a smaller retailer this can help to bring more customers to your website, which will also help to boost your SEO.


  • Increased visibility: you don’t have to wait for customers to find you on their own.

Google Shopping has grown to be a highly targeted ad comparison platform, by presenting product information up from and at just the right time in customers’ buying circles, making online shopping experience more targeted and relevant.

If you would like to know more about how Google Shopping can help your business talk to David Clarke, Managing Director at DBS, on 01522 811688, or freephone 0800 988 8366.

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Studio58 launch new training course website

clip_image002DBS have been working with existing clients Studio58, a consumer and trade hair extension supplier, to develop an additional site to support the training area of their business. 

Studio58 are a popular provider of hair extensions within the UK. The new training website is an add-on to the current service, offering hair extension application courses around the UK as well as supporting information and image gallery, allowing customers to easily navigate to the detail that they require.  The site is also mobile responsive, meaning that the site can be viewed on all handheld devices.

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Sunny and Share roll out new website

image DBS have been working with Sunny and Share to develop a brand new website to support their shared property ownership schemes in and around Spain. 

The new site allows people to search for properties that are available for shared ownership of properties in sunny Spain, allowing people to co-own their place in the sun at a fraction of the investment.  The site also caters for people looking to sell their Spanish property into the fractional ownership scheme.

The Sunny and Share website is mobile responsive, so can be viewed on any handheld device perfectly, and offers a clear, easily navigable portfolio library with accompanying property images.

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