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Half of world’s online population now on Facebook

Facebook is now used by half of the world’s 3 billion online community according to BBC News.

65% of Facebook users go to it at least once a day.

Commenting on the news, DBS’s James Hopkins said: “Facebook is the second most visited website in the world, beaten only by Google. Facebook is constantly introducing new ideas to make it more useful to businesses - it's not just for kids!"

Facebook marketing lets businesses show what they have to offer to the people most likely to be interested in the perfect geographical area.

Our video shows Facebook's brand new advertising format which showcases up to five products or services.

For more information about how we can help you with Facebook marketing call David Clarke on 01522 811688.
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Reconnect with people who visited your website

Ever been on the web and afterwards seen an ad for the site you were looking at earlier?

It's not a coincidence - it's a powerful technique called "retargeting".

Please watch our short 90 second video.

The end of the video shows the latest "product reel" format that Facebook has just unveiled so don't miss it!

DBS can display your adverts on a network of thousands of websites to people who have all ready visited you.

Retargeting is a gentle reminder at a crucial time in the sales cycle and also a powerful branding exercise.

As well as the web DBS can remarket your company on Facebook.

The end of our 90 second video shows the latest "product reel" format that Facebook has just unveiled so don't miss it!
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DBS Team Finds Benefits of Yoga

yoga 2Team DBS had a surprise Yoga session put on by Rebecca Steadman.

Rebecca has an amazing story. She was a busy, stressed marketing executive but had a bad skiing accident which left her in a body cast for four over months. Rebecca found traditional physiotherapy was not really helping her recover. She turned to Yoga and spent a month in a yoga retreat in Cambodia before returning to the UK as an instructor.

The session covered posture and how the way we sit impacts our bodies along with breathing techniques to help keep calm under pressure.

"We all really enjoyed it and it's good to know DBS is committed to taking care of its team" said James Hopkins.

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DBS Supports Defibrillator Appeal

communit-defibDBS is based in a rural environment in the village of Navenby, Lincolnshire which was voted by The Sunday Times as one of Britain's best villages to live in.

However, despite the best efforts of the emergency services, it can be up to 8 minutes or more before a paramedic or an ambulance can reach the village.

Being quickly able to reach a Public Access Defibrillator can make a genuine difference.  Navenby Parish Council are equipping the village with 3 Public Access Defibrillators.

The intention is to mount the 3 defibrillators at equidistant points within the village which would mean that no-one should be more than 500m from the nearest unit.

It's understood that when 999 is called an access code will be given over the phone and the caller will be told the location of the nearest defibrillator. As soon as the access code is entered onto a keypad in the storage unit the defibrillator is released and begins to give clear audio instructions.

Public Access Defibrillators are potential life-savers. Not every cardiac arrest will benefit from defibrillation but, for those that might, it is a fact that the chances of a successful outcome decrease by 7-10% for every minute that defibrillation is delayed.

LIVES, Lincolnshire’s own First Responder organisation, attended 210 cases within the year ending March 2015 in which the use of a defibrillator was necessary – in 95 of these cases, the individual’s heart rhythm was restored and the emergency services were able to take over. Defibrillators can and do make a significant difference !

David Clarke, director of DBS Internet Marketing and also the chair of Navenby Business Network commented "I'm very pleased that DBS was able to contribute to this fantastic cause. The £4500 purchase price for the 3 defibrillators is quite a modest sum compared to the combined turnover of our local businesses. A donation from local businesses could help to make the purchase of these defibrillators a reality."

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Latest content marketing article

clip_image002Our latest content marketing article for Hudson Moody Estate Agents in York has just gone live.

Click here to view it.

Content Marketing works because your customers make their buying decisions online.

DBS make sure that it's content marketing clients constantly have buyer-focussed content that informs, entertains and supports your customers at every stage of the sales funnel.

We aim to provide content that people will want to engage with by liking, sharing, commenting on and linking to. This will:

  • drive more traffic and enquiries to you
  • promote and strengthen your brand
  • help you in search engines as you will naturally attract links and social media activity which are ranking factors on Google
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Website Hosting Guide

DBS has just published its latest article which is a Website Hosting Guide.

It can be found on our website:


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DBS director on BBC Radio Lincolnshire

Here’s our director, David Clarke, who was invited back to BBC Radio Lincolnshire as a guest on the ‘Lunch Bunch’.

David BBC Radio Lincolnshire

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Growth Vouchers - the end (or not?)

clip_image001The Growth Vouchers scheme officially ended on 30 June 2015.

DBS Internet Marketing were approved advisers and gave strategic advice to many small businesses on how to market, attract and keep customers through online marketing.

The Growth Voucher scheme gave 12,000 SMEs in the UK matched funding up to £2k.

The Growth Voucher scheme may restart as pressure is being put on the energy sector to fund an advice programme for small firms.

Watch this space!

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AOL chooses Bing over Google

clip_image001Bing is chipping away at Google’s dominance of the search engine industry.

Bing now has around 20% of USA search traffic and 7% of UK search traffic and is widely expected to continue to grow at the expense of Google.

This trend has been bolstered by an announcement that Microsoft and AOL have signed a 10-year deal with Bing to power their organic search listings and pay per click advertising.

Behind the scenes Bing has worked on its pay per click advertising web interface to bring it more in line with Google's pay per click offering - Google AdWords

It is now relatively easy to migrate a Google pay per click customer over to Bing's pay per click platform.

This is a major advantage for UK pay per click advertisers as generally the cost per click on Bing is significantly lower than it is for Google.

Bing also Powers Apple's Siri search function.

"Pay per click advertisers who have previously only thought about Google should now be considering Bing. It's certainly not the time to drop Google but canny businesses should think about allocating some of their pay per click budget to the more cost-effective Bing platform" said Julie Priestley of DBS Internet Marketing.

Not sure how pay per click works? Click here to watch our 90 second video.

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