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DBS's Back To School Experience

DBS Parents Evening 3We recently held our first ever Parents & Partners Evening at our offices in Navenby.

The aim of the evening was for team members to share what they do at DBS Internet Marketing with parents, partners and family and show what makes DBS different.

"When you think about it, you probably spend more time with work colleagues than with your partners or close family," explained Director, David Clarke. "It's natural that you talk about work at home and I wanted people to able to put a face to the name."

Mums, dads and partners were invited to sit down for a one to one with David who talked about how team members are getting on and where DBS is going.

DBS Parents Evening 1"While trying to avoid sounding like a headmaster it was important to me to give feedback to parents and partners about how proud I am of the DBS team and how important our people are to us," said David Clarke.

Guests were treated to a buffet and Prosecco. The youngest person attending was Alex, the two and a half year old son of Online Marketing Manager James Hopkins. The first thing he said to his dad the following morning when he woke up was “Hello Daddy, I had a lovely day yesterday at work with all your friends. Let’s do it again!”

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