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Yellow Pages Announce Final Print Cycle


DBS have been anticipating it for many years but Yell have finally announced the demise of Yellow Pages as consumers increasingly turn to digital.

Yell will be delivering the final editions of Yellow Pages in a phase out programme that starts with the Kingston book in 2018 and ends with Brighton in 2019.

Many DBS clients have gradually phased themselves out of advertising in Yellow Pages but DBS sees an interesting opportunity here.

"The final editions of Yellow Pages are likely to be retained by households for years to come" said David Clarke, director of DBS "This means that any advertisers who go in the last edition of Yellow Pages will benefit from a greatly extended shelf life."

Yellow Pages has been around in the UK for over 50 years. The Yellow Pages sunset in 2019 will be a nostalgic moment for DBS who started life as a Yellow Pages advertising agency in the UK in 1996.

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