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New website launched for long-standing client Kingdom


We are very pleased to have launched a new website for one of our long-standing clients, Kingdom Services Group. Kingdom is one of the largest independent and privately-owned companies specialising in security, facilities management, environmental protection and recruitment in the UK, Ireland and South Asia.

DBS originally built Kingdom’s previous site when the focus of their business was on providing security. Since then their business has grown, evolved and expanded, and now consists of four key services - Environmental Protection, Facilities Management, Recruitment and Security Solutions. The new website better reflects and showcases these services, as well as new branding for each service.

We have given the site a much more modern look and feel than the previous version, including making use of the entire width of the screen and making good use of images, videos and brochures throughout. This includes video bios of all of Kingdom’s leadership team.

We have also made the site more user friendly, with a new “mega menu” for easier navigation, and new sector pages, so that clients can search by the industries they’re in as well as the service they’re looking for. The website will now also display better on a range of different mobile devices, making it easier to view and to navigate.

Commenting on the launch of the new website, Kingdom’s Chief Operating Officer (COO) Mark Wallace said: “It is wonderful to see all the hard work that has gone into this finally reach its conclusion.

“I am absolutely delighted with the new website and feel that is far better reflects the service that Kingdom offers to clients today, and hope that our clients and other users also like the new site and enjoy visiting it as much as I do.”

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Twitter doubles tweet length to mixed response


We reported back in September that Twitter was trialling longer Tweets for a select number of users on their social media platform.

Following the trial, Twitter last week announced that it is doubling the number of characters in a tweet from 140 to 280 in most languages.

Immediately there was an outpouring of concern on Twitter about people’s feeds being filled with long tweets, and many people tweeted that they would rather see an edit function. However, the trial showed that despite having the option to use 280 characters, only 5% of tweets exceeded 140 characters, and only 2% of tweets exceeded 190 characters.

Twitter’s product manager said that “during the first few days of the test, many people tweeted the full 280 limit because it was new and novel, but soon after behaviour normalised. We saw when people needed to use more than 140 characters, they tweeted more easily and more often. But importantly, people tweeted below 140 most of the time and the brevity of Twitter remained."

It was noted that those who did use longer tweets got more followers, more engagement and spent more time on the site than before. It is hoped that rather than people writing full length 280-character tweets, they will still tweet concisely, but have the space to write a bit more when needed, reducing the number of abandoned tweets when people can’t fit what they want into 140 characters. Under the 140-character limit, 9% of all tweets in English reached the full character limit.

The original constraints of 140 characters were a result of the confinements of mobile. As today's users Tweet via apps or on a desktop, there is no longer a technical need for the limit.

This latest change comes on the back of several updates from Twitter giving business and individual users more room to be creative. In 2016, Twitter made it so that GIF’s, photos, polls and other media no longer contributed towards the 140 character limit. It is also part of Twitter’s plan to attract more users and to grow. Twitter currently only has 330 million active users, compared to 2 billion users on Facebook.

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DBS helps Bank of England “take the pulse” of East Midlands businesses

IMG_2468DBS has been playing a role in influencing Bank of England policy concerning UK businesses.

Our director, David Clarke, attended a Bank of England / Lincolnshire Chamber of Commerce business panel meeting in Gainsborough this week.

The meeting was chaired by Alastair Cunningham - a regional representative of the Bank of England (pictured with David).

Similar business panels have previously been run by the Bank, who find them “a valuable way of taking the pulses of the businesses that are represented on them.”

Only around 10-12 local businesses are invited to sit on the panels, which meet twice yearly to discuss the state of trade.

The meetings are of benefit to both the Bank of England and the businesses attending. The Bank benefits enormously from the opportunity to "road test" themes they've picked up from their bilateral meetings with business contacts before reporting back to the Monetary Policy Committee in London, whereas businesses value the opportunity to put their own experience into perspective by hearing of others' experiences.

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